August Moon Japanese Restaurant

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Cuisine: Japanese.


Miso Soup $2.50 (soybean paste with tofu, seaweed and scallion)
Clear Soup $2.50 mushroom tempure chip & scallion)
Vegetable Soup $3.95
Seafood Miso Soup $4.95 (seafood & vegetable)
Spicy Chicken Soup $4.95 (chicken and vegetable w spicy sauce)


Garden Fresh Salad $2.50 (with ginger dressing)
Avocado Salad $4.95
Squid Salad $5.95
Seaweed Salad $4.95
Baby Octopus $5.95
Crab Salad $7.95
Sunomono $6.95 (cucumber salad topped w / salmon, crab & shrimp)
Spicy Tuna or Spicy Salmon Salad $9.95
Lobster Salad $10.95


Edamame $3.95 (boiled soybean)
beef or Seafood Gyoza $5.95 (pan fried or steamed dumpling)
Shrimp Shumai $5.95 (steam shrimp dumpling)
Seafood Spring Roll $5.95
Agedashi Tofu $5.95 (lightly fried tofu w special sauce)
Vegetable Tempura $5.95
Shrimp Tempura $6.95 (shrimp & vegetable)
Beef Negimaki $6.95 (scallion wrapped in thinly sliced beef w teriyaki sauce)
Soft Shell Crab $9.95 (gently fried w a delicate batter & served w ponzu sauce)
Bake Mussel $5.95
Chicken Tatsutage $4.95 (deep fried chicken strip)
Tuna Tataki $9.95 (thin sliced seared tuna w ponzu sauce)
Japanese B.B.Q. $4.50 (choose chicken, shrimp, salmon or beef)
Zasu Soba $5.95 (cold buck wheat noodles served with special sauce)
Sushi Appetizers $9.95 (5 pieces assorted sushi)
Sashimi Appetizers $10.95 (tuna, salmon & red snapper)

Sushi or Sashimi

(2 pieces per order)
Fluke $4.25
Tuna $4.95
Red Snapper $4.25
Fresh Salmon $4.95
Smoke Salmon $5.25
Yellowtail $5.50
Sweet Shrimp $5.95
Surfshell Clam $4.95
Octopus $4.50
Mackerel $4.25
Sea Urchin $10.95
King Crab $10.95
Fresh Scallop $6.50
Japanese Tai $6.95
Fatty Salmon $5.95
Fatty Yellow Tail $6.50
White Tuna $4.95
Red Flying Fish Roe $5.95
Salmon Roe $5.95
Smelt Roe $4.95
Quall Egg w / Smelt Roe $5.95
Squid $3.95
Scallops Special $5.50
Eel $5.25
Crab $3.95
Shrimp $3.95
Egg $3.95
Wasabi Roe $5.95
Black Tobiko $5.95

Makimono (Roll)

(6-8 Cut Per Roll) hand roll can be requested
Tekka $4.95 (tuna)
Tekkyu $5.95 (tuna & cucumber)
California $4.50 (crab, avocado & cucumber)
Arizona $6.25 (yellowtail, smelt roe & scallion)
Salmon Skin $4.95 (salmon skin w / cucumber & scallion)
Mexican $5.25 (fried shrimp, smelt roe & avocado)
Spicy Tuna $5.95 (tuna, smelt roe & cucumber w / hot sauce)
Spicy Salmon $5.95
Philadelphia $5.95 (tuna, smelt roe & cream cheese)
Haha Special $5.95 (tuna, fresh salmon, smelt roe & scallion)
Japanese Bagel $5.95 (smoked salmon & cream cheese)
Futomaki $5.95 (variety of vegetables, mock crab meat, egg & tobiko)
Unakyu $5.95 (eel & cucumber)
Tampa $4.95 (fried grouper & onion)
Spider $10.95 (soft shell crab, scallion & smelt roe)
Scallop Roll $5.95 (chopped cooked scallops, mayo, avocado & smelt roe)
Spicy Scallop Roll $6.50 (scallop roll w / hot sauce)
Sweet Potato $4.50
Vegetable $4.95 (cucumber, carrots, spinach & avocado)
Avocado $3.25
Asparagus $4.95 (asparagus, avocado & cucumber)
Cucumber $3.25

House Special Roll

Super Crunchy Roll $8.95 (scallops, mayo, crab, avocado deep fried tempura styles)
Florida Roll $11.95 (spicy crab with red snapper on top)
Dragon Roll $11.95 (California w / eel & avocado on top)
Rainbow Roll $11.95 (California w / tuna, salmon & snapper on top)
Branford Roll $11.95 (spicy scallop w / salmon on top)
August Moon Roll $12.95 (shrimp tempura w/c.c. & eel, avocado on top)
John Roll $12.95 (king crab, avocado & 2 kinds of flying fish roe)
Lobster Tempura Roll $12.95
Blood Diamond Roll $13.95 (banana tempura topped w / spicy tuna)
X’ Mas Roll $13.95 (spicy lobster, crab, avocado, cucumber w / soybean paper)
Fuji Yama Roll $13.95 (eel, fried shrimp, crab, avocado & cucumber w / soybean paper)

House Special (No Rice)

Lollipop $9.95 (salmon, crab, avocado & cucumber w / vinegar sauce)
Jr Boat. $11.95 (spicy scallops on cucumber)
Pr Boat $11.95 (spicy tuna on cucumber)
Snapper on the Beach. $11.95 (thin slices red snapper with lemon pepper sauce)
Garlic Japanese Snapper $13.95 (in balsamic glaze)
Soybean Paper Hand Roll $9.95 (choice of: spicy scallop, spicy tuna or spicy salmon)

Special Chef’s Sushi

(for groups)
Party of 4 $68.00 (16 pcs of assorted sushi, 48 pcs of assorted roll)
Party of 6 $96.00 (24 pcs of assorted sushi, 72 pcs of assorted roll)
Party of 8 $115.00 (32 pcs of assorted sushi, 88 pcs of assorted roll)


(comes with soup and salad)
Sushi Regular $16.95 (8 pieces assorted sushi & California roll)
Sushi Deluxe $18.95 (10 pieces assorted sushi & tuna roll)
Sashimi Dinner $22.95 (15 pieces assorted sliced fish)
Sashimi Deluxe $34.95 (24 pieces assorted sliced fish)
Sushi & Sashimi Combo $23.95 (5 pieces sushi, 8 pieces sashimi & California roll)
Special Vegetable Sushi $15.95 (7 pieces vegetable sushi & futo roll)


Ice Cream $2.95 (green tea, red bean or vanilla)
Fried Ice Cream $5.50 (green tea, red bean or vanilla)
Tempura Banana $5.50
Tempura Banana w. Ice Cream $7.95
Mochi $2.00

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