Awaken Cafe

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Cuisine: Coffee.

(Bring your own mug $0.25, add organic vanilla $0.75, add shot of espresso $0.75), milk : choice of straus organic whole, low-fat, non-fat soy, rice or almond, coffee roasted by fourbarrel single origin and espresso beans available.
French Pressed Coffee (12 Oz) $2.00
Double Espresso (2 Oz) $2.25
Double Macchiato (3 Oz) $2.75
Double Americano (12 Oz) $2.75
Double Cappuccino (6 Oz) $3.00
Double Latte (12 Oz) $3.75
Double Mocha (12 Oz) $4.25
Hot Chocolate (12 Oz) $3.00
Chai Latte (12 Oz) $4.00
Hot Tea (12 Oz) $3.00

Whole Bean Coffee For Home Brew

El Salvador Santa Ana Laguacocha $15.00 flavor profile: toasted sugar and key lime aromas lead into a creamy cup of milk chocolate and honeydew melon with distinct brown sugar sweetness. (12 ounce bag).
Guatemala Antigua Retana $15.00 flavor Profile : brown sugar sweetness and a range of acidity from rainier cherry to purple grapes and cranberry, a dynamic and structured cup. (12 ounce bag).
Friendo Blendo Espresso $13.75 clean citrus acidity and syrupy body balance sweet berry, stone fruit and dark chocolate notes. (12 ounce bag).
Guatemala Antigua Retana $15.00 flavor profile : fragrances of orange marmalade and honey introduce a creamy, citric cup laden with cherry.

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