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Espresso $3.00
Double Espresso $4.50
Espressio Macciato $3.00 Espresso topped with foam.
Latte Macciato $4.00 Tall glass of steamed milk with a shot of espresso.
Cappucino $4.00
Hot Tea $3.00
American Coffee $3.00
Caffe Aumm Aumm $4.50 A layer of condensed milk followed by a short espresso topped with foam.


Polpettine $9.00 Braised tiny meatballs, slow cooked tomato sauce and Grana Padano cheese.
Sformationo di Melenzane alla Parm $10.00 Layered and sliced eggplant with mozzarella, plum tomato sauce and Grana Padano.
Caponata e Bufala $14.00 Eggplant and bell peppers confit made with onions, celery, raisins, black gaeta olives, capers and pinoli nuts served at room temperature along bufala mozzarella.
Prosciutto e Mozzarella $14.00 Sliced prosciutto di Parma galloni, fresh homemade mozzarella, green and black olives.
Insalate di Polipo $17.00 Marinated octopus, celery, garlic, parsley, extra virgin olive oil and lemon.
Saute di Vongole e Cozze $14.00 Sauteed baby clams and PEI mussels with extra virgin olive oil and white wine.
Tagliere di Salumi e Formaggi for 2 $15.00 Assorted cold cuts and cheeses selected daily by our executive chef.
Frutti di Mare n Guazzetto e Crostino $16.00 Mussels, clams, calamari and shrimp in a tomato broth and crusty homemade bread.


Insalata della Casa $10.00 Spring mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, red onions wrapped in sliced cucumbers topped with dried ricotta salata cheese and dressed with vinaigrette.
Caprese Salad $10.00 Sliced fresh beef steak tomatoes, sliced fresh mozzarella, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil.
Citrus and Avocado Salad $12.00 Orange and grape fruit segments tossed with fennel, avocado and grapes in an extra virgin olive oil and mint dressing.
Arugola, Ciliegine e Pomodorini Salad $10.00 Mozzarella bites, sweet cherry tomatoes, baby arugula and shaved Grana Padano cheese.
Insalate Aumm Aumm $15.00 Endive, radicchio, baby arugula, roasted artichokes, eggplant, cherry tomatoes and caciocavallo cheese with balsamic vinaigrette.

Primi Piatti

Primi Piatti
Pennoni alla Genovese Napoletana $14.00 Slow cooked beef and sweet caramelized onions sauce over large penne.
Farfalle Primavera $15.00 Bowtie pasta tossed with carrots, onions, mushrooms, green peas and broccoli florets in a choice of white wine, garlic and extra virgin olive oil or cream sauce.
Gnocchette Casareccio $14.00 Homemade dumplings, plum tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil and Grana Padano cheese.
Lasagnette Spaccanapoli $14.00 Baked Nepolitian lasagna, meatballs, ricotta, mozzarella and tomato sauce.
Spaghetti alla Vongole $15.00 Sauteed baby clams, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and white wine sauce over spaghetti.
Linguini allo Scoglio $17.00 Baby clams, sepia, octopus, mussels and cherry tomatoes over linguine.

Secondi Piatti

Secondi Piatti
Salcicce e Friarielli $14.00 Sweet Italian sausages, sauteed broccoli rabe and red pepper flakes.
Filetto di Manzo ai Ferri $28.00 Grilled filet mignon served with arugula salad.
Filetto di Maiale alla Milanese $17.00 Pounded and breaded pork tenderloin served with mixed greens.
Bruschetta di Pollo $16.00 Juicy grilled chicken breast topped with diced fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil.
Grigliatina di Mare $23.00 Grilled scallops, shrimp, clams, mussels and calamari.

Le Pizza Rosse

Pizza Rosse
Pizza Napoli $15.00 Tomato sauce, black gaeta olives, mozzarella, anchovies and extra virgin olive oil.
Calzone Fritto $14.00 Stuffed golden fried calzone style pizza with ricotta, Grana Padano, sopressata and mozzarella.
Aumm Aumm Pizza $15.00 Volcano resembling steamy stuffed pizza with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese topped with porscuitto di Parma.
Calzone $14.00 Stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella and black pepper topped with tomato sauce.
Mezza Luna Pizza $14.00 Half margarita pizza, half calzone stuffed with mozzarella, ham and Grana Padano.
Marinara Pizza $9.00 Tomato sauce, sliced fresh garlic and oregano.
Montarana Pizza $8.00 Golden fried pizza dough topped with plum tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil and grated Grana Padano.
Sapori Di Mare Pizza $17.00 – $32.00 Tomato sauce, P.E.I mussels, baby clams, shrimp and parsley. Shellfish served in shells.
Capricossa Pizza $15.00 – $28.00 Tomato sauce, ham, mushrooms, Gaeta olives, artichokes and mozzarella.
Ortolana Pizza $14.00 – $26.00 Tomato sauce, mozzarella, eggplant, zucchini, roasted yellow and red peppers.
Diavolina Pizza $17.00 – $32.00 Tomato sauce, spicy sopressata and mozzarella cheese.
Bufalina Pizza $12.00 – $22.00 Tomato sauce, bufala mozzarella and fresh basil.
Margherita Pizza $10.00 – $18.00 Tomato sauce, homemade mozzarella, fresh basil and grana padano cheese.

Le Pizze Bianche

Le Pizze Bianche
Salcicce e Friarielli Pizza $16.00 White. Smoked mozzarella, broccoli rabe and sweet Italian sausages.
Quattro Formaggi Pizza $15.00 Mozzarella, cream of milk, Gorgonzola and Grana Padano.
Terra e Mare Pizza $16.00 – $30.00 Smoked mozzarella, zucchini and shrimp.
Contadina Pizza $16.00 – $26.00 White pizza. Mozzarella, sweet cherry tomatoes, arugula, prosciutto di parma galloni and shaved grana padano.
Melenzane e Marscarpone Pizza $15.00 – $28.00 Diced eggplant, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and marscarpone.

Saltimbocca and Panuozzi (Traditional Woodfire Pizza)

Saltimbocca and Panuozzi (Traditional Woodfire Pizza)
Isolano Pizza $8.00 – $14.00 Beefsteak tomatoes, mozzarella and basil.
Provinaciale Pizza $8.00 – $14.00 Roasted zucchini, eggplant, peppers and Gorgonzola cheese.
Appetitoso $10.00 – $16.00 Porchetta (homemade roasted pork loin), eggplant and smoked mozzarella.
Gustoso $10.00 – $16.00 Prosciutto di Parma Galoni, mozzarella, arugula and pomodorini cherry tomatoes.
Polletto $10.00 – $16.00 Grilled chicken breast, fresh cherry tomatoes and fontina cheese.


Baby Potatoes $7.00
Cherry Peppers $7.00
Broccoli Rabe $7.00
Eggplant $7.00
Sweet Peppers $7.00
Baby Carrots $6.00
Fries $5.00


Tiramisu $7.00 Soft baked savoiardi cookies dipped in fresh brewed coffee and layered between a light marscarpone based cream.
Cheesecake $7.00 Italian style cheese cake made with 3 cheeses and graham cracker cookie.
Caprese $7.00 Flourless cake made with dark chocolate and almonds baked to a brownie like consistency and served with a choice of chocolate or vanilla gelato.
Cannoli $7.00 Ricotta based cream with chocolate chips served in cannoli shells.
Chocolate Mousse $7.00 Freshly whipped chocolate mousse.

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