Ay Ay Picante Peruvian Seafood & Steak

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Cuisine: Seafood, South American, Peruvian, Vegetarian.

Large Soups

Parihuela $13.90 A fisherman?s stew made with fish, shrimp, mussels, octopus, chicha de jora & a blend of peruvian spices. It has a rich & complex flavor.
Sopa De Mariscos $13.90 Mixed seafood soup with octopus, shrimp, mussels, squid, aji de panca sun dried chili, onions, tomatoes, cooked with inca corn beer.
Chupe De Camarones $13.90 Creamed shrimp soup cooked with a blend of spices, salsa madre fish broth
Soup Of The Day $9.90 Sopa a la Minuta: Beef broth with eggs, angel hair pasta & green onions. SOPA A LA Criolla: Creamed beef, aderezo peruano onions, garlic, olive oil, aji de panca sun dried red chili, angel hair pasta

Fried Seafood Entrees

Chicharron De Calamares $14.90 Deep-fried breaded tender calamari seasoned in mixture of spices such as siyao soy sauce. Accompanied by salsa criolla onion salad corn & fried yucca.
Jalea De Mariscos $14.90 Deep-fried breaded calamari, shrimp & fish seasoned in a mixture of spices such as siyao soy sauce. Accompanied by salsa criolla onion salad, corn & fried yucca.
Chicharron De Pescado $14.90 Deep fried strips of tilapia fillet marinated in garlic & siyao soy sauce. Accompanied by salsa criolla, corn & fried yucca.
Camarones Fritos $14.90 Fried breaded jumbo shrimp marinated in garlic & siyao soy sauce. Served with a house salad, rice or homemade french fries.
Filete Alo Macho $14.90 Deep fried fillet of tilapia served with a combination of seafood that is sauteed with parmesan cheese and shrimp sauce. Accompanied by steamed rice.
Pescado Frito $13.90 A dish found on every street in peru. Tilapia lightly seasoned in garlic, breaded & fried. Served with fresh green salad, steamed rice or fries

Seafood Entrees

Sudado De Camarones $14.90 steamed jumbo shrimp cooked in shrimp bisque, white wine & onions. served with steamed rice & slices of potato.
Filete De Pescado Sudado $14.90 Tilapia fillet, marinated in chef don lucas signature sauce, steamed with tomatoes & onions with a touch of wine. served with rice & boiled potato.
Sudado De Mariscos $14.90 Chef don lucas signature steamed seafood combination cooked in vino blanco white wine onions & tomato base. Served with steamed rice & potatoes.
Arroz Con Mariscos $13.90 Delicious shrimp, octopus, calamari, and mussels served with seasoned rice. Similar to paella or jambalaya.
Tallarines Saltados Con Camarones $13.90 sauteed fettuccine with jumbo shrimps, onions & tomatoes. Cooked with siyao

Vegetarian Entrees

Fettuccini Al Oleo Con Champinones $11.90 Mushrooms & fettuccini sauteed in virgin olive oil, garlic & sweet red peppers.
Tallarines Verdes Con Champinones $11.90 Peruvian style sauteed fettuccine in a homemade pesto sauce, made with albahaca
Vegetales Al Oleo $10.90 Sauteed mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, red onions, and sweet red peppers. Served with steamed or fried yucca.
Arroz Chaufa Con Champinones $10.90 Peruvian-chinese style fried rice tossed with sauteed mushrooms, eggs & green onions. Cooked with soy sauce.

