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Cuisine: Indian, Pakistani, Afghan.


Dalcha Palak Kebab $8.00 yellowtail and spinach patties. pan seared.
Mawe Ki Kakori $9.00 minced vegetable and nuts skewers. grilled.
Khaas Paneer Tikka $9.00 herbed cottage cheese. grilled.
Awadh Murgh Tikka $10.00 black pepper and pomegranate marinated chicken. grilled.
Murgh Parda Kebab $12.00 spice marinated chicken cubes, egg brushed and grilled.
Galouti Kebab $11.00 minced lamb patties, chef’s spice mix. originally created for the royals of awadh.
Kakori Kebab $11.00 aromatic minced lamb skewer. grilled.
Shakarkandi Aur Ananas Ki Chaat $7.00 spiced sweet potato and pineapple. grilled. vegetarian.
Potli Samosa $8.00 pea and potato stuffed fillos with tamarind sauce. vegetarian.
Bhune Aloo Ke Khulle $8.00 grilled potatoes, green peas and cheese filling. vegetarian.
Bharwaan Khumb $8.00 ricotta and spinach stuffed mushrooms and grilled. vegetarian.
Karari Bhindi $8.00 crispy okra. vegetarian.
Chapati Gobhi Lehsuni $8.00 cauliflower and garlic tomato sauce. vegetarian.
Shikampuri Seekh $10.00 five spice minced chicken skewer. grilled.
Nawabi Murgh Tikka $11.00 cardamom and cream cheese marinated chicken. grilled.
Murgh Tandoori $12.00 the original tandoor grilled free range chicken.
Chaap Ka Barrah $14.00 mustard marinated lamb chops. grilled.
Tawa Scallops $12.00 pan seared with celery sauce.
Ajwaini Jheenga $12.00 carmon seed marinated jumbo prawns. grilled.

Khaas Ras

Kairi Ki Dal $13.00 tangy cumin yellow lentils.
Khaas Korma $16.00 chicken tikka, saffron and cashew gravy.
Mahi Musallam $21.00 whole fish, turmeric and masala wrapped. dum pukht cooked.
Subz Sangam $12.00 five spices mixed vegetables and garlic tomato masala.
Kofta Dilnaaz $14.00 cottage cheese dumplings and tomato fenugreek sauce.
Bhindi Do Pyaza $14.00 sauteed spiced okra and onions.
Dum Ke Hare Phool $14.00 slow cooked broccoli and saffron sauce.
Bharwan Baingain $14.00 roasted whole baby eggplant and onion tomato masala.
Paneer Tikka Masala $14.00 grilled cottage cheese and traditional tomato sauce.
Methi Malai Matar $14.00 green peas, fenugreek and carom seeds and cream sauce.
Chana Masala $13.00 chickpeas and tomato ginger masala.
Dal Makhani $14.00 slow cooked black lentils and tomato puree.
Chicken Makhanwala $16.00 grilled chicken and traditional tomato sauce.
Chicken Tariwala $16.00 grilled chicken, curry leaves and coconut curry.
Saag $18.00 lamb and sauteed spinach.
Dahiwala $18.00 baby goat, onion tomato sauce and yogurt.
Uri Jheenga $21.00 coconut shrimp curry.
Malai Lobster Masala $24.00 grilled lobster and creamy saffron sauce.
Crab Lehsuni $23.00 crab meat, butter and garlic.
Methi Machchi Tikka $22.00 salmon and fenugreek marinade.
Sarson Machchi Tikka $24.00 sea bass and mustard marinade.
Aloo Gobhi Matar $14.00 cauliflower, potatoes and peas. stir fried.
Paneer Khurchan $14.00 grated indian cheese and onion tomato masala.
Paneer Palak $14.00 creamed spinach and cottage cheese.


Aloo Chutney Pulao $14.00 aromatic basmati rice, coriander and mint potatoes.
Sufiana Murgh Biryaani $15.00 aromatic basmati rice and creamy chicken.
Awadh Gosht Biryaani $16.00 aromatic basmati rice and lamb stew.


White Rice $2.00 steamed basmtai rice.
Lemon Rice $4.00 mustard seeds, curry leaves and lemon juice.


Tandoori Roti $3.00 baked whole wheat bread.
Naan $4.00 clay oven baked.
Lehsuni Naan $4.00 clay oven baked and garlic glaze.
Kulcha $5.00 clay oven baked.
Lachcha Parantha $5.00 whole wheat layered bread.
Ulta Tawa Parantha $5.00 whole wheat layered bread and inverted griddle pan fried.

Saath Mein

Taka Tak $8.00 stir fried mushroom and asparagus.
Kachumbar Raita $3.00 yogurt, onion and tomato.
Pudina Raita $3.00 yogurt and mint chutney.
Papadum $3.00 roasted lentil wafers and mixed chutneys.
Hara Salad $4.00 mixed greens.

Lunch Special

Lunch Box $11.95

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