Auntie Irene’s Coffee Shop

Up to date Auntie Irene’s Coffee Shop prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Coffee.

Breakfast Sandwiches

Your choice of bread: Sourdough, french, 10 grain, whole wheat, ciabatta, marble rye, focaccia or bagel
Good Morning Panini $6.36 Ham, bacon, egg, cheddar cheese & garlic butter
Breakfast Bagel $4.40 Egg and chedder cheese, with your choice of ham, bacon, tomato or all three

Signature Panini’s

Your choice of bread: French, sourdough, marble rye, whole wheat, 10 grain, ciabatta, focaccia
Roasted Turkey Bacon $7.50 Roasted turkey, bacon, swiss cheese, tomato, honey mustard with a roasted pepper spread
Reuben $8.50 Corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese & russian dressing on sour rye bread
Italian Grinder $7.50 Salami, ham, provolone, roasted red peppers, pepperoncinis, tomato & pesto mayo
Club $7.50 Roasted turkey, ham, bacon, swiss cheese, tomato, dijon mustard with an avocado spread
Grilled Cheese $6.50 Provolone, swiss, cheddar with garlic butter
Toasted Ham & Swiss $7.50 Ham, swiss cheese, tomato, pepperoncini & a dijon spread
Grilled Turkey Pesto $7.50 Roasted turkey, provolone, tomatoes & a pesto spread
Tuna Melt $7.50 Grilled panini with tuna salad, provolone cheese & tomato

Signature Sandwiches

Your choice of bread: French, sourdough, marble rye, whole wheat, 10 grain, ciabatta, focaccia
Italian Salami $7.50 Genoa salami, provolone, tomato, red onion, arugula & mayo
Veggie $7.50 Provolone cheese, roasted red peppers, pepperoncini, dill pickle, tomato, lettuce, dijon mustard & avocado spread
Club $7.50 Roasted turkey, ham, bacon, swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayo, dijon mustard & avocado spread
BLTA $7.50 Bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado spread with a pesto mayo
Tuna Salad $7.50 Tuna salad, tomato & lettuce

Simple Sandwich

Turkey & Cheese $6.50
Peanut Butter & Jelly $4.99
Swiss & Ham $6.50 Ham, swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayo & dijon mustard

Sandwich Add On

Sack Lunch Special $1.00 Add chips or a piece of fruit & soda or water to your choice of sandwich
Any Meat $0.50 Turkey, ham or bacon
Any Veggie $0.25 Pepperoncini, tomato, dill pickle, roasted red pepper, avocado, red onion & lettuce
Any Cheese $0.50 Cheddar, provolone or swiss
Any Spread or Condiment $0.50 Avocado spread, dijon spread, jalapeno spread, roasted red pepper spread, mayo, dijon mustard or honey mustard


Soup $3.00 – $5.00
Cup of Soup & Half Sandwich $8.00

Bakery Items

We have a variety of wonderful pastries. We can also pre-order pastries for a work or school event
Muffins $2.45 Chocolate chip, sunrise & whole wheat banana blueberry
Scones $2.45 Cinnamon pumpkin, lemon poppyseed, maple oat spice & raspberry filled
Gourmet Sweet Breads $2.45 Banana walnut, lemon citrus, sour cream coffee cake & seasonal flavor
Bagels with Cream Cheese $2.45 Bagel option: plain, whole wheat, cinnamon raisin, cheddar jack, garlic cheese, everything & jalapeno cheddar cream cheese option: plain, jalapeno, dijon, roasted red pepper & avocado
Cookies $2.10 Chocolate chip, chocolate dipped peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, pink frosted sugar & shortbread
Dessert Bars $2.10 Oatmeal coconut raisin, double chocolate brownie, brownie raspberry oatmeal bar, peanut butter chocolate bar & seasonal flavors
Croissant $2.00
Blackberry Danish $2.00
Almond Croissant $2.30
Regular or Orange Cinnamon Roll $2.70

Ice Cream

16 Different flavors chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cookies & cream, chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate chip mint, espresso almond fudge, moose tracks, maple nut, maui waui, cotton candy or bubble gum, birthday cake, spumoni, huckleberry, licoric
Junior Scoop $1.95
Double Scoop $4.20
Waffle Cone $0.75
Single Scoop $2.70
Sugar Cone $0.40
Waffle Bowl $1.00

Other Drinks

Chai Tea $2.95 – $4.95
Hot Tea $1.95 – $2.25
Iced Tea $2.10 – $2.40
Hot Cocoa $2.60 – $4.25
Steamer $2.50 – $4.00
Italian Soda $3.10 – $4.25
Coffee Frappe $3.50 – $5.25
Mocha Frappe $3.70 – $5.40
White Frappe $3.70 – $5.40
Chai Frappe $3.70 – $5.40
Fruit Smoothie $4.50 – $5.40
Milkshake $4.25 – $6.35

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