Meat & Poultry

Lomo Saltado $13.90 Lima style sauteed lean beef, tomatoes and onions on a mountain of homemade fries. Served with steamed rice.
Pollo Saltado $13.90 Boneless chicken breast sauteed with tomatoes, onions, garlic, chopped parsley & spices. Served with homemade fries & steamed rice.
Estofado De Carne O Pollo $13.90 Northern peruvian dish. Beef or chicken stew cooked with tomatoes, raisins, potatoes, green peas & red wine. Accompanied by white rice.
Seco De Carne $13.90 Beef cooked with chicha de jora inca corn beer, green peas, aji especial sundried red chili. Accompanied by rice & frijoles canarios cooked with bacon.
Seco De Cordero $13.90 Lamb cooked with chicha de jora inca beer, green peas, aji especial sun-dried red chili. Accompanied by white rice & frijoles canarios cooked with bacon
Aji De Gallina $13.90 Breast of chicken cooked with walnut, aji panca sun dried chili, milk & cheeses. Accompanied by steamed rice.
Papas A La Diabla Con Bistec $13.90 Grilled steak with steamed devil potatoes served with huancaina chesse & yellow pepper cream sauce. Accompanied by white rice.
Arroz Con Pollo $13.90 Breast of chicken, rice, cilantro, green peas cooked in inca corn beer.
Bistec Encebollado $12.90 Grilled steak topped with sauteed tomatoes, cilantro, siyao, vinegar & onions. Accompanied by steamed white rice.
Bistec Empanizado Con Arroz Blanco $12.90 A favorite of peruvian farmers. Breaded steak accompanied by white rice & homemade french fries.
Tallarines Saltados Con Carne O Pollo $12.90 Fettuccine sauteed with beef or chicken, tomatoes, & siyao soy sauce.
Tallarines Verdes Con Bistec O Bistec Apanado $12.90 Fettuccine in albahaca pesto sauce with grilled or breaded steak.
Arroz Chaufa Con Carne O Pollo $12.90 Peruvian-chinese style fried rice with beef or chicken breast, eggs & green onions. Cooked with soy sauce, garlic & onions.

Platos Peruanos

Medallon De Lomo Fino $19.00 Filet mignon cooked on the grill topped with sauteed mushrooms in a red wine sauce. Served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.
Lomo Fino Tierra Y Mar $19.00 Ay Ay picante?s signature surf and turf. Filet mignon with mushrooms, shrimp and calamari sauteed in a seafood sauce. Served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.
Churrasco A La Parrilla $15.90 Sirloin steak cooked on the grill, seasoned with mild peruvian spices served with a choice of fried potatoes, rice or salad.
Pollo A La Parrilla $14.90 Grilled chicken breast with sauteed mushrooms and olive oil. Served with steamed rice.
Pescado A La Basca $14.90 Based on the style of cooking from the spanish basque region, the tilapia is slightly seared and slighty sweet. It is then topped with sauteed onions, mushrooms and peppers in olive oil, red wine sau
Brochetta – Frutos Del Mar $13.90 Skewers of seasoned fresh tilapia, large shrimp, onions and sweet red peppers cooked on the grill. Accompanied by steamed rice and special shrimp sauce
Picante De Mariscos $13.90 Fresh seafood combo sauteed in white wine and shrimp sauce. Served with steamed rice.
Cau Cau De Mariscos $13.90 Casserole of seafood, diced potatoes, and green peas cooked with a blend of ground mild peruvian spices & herbs. Served with side order of steamed rice.
Maravillas Del Mar $13.90 Shrimp, octopus, squid & mushroom cooked in a white wine & olive oil sauce. Served with steamed rice.
Fettuccini Al Olivo Con Camarones $13.90 Fresh shrimp and fettuccini sauteed in olive oil, white wine, garlic and sweet red peppers.


Ay Ay Picante Salsa $6.00 – $12.00 Made green chili pepper hot sauce.
Platanos Maduros $3.00 Fried plantains
Palta ? Aguacate $3.00 Fresh whole avocado
Papas Fritas $3.00 Homemade french fries.
Salsa Criolla $4.00 Thinly sliced red onions. Marinated in lime juice & olive oil.
Arroz Blanco $3.00 Steamed white rice.
Champinones Saltados $3.00 Sauteed in olive oil mushrooms.
Yuca Frita $3.00 Fried yucca. Has a taste similar to potato
Pure De Papas $3.00 Mashed Potatoe
Frejoles Canarios $3.00 Imported peruvian canary beans cooked with bacon, garlic & onions.


Inca Kola $2.00 Classic peruvian soda with bubble gum flavor
Refrescos Americanos $1.50
Coca-cola $1.50
Diet coca-cola $1.50
Pepsi $1.50
7 up $1.50
Jugos $2.00
Manzana $2.00
Arandano $2.00
Ice Tea $2.00
Tea $2.00
Coffee $2.00

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