Awash Ethiopian Restaurant

Up to date Awash Ethiopian Restaurant prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Awash Ethiopian Restaurant is available in 2 states.

Appetizer $3.50

Sambusa: Thine Dough Shells With Minced Meat Or Vegetable.
1. Beef Samusa
2. Whole Lentile Sambusa
3. Potato And Carrot Sambusa
4. Chicken Sambusa
5. Spinach Sambusa

Breakfasts Entrees

1. Kinche $9.75 crushed wheat cooked to tender seasoned with ethiopian spiced and kibe (butter)
2. Lesen Bekoret $12.75 crushed wheat cooked and served with kibe(butter)scrambled eggs and your choice of meat(beef, chicken, meat)
3. Enkulale Tibse $10.25 scrambled eggs with tomato, onions, and jalapenos
4. Enqule Be Siga $11.75 scrambled eggs with your choice of meat (beef, lamb)
5. Foul $10.25 cooked beans mixed with tomato, onion and paper(jalapenos)
6. Chechebsa $11.50 thin bread (qitq) pieces, braised with ethiopian spiced and kibe (butter)
7. Tibs Fir-Fir $13.50 bits of injera soaked in spiced paper and tomato sauce, with your choice of meat(beef lumb)served with fresh injera or toasted bread
8. Genfo $10.50 porridge dish made by boiling barly flour in water or milk served with butter and berbere
9. Bula $10.50 porridge dish made from flour or stem rootor false banana served with butter and mitmita

Beef Entrees

1. Qey Watt $13.50 spicy. very lean chopped meat cubes simmered in a spicy home made butter sauce
2. Gored Gored $13.25 spicy. morsels of choice lean beef dipped in awaze a traditional sauce of milled paper thickened with honey wine ,seasoned butter and spices gored gored is served raw or rare(an ethiopian traditional
3. Tibs Alecha $14.50 tibs simmered in a mild sauce
4. Special Tibs $14.50 meat cubes marinated in fresh garlic, sauteed with green papers and onion
5. Bosena Shiro $13.75 ethiopian highly seasoned milled chick peas (shuro). beriberi sauce cubes of lean beef
6. Zilzil Tibs $14.50 strips of choice lean beef in fresh garlic, sauteed with green papers
7. Tibs Watt $14.50 spicy. tibs simmered in spicy sauce

Lamb Entrees

1. Yebeg Key Watt $13.75 succulent lamb meat cooked to tenderness in hot and thick beriberi sauce
2. Yebeg Alecha $13.75 succulent lamb meat cooked in mild and distinctly flavored onion and herb sauce
3. Sigana Atakilt $12.25 lamb meat slowly cooked with string beans,carote and potatoes in a mild sauce
4. Yebeg Fitfit $13.25 spices of awash’s traditional injera soaked in one of the above lamb dishes
5. Zilbo $12.50 morsels of lamb,collard green,and potato in specialty seasoned mild sauce
6. Yebeg Derek Tibs $16.25


Soft Drinks $2.50 – $1.50
Coke $2.50 diet coke, sprite, cherry coke, lemonade, mango,orange juicer or cranberry juice
Perrier $2.50
Sweet Iced Tea $2.00

Hot Beverages

Pot Of Ethiopian Tea $1.50 – $3.50

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