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Cuisine: Austrian.

Drinks – Non Alcoholic

Almdudler $4.00 the traditional austrian beverage made out of sweet herbs from the mountains of austria
Elder Flower Juice $3.50 made out of freshly picked austrian elder flower leaves
Red Bull The Austrian Power Drink $3.50
Ice Tea $2.50
Root Beer $2.50 spezi (mix of coke and fanta), coca cola, diet coke, sprite, cherry coke, fanta, mello yello, mr. pibb (free refills)
Coffee $2.00 (free refills)
Tea $2.00


Wiener Schnitzel $10.50 a slice of very tender pork meat battered, breaded and deep fried with a slice of lemon on top served with a mixed salad
Wiener With Garlic $10.99 like the wiener schnitzel but with fresh garlic butter on top served with a mixed salad
Schnitzel Paris Style $11.50 prepared like a wiener schnitzel but without breadcrumbs dipped in scrambled eggs and deep fried in a pan served with a mixed salad
Cordon Bleu $12.99 tender pork meat, cut in butterfly style, battered, stuffed with slices of ham and cheese. folded together, coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried gold brown. even though the cordon bleu sounds frenc
Farmers Cordon Bleu $13.99 like the regular cordon bleu but filled with bacon, cheese, onions and mushrooms. served with a mixed salad
Pork Tenderloin $12.99 cut into nuggets, grilled pork tenderloin come with different toppings: garlic, garlic butter or peppercorn sauce. served with rice
Shepherd Spit (Hirtenspiess) $13.99 pork tenderloin, bacon, onions, bell pepper and wiener sausages are the ingredients for an austrian hirtenspiess originally from hungary in 1850 the shepherd spit was quickly adapted and added to the
Pork Roast (Schweinsbraten) $12.99 spiced with garlic, salt, pepper and caraway seeds roasted gently for over three hours it keeps the viennese pork roast juicy and tender. served with napkin dumplings and sauerkraut
Farmers Feast (Bauernschmaus) $13.99 the farmers feast consists of a slice of pork roast, a slice of ham, napkin dumplings, sauerkraut and a deep fried wiener sausage on top


Please ask for any special desserts of the day.
Apple Strudel (Apfelstrudel) $5.50 handmade austrian style apple pie made with very thin dough, filled with apples and raisins. spiced with secret austrian spices served with vanilla ice cream
Emperors Pancake (Kaiserschmarrn) $5.50 austrian pancake dough with raisins ripped apart and flambeed with rum. served with apple sauce
Viennese Ice Cream Coffee $4.50 vanilla ice cream, coffee, whipped cream and chocolate flakes
Root Beer Float $4.00 root beer and vanilla ice cream
Chocolate Pancake $4.00 two thin pancakes filled with chocolate sauce and whipped cream on top
Ice Cream Pancake $5.50 two thin pancakes filled with vanilla ice cream served with whipped cream and chocolate sauce
Grandmas Strawberries Dessert $3.50 freshly blended strawberries mixed with whipped cream and sugar and a layer of lady fingers (please ask our staff for availability)
Jam Pancakes $4.00 two thin pancakes filled with your choice of apricot or strawberries jam


Chicken Schnitzel $10.99 breast of chicken cut into thin slices, breaded and deep fried. served with a mixed salad
Garlic Chicken Schnitzel $10.99 like the chicken schnitzel but with garlic butter on top served with a mixed salad
Chicken Cordon Bleu $12.99 breast of chicken cut butterfly style, stuffed with slices of ham and cheese. folded together, coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried until gold brown.
Chicken Breast $9.99 breast of chicken sliced and grilled is served in these variations plain, garlic, or garlic butter. choose two side dishes
Chicken Shepherd Spit $13.99 pieces of chicken breast, bacon, onions, bell pepper, wiener sausages on a spit and grilled. served with fries or your choice of two side dishes


Vanilla Beef Roast $13.50 the vanilla beef roast consists of slices of the rib roast, gently pan-fried the traditional topping of the vanilla beef roast consist of roasted garlic chips. served with rice or your choice of pota
Onion Beef Roast $13.50 consists of slices of the rib roast, gently battered and pan-fried the topping consist of deep fried onion rings served with rice or your choice of potatoes
Beef Stroganoff $15.99 small slices of beef tenderloin roasted with onions and pickles finished with whipped cream and parsley. served with rice
Pepper Steak $16.99 8 oz of tenderloin filet steak, covered with freshly prepared peppercorn sauce. served with rice or your choice of potatoes

Sandwich Meals

Pork Schnitzel Sandwich & Fries & Soup $9.50 – $5.50 wiener schnitzel with tomatoes, lettuce choose mustard or ketchup or mayonnaise
Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich & Fries & Soup $9.50 – $5.50 chicken schnitzel sandwich & fries & soup
Pork Roast Sandwich & Fries & Soup $9.50 – $5.50 slices of pork roast with tomatoes, lettuce choose mustard, ketchup or mayonnaise

Vegetarian Meals

Vegetarian Roasted Stew $7.50 onions, potatoes, dumplings, carrots and peas
Vegetarian Platter $7.50 roasted potatoes, dumplings, carrots, peas
Roasted Dumplings $7.50 onions, sliced dumplings finished with eggs
Scrambled Eggs $5.00 scrambled eggs with onions and toast


Napkin Dumplings $2.00 the dough is made like for bread dumplings but rolling the dough in a cheesecloth allows us to use less flour and therefore the dumpling flavor is more intensive
Roasted Potatoes $2.00 bacon, onions and potatoes roasted and spiced
Sauerkraut $2.00 raw sauerkraut mixed with roasted bacon, salt, pepper, sugar, beef soup and two secret spices
Parsley Potatoes $2.00 sliced potatoes, butter and parsley
Parsley Potatoes $2.00 rice, french fries, peas, carrots


Gipsy Soup $4.00 bouillon with sliced ham, garlic, parsley and an egg
Pancake Stripe Soup $3.00 bouillon with sliced, very thin, pancakes
Soup Of The Day $3.00


Austrian Potato Salad $2.00 vinegar, onions, salt, pepper, sugar and bouillon
Viennese Cucumber Garlic Salad $2.00 sliced cucumber, vinegar, salt, pepper, sugar, garlic and sour cream do not plan to go on a date after this one!
Tomato Salad $2.00 sliced tomatoes, vinegar, pepper, salt, sugar and onions
Coleslaw $2.00 the american tradition, creamy coleslaw
Mixed Salad $2.00

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