Avalon International Breads

Up to date Avalon International Breads prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Our coffee is locally-roasted just for Avalon by Great Lakes Coffee and Roasting.
Espresso $2.50
Americano $3.00 – $3.25 Espresso topped with hot water.
Macchiato $2.75 Espresso with a dash of steamed milk.
Cappuccino $3.25 Espresso with steamed milk.
Latte $3.50 – $4.00 Espresso with more steamed milk.
Mocha $4.00 – $4.50 Espresso with steamed milk and chocolate.
Chai $4.00 – $4.50 Spiced tea with milk, sugar, and cardamom.
Hot Chocolate $3.00 – $3.50 Chocolate and steamed milk.
Red Eye $2.50 – $3.00 Brewed coffee with a shot of espresso.
Steamer $2.50 – $3.00 Steamed milk with your favorite flavor shot.
Hearth and Soul Blend $1.80 – $2.35 Avalon’s own blend roasted by Great Lakes: bold and rich with tones of toffee and chocolate.
“313” Blend $1.80 – $2.25 A medium roast: sweet, earthy, and smooth.
Guatemalan $1.80 – $2.25 Organic Fair Trade and single origin: mellow, light, and bright
Cold Brew Coffee $3.50 – $4.50

Breakfast Specials

Bite Of Bliss $2.75 Local Hudsonville cage-free eggs, seasoned with a touch of cayenne pepper and cream, then topped with cheddar cheese. on a “313” organic wheat roll.
Grown in Detroit Frittata Sandwich $4.25 Frittata made with vegetables grown in Detroit, with goat cheese spread and spinach on a brioche roll.
BLT + Egg $4.95 Bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a black pepper baked egg on our Sundried Tomato and Basil scone.
Smoked Salmon $4.95 Smoked salmon sandwich with a baked egg, onion, cucumber, and cream cheese on a Motown Multigrain bun.
Breakfast Strata $3.50 Seasonal vegetables, cheese, herbs, and Avalon bread mixed with eggs and baked.
Seasonal Quiche $4.95 Avalon pie crust filled with eggs, cream, spices, and seasonally-rotating filling.
Sausage Sandwich $4.25 Sparrow Meats free-range pork sausage on a 313 Soft Wheat bun with chipotle mayo, brussels sprout slaw, New York cheddar, and a black pepper egg.


Traverse City Turkey $8.00 Thick-sliced roasted turkey piled on Farnsworth Family Farm Bread with havarti, cherry honey mustard, and spring mix.
Smashed Avocado $7.00 Chickpeas, pickled onions, dried cherries, and creamy smashed avocado on our Wheaty Wheat bread.
Mediterranean Tuna $7.25 Tuna with a Mediterranean twist on our Greektown Olive Bread.
Chicky Ciabatta $8.00 Sparrow Meats roasted chicken pulled and topped with olive tapenade, red onion, roasted red peppers, cucumber, and pepperoncini on Gratiot Street Ciabatta with goat cheese and arugula.
SS Detroit $8.25 Avalon’s old school Italian sub: salami, capicola, mortadella, and provolone on a 313 submarine roll.
Gardenworks $6.00 Basil-walnut pesto with avocado, roasted red peppers, and organic sunflower sprouts on Motown Multigrain bread.
PB Goes Local! $3.25 Michigan-made peanut butter with Detroit’s own strawberry “Slow Jams” on our Wheaty Wheat.

Focaccia Offerings

Three Cheese Mama Mia $4.00
Grown in Detroit Focaccia $4.00 The best of our produce grown in Detroit tops our whole wheat focaccia.
Seasonal Focaccia Our favorite focaccia dough baked with the season in mind!

Hand Pies

In need of a quick and filling bite? Grab a hand pie- now made onsite at Willis. Hand pies are made daily and may change due to seasonality and availability of ingredients.
Seasonal Hand Pie Ask us about today’s hand pie!
Veggie Hand Pie $4.95 Ranging from Caribbean-spiced veggies to our favorite seasonal blends, try one today!


With Choice Of Avalonian Dressings: Arlene’s Vinaigrette (the Secret Ingredient Is Love) or Balsamic Vinaigrette.
Kale Caesar Salad $5.95 Kale massaged with our housemade caesar dressing and topped with Avalon croutons and parmesan cheese.
Greek Salad $5.95 Spring Mix with feta, olives, red onion, cucumbers, and tomato.
Grain Bowl $5.95 Broccoli rabe, shaved brussels sprouts, beets, and carrots with feta cheese atop a bed of farro tossed with a vinaigrette.
Michigan Garden Salad $5.95 Spinach, cherry tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, pickled red onions, and radish tossed with toasted garlic and parmesan vinaigrette.

