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Up to date Austrian Village prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: German, Austrian.

Soups and Starters

Kase Spaetzle $5.95 Homemade spaetzle with sauteed onions and swiss cheese
Warm Bavarian Soft Pretzel $4.00 Served with beer cheese
Shrimp Cocktail $6.95 Peeled shrimp with cocktail sauce
Chicken Wings (6 Pieces) $6.25 Served with celery and blue cheese dressing
Mozzarella Sticks $5.75 Fried mozzarella cheese sticks served with marinara sauce
Mozzarella Cheese Fries $4.50
Chicken Fingers $4.95
Homemade Soup of the Day $2.75 – $3.50
Homemade Snapper Soup $4.00 – $4.95
Homemade Chili $3.50 – $4.50


Dressings: Russian, honey mustard, french, ranch, house vinaigrette, blue cheese or caesar
House Tossed Salad $2.25
Chef Salad $8.25 Julienne ham, turkey and cheese over salad greens
Grilled Mesquite Chicken Over Salad $8.50
Tuna Salad $6.50 Homemade tuna salad nestled in a bed of lettuce
Shrimp Salad $7.95 Our own special recipe on a bed of lettuce
Seafood Combo Salad $9.95 Tuna salad, shrimp salad and two cooked shrimp
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad $8.50

Cold Sandwiches

Served with pickles and potato chips
Turkey, Ham or Liverwurst $5.75
Knockwurst $5.75
Bratwurst $5.75
Roast Beef or Roast Pork $6.25
Shrimp Salad $7.95
Grilled Cheese $4.50
Tuna Salad $6.25
BLT $5.50 Bacon, lettuce and tomato

Signature Sandwiches

Served with pickles and potato chips
Reuben $7.50 Corned beef, sauerkraut, russian dressing and swiss cheese on rye
French Dip $7.25 Thin sliced roast beef on toasted roll with sauteed onions, cheese and au jus on the side
Fisher $6.95 Fried fish, lettuce, tomatoes, russian dressing and cole slaw on kaiser roll
Schwabe $6.25 Bratwurst with fried onions and gravy on a steak roll
Tuna Melt $7.25 Tuna salad with melted swiss cheese on rye bread
Porkinator $7.00 Hot roast pork on toasted roll with sauteed onions and swiss cheese
Kaiser $7.25 Fried knockwurst, corned beef and swiss cheese on a kaiser roll
Tiroler $6.25 Knockwurst, fried onions, bacon, cheese and tomato sauce on a kaiser roll
Corned Beef Special $6.50 Corned beef, cole slaw and russian dressing on rye
Club Sandwich $6.95 Your choice of ham, turkey, roast beef or schnitzel
Philly-Five-O $7.95 Mesquite chicken, sauteed onions and swiss cheese on a kaiser roll
Schnitzel $6.00 Breaded pork cutlet on rye
Schnitzel Parmigiana $7.25 Breaded pork cutlet topped with tomato sauce & cheese on rye

Steak Sandwiches

Half pound of steak served with potato chips and pickles
Fresh Chopped Chicken Filet w/ Cheese Steak $7.00
Fresh Chopped Chicken Filet w/ Steak $6.25
Pizza Steak $7.50 Topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese


Half pound burger served with french fries and pickle
The Burgermeister $7.50 Topped with american cheese and onion rings
The Gottlieb $7.95 Topped with swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms and sauteed onions
The Salzburger $8.50 Topped with swiss cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce
Cheeseburger $6.95
Hamburger $6.50

Hot Platters

Served with bread & butter
Schnitzel $7.00 Breaded pork cutlet with german potato salad
Schnitzel Parmigiana $8.50 Topped with cheese & tomato sauce with german potato salad
Mushroom Schnitzel $8.00 Topped with mushroom sauce with german potato salad
Super Schnitzel $9.00 Topped with cheese, mushrooms & onions with german potato salad
Knockwurst $5.95 German wurst with german potato salad
Bratwurst $5.95 Veal wurst with german potato salad. Extra bratwurst or knockwurst add $3.50
Village Fried Fish of the Day $8.25 Served with cole slaw and German potato salad or mashed potatoes
Grilled Grouper $8.25 Plain or blackened with cole slaw and german potato salad or mashed potatoes
Fried Shrimp $7.95 Three shrimp with cole slaw and german potato salad
Hot Roast Beef or Hot Roast Pork $6.75 Served on white bread topped with gravy


Extra cheese $0.75, extra bacon $1.25, lettuce, onion or tomato $0.25 each
German Potato Salad $1.75 Lottes own secret recipe
Homemade Mashed Potatoes $1.75
Sauerkraut $1.75 Chef werners specialty
French Fries (Small) $1.75
Spaetzle $1.75 Homemade german noodles
Village Coleslaw $1.75
Red Cabbage $1.75
Pickled Beets $1.75
Apple Sauce $1.75
String Beans $1.75
French Fries (Large) $3.00

Kinder Menu

All childrens meals include a glass of milk, soda or apple juice.
Chicken Fingers $5.25 Served with french fries and applesauce
Roast Beef $5.25 Served with mashed potatoes and applesauce
Grilled Cheese $5.00 Served with french fries
Hot Dog $4.00 Served with french fries
Potato Pierogies $5.25 Served with applesauce


Homemade Warm Apple Strudel $3.75
Homemade Warm Apple Strudel w/ 2 Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream $5.95
Petite Homemade Warm Apple Strudel $3.50 Small strudel with one scoop vanilla ice cream
Cheesecake $4.25
Ice Cream $3.00
Black Forest Cake $4.00
Rice Pudding $3.00


Coffee $1.75
Hot Tea $1.75
Milk $1.50
Iced Tea $1.75
Hot chocolate $1.75
Lemonade $2.00
Sodas $1.75
Birch $2.00

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