Breads – Sourdoughs

Farnsworth Family Farm named after detroit’s eastside farming neighborhood, this chewy sourdough is avalon’s house bread, and kid’s favorite.
Motown Multigrain organic grains, seeds and flours blend with sea salt to provide doo-wop taste for the hippest bread in town! avalons best-selling bread.
Wheaty Wheat sweet, nutty flavor of the whole grain is complemented by the light tang of our whole-wheat starter dough. this is what real wheat tastes like au natural.
Russell Street Rustic Italian romanesque white bread with a light tangy taste and a thin, crispy crust. a hint of olive oil lends a creamy flavor; a touch of rye flour gives it earthy sophistication. perfect for bruschetta, pasta
Pontchartrain Pumpernickel this dark rye bread of eastern european origin has found a home in american sandwich lore. it loves cured meats, cheeses and even pb. you kept asking.
Dexter Davison Rye an old world rye bread named after a mid-century detroit jewish neighborhood and the beloved namesake bakery. this sourdough with caraway seeds screams for corned beef. breakfast toast with butter or
Poletown Rye simple, unfettered ingredients highlight the delicious, earthy taste of whole rye flour. the tight crumb holds up to sandwiches, toast, eggs and any fixings you can throw at it. like the hamtramck ne
Mack Avenue Marble Rye a simple rye with a little molasses mixed in for beauty and taste. as lovely to look at as it is to eat.

Breads – Yeasted Starter (poolish)

Gratiot Street Ciabatta ciabatta (chuh-ba-ta) means shoe in italian due to its misshapen appearance. light and chewy. rip and dip! great for bruschetta and garlic bread too.
Lafayette French Baguette ahh…the lithe baguette. delicate and temperamental, but too delicious to overlook. the obvious choice with any cheeses or dips, or served hot and crispy with sweet cream butter and sea salt. what i
Woodbridge Whole Wheat Baguette tucked away near wayne state university is an eclectic, vibrant, historic neighborhood. a little artsy…a little aristocratic…a little hearty…yet light at heart. get it? baguette with whole grai
Rocking Red Ale Beer Bread avalon and grizzly peak brewing company (ann arbor) present a beer bread with a malty smooth taste and a caramel bouquet. a strong aromatic bread with an open crumb, the pint sized loaf is perfect to

Breads – Our fancy Pants Breads (sourdoughs)

Paradise Valley Raisin Pecan named after the hub of african american commerce and culture in mid-20th century detroit, this avalon classic heralds dark, sweet organic raisins and southern pecans. a symphony of contrasts with a s
Quintessentially Cranberry Orange dried cranberries & fresh orange zest with plenty of holiday spirit. think winter mornings. think cream cheese. think leftover turkey. only available november and december. think fast.
Palmer Park Pain Aux Noix a french sourdough bread with walnuts sounds pretty simple, but the complex flavors and textures make this bread a standout. how do we serve thee? let us count the ways: compliments a soft, triple cr
Corktown Cinnamon Raisin dark, sweet organic raisins and yummy cinnamon. no added sugar here. sturdy enough for some slammin french toast. corktown historic district is a little sweet with a little spice, just like the bread
Leelanau Cherry Walnut savor the sweet tang of northern michigan dried cherries with the crunch of walnuts in our house sourdough bread. poultry, pungent cheeses or dressed-up buttered toast: fancy pants bread for sure.

Breads – A Little Bit Softer Now (yeasted)

Hastings Street Challah what started as a way to celebrate friday night sabbath in jewish homes throughout the world has become a cross-cultural favorite. this soft egg bread makes each meal special: from friday night dinne
313 Bread we dont make wonder bread of course, but sometimes life requires a soft, easy bread that you can roll into little balls or use to bribe your kids into eating a sandwich. 313 is our answer: real eggs,
313 Burger Buns the only locally-made burger bun made from real milk and real eggs. exalts every burger it graces. also available with onion or onion poppy seed.

Sweets – Brioche

Plain Brioche sweeter than bread, lighter than cake, brioche makes an elegant, understated breakfast. bread pudding or french toast? a little crazy. pb and j; grilled cheese; or say, nutella panini? truly outlandi
Chocolate Brioche seasonal brioche: in the summer, it might be michigan fruit, during the holidays were likely to bring a little holiday cheer. changes monthly. its good to have a little mystery.
Seriously Sticky Buns big brother dave weighs in: its not too sweet, but it is too buttery. as if there is such a thing! it is, admittedly, our classic brioche with more cinnamon butter rolled into it, baked on yet anothe
Beaubian Blueberry Buckle light coffee cake packed with blueberries and a light, streusel topping. we hope that grandma is proud of us.

Sweets – Scones

Whole Cream Vs. Half And Half: The Age Old Scone Question. Weve Handled It With Equanimity-both, Of Course. Still Cutting In The Sweet Cream Butter In By Hand Every Night On The Wooden Tables. Well Go To Any Lengths To Get The Light And Flakey Scone That Would Make The Irish Proud.
Sweet Cream other bakeries might call it a plain scone. we see it as a celebration of butter.
Cherry Walnut the combination worked so well in our bread, we tried it in our scone and never looked back. an avalon classic.
Lemon Raisin fresh lemon zest with, enough raisins to create a sweet, chewy contrast.
Seasonal Scones heres where we leave tradition behind. weve been known to roll in jams, nutella, even peanut butter and jelly. irreverance at its most delicious.

Sweets – Classic Cookies

Chocolate Chunk Cookies big, slightly caky and generously endowed with only the best callebaut chocolate chunks. no mere chocolate chips; only chunks will do. plain or pecan.
Jans Classic Oatmeal Raisin Cookie 6′ tall men have been known to getting misty-eyed when we run out of these avalon favorites. our trademark cookies are big, soft and chewy, made with plump raisins, rolled organic oats and real butte
Purely Peanut Butter Cookie organic peanut butter and our not-so-secret ingredient: a touch of coffee. big, chewy, ever-so-slightly doughy in the middle. its hard to make your way through a whole one. then again, its hard not t
Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk Cookie its that far-away look in the eye when customers stop us on the street; its the moment of reverant silence when they are handed across the counter. a smaller, chewier chocolate chunk cookie with cour
Dequindre Cut Trail Mix Cookie the dequindre cut, an abandoned below-grade railroad track was transformed into a unique bicycle and walking path in may 2009, east of downtown. our newest cookie is classic oatmeal, generously endow
Avalons Amazing Amazon Brownies in the brownie world, there are two schools of thought: caky and fudgy. our brownies are old school caky, with plenty of moist callebaut chocolate for depth and moistness. these brownies are as big a

Sweets – Muffins

Cranny Branny Muffin the natural sweetness of cranberries and a touch of brown rice syrup complement the heartiness of 100% whole wheat flour. high in complex carbohydrates; low hypo-glycemic load.
Blueberry Muffin the muffin that put us on the muffin map. slightly grainy, incredibly moist, packed with juicy blueberries. a mainstay of our breakfast offerings.
Seasonal Muffin all excellent points and yet, baking with the seasons reminds us of the unique bounty of michigan foods. whatever the season, there will be a delicious, seasonal muffin waiting for you, until the nex

Sweets – Fruit Bars

The Original Inspiration For Avalon Came In Part From Wildflour Bakery- A Co-op Bakery In Ann Arbor. When They Closed In 1997, Just Months Before Avalon Opened, We Inherited Their Bread Slicer, Some Indestructible Muffin Pans And Their Date Bar Recipe. Thanks, Annie And Paul. For All That You Do.
Date Bars no wheat, no refined sugar, no dairy. how could they taste so good? the filling is merely soaked dates, raisins and cinnamon, mixed into a puree. the crust: oats and oat flour, with a little brown ri
Cherry And Apple Bars ingredients: crust: organic oat flour, organic rolled oats, vegan trans-fat free shortening, brown rice syrup, and maple syrup. filling: frozen and dried cherries, arrowroot powder, turbinado sugar

Sweets – Vegan Cookies

This Is Where The Rubber Hits The Road For Our Vegan Following. Finally- A Vegan Cookie That Doesnt Taste Like Tree Bark. Amazingly, It Taste Like A Delicious Cookie!
Oatmeal Raisin light and crispy, this an uncomplicated cookie that needs neither bells nor whistles.
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip this cookie brings out the best in both organic peanut butter and callebaut chocolate. sort of a fancy way to eat peanut butter out of the jar with chocolate chips sprinkled on top. were not the only
Almond Spice those of us of a certain age might remember the pinwheel cookies of our youth. this cookie is reminiscent in flavor, yet needs no dairy products to bring back childhood memories.
Dequindre Cut Trail Mix why? because this cookie is so good that it would be unfair to deprive our vegan friends. a vegan oatmeal cookie with lots of dried fruit and seeds in it to get you down the trail.
Chandler Park Coconut Chocolate Chip Chandler Park Coconut Chocolate Chip not your grandma’s chocolate chip cookie. not your ordinary vegan cookie. not surprisingly, its delicious.
d Power Granola Bar lets just be clear: this is not dried-out, tasteless body fuel that you force down while backpacking. moist and positively addictive, these will keep you going for hours. peanut butter, organic seeds
Carrot Cake as much carrot as cake, this is a symphony of textures and flavor: crunchy walnuts, juicy raisins, hearty carrots. please dont call this a vegan carrot cake! its a carrot cake that just happens to be
i Cant Believe Its Vegan Frosted Chocolate Snack Cake we have discovered that great chocolate can be even better without dairy products to compete for flavor. this super-moist chocolate cake is has a wonderfully clean, chocolate taste without being heav


A Cup Of “josephine” $1.35 – $1.85
Espresso $1.55 – $1.80
Cappuccino $2.75 – $3.45 creamy, rich capri espresso with equal parts steamed milk and foam
Latte $2.75 – $3.45 espresso with two parts steamed milk and a touch of foam
Red Eye $2.00 – $2.30 espresso in a cup of “josephine” of your choice
Americano $1.85 – $2.15 espresso in hot water, the strength of a cup of jo with the complexity of espresso
Macchiato $2.20 – $2.75 espresso with a dollop of foam
Harney And Sons Hot Tea $1.35 choice of: cinnamon spice, japanese sencha, decaffeinated ceylon, orange pekoe, darjeeling, earl grey, english breakfast or peppermint
Hot Chocolate $2.50 – $3.15 ghiradelli cocoa powder steamed with milk, topped with whipped cream on request
A Little Something Extra $0.47 soy milk, extra espresso shots and flavor shots

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