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Up to date Ay Jalisco prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Ay Jalisco is available in 2 states.

Antojitos Rancheros House Specials – Res Beef

Served with spanish rice, refried beans & tortillas.
Fajitas $11.25 (lightly marinated), served with pico de gallo, guacamole & soul cream.
Ay Jalisco Steak (10 Oz) $11.50 t-bone steak marinated in our special way, charcoal broiled, served with pico de gallo & guacamole.
Ay Jalisco Fajitas Combo $12.45 beef & chicken, pico de gallo, guacamole & sour cream.
New York Steak (10 Oz) $13.75 charcoal broiled, served with pico de gallo, guacamole & grilled onions.
Fajitas Para Dos $18.95 (chicken, steak or combo)
Tacos De Asada $10.95 three tacos (corn tortillas) with strips of charbroiled skirt steak, rice, beans, lettuce & guacamole.
Carne Asada $10.95 skirt steak, charcoal broiled and served with pico de gallo & guacamole.
Steak Mexicano $10.25 tender steak cut into strips, sauteed with onions & tomatoes in a special mexican sauce.
Carnitas De Res $10.25 top sirloin strips seasoned & grilled with peppers, onions, tomatoes, lettuce & guacamole.
Chili Colorado $10.25 chunks of beef cooked in a tasty red sauce & vegetables.
Tacos Mazatlan $10.95 three flour tortillas stuffed with your choice of grilled steak or chicken garnished with tomatoes & parmesan cheese.
Tampiquena $10.75 tender skirt steak charbroiled with an enchilada, lettuce pico & guacamole.
Trio De Fajitas $18.95 marinated chicken, beef & shrimp, served with lettuce, pico de gallo, guacamole & sour cream.

Antojitos Rancheros House Specials – Cerdo – Pork

Carne Adobada $10.45 thin layers of pork marinated in vinegar & spices , then grilled & topped with grilled onions & tomatoes.
Chile Verde $10.95 chunks of pork, cooked in green sauce.
Tacos Al Pastor $10.25 pork meat lightly marinated our own way, then grilled cut into strips & served on three corn tortillas, lettuce, onions & tomatoes.

Antojitos Rancheros House Specials – Pollo – Chicken

Fajitas $11.25 (lightly marinated), served with pico de gallo, guacamole & sour cream.
Pollo A La Parrilla $10.45 marinated charbroiled chicken breast served with pico de gallo & guacamole.
Pollo A La Plancha $10.45 marinated, grilled chicken breast served with pico de gallo & guacamole.
Arroz Con Pollo $9.95 (no beans), chunks of chicken breast with onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, seasoned & grilled, served on a bed of rice covered with red sauce.
Carnitas De Pollo $9.95 chicken breast seasoned & grilled with peppers, onions, tomatoes & guacamole.
Chicken Mexican Style $9.95 tender boneless chicken with onions, tomatoes & tasty sauce.
Chicken En Mole $9.95 boneless chicken in a tasty sweet sauce with a touch of cinnamon.
Pollo A La Crema $9.95 sauteed with sour cream, onions & mushrooms in a tasty sauce.

Antojitos Rancheros House Specials – Mariscos – Seafood

Camarones A La Mexicana $10.95 (shrimp mexican style), shrimp sauteed sauteed in tasty sauce with onions, bell peppers, carrots & celery.
Camarones Al Mojo De Ajo $10.95 (garlic shrimp), shrimp sauteed in butter, with onions & mushrooms.
Camarones A La Diabla $10.95 fresh shrimp (hot or mild) sauteed in our special sauce, onions & mushrooms.
Arroz Con Camarones $10.95 Shrimp with rice – no beans), sauteed in a tasty sauce with onions & mushrooms on a bed of rice, melted cheese, lettuce & tomatoes on the side.
Camarones Sinchados $10.95 shrimp & slice of bacon deep fried, covered with melted cheese, rice & beans.
Ayl Jalisco Trio Of Seafood $8.75 choose one thing, burrito, two enchiladas, or chimichanga made with shrimp, scallops & crab meat, on a perfect.
Caldo De Camarones $8.75 shrimp soup & vegetables.
Fajitas De Camaron $11.25 (shrimp fajitas), marinated in our secret sauce, then delivered sizzling hot over a bed of sauteed onions, green bell peppers & different vegetables, served with pico de gallo, guacamole & sour cream
Crab Or Shrimp Enchiladas $8.75 served with green tomato sauce, lettuce & sour cream.
Shrimp Cocktail $7.95 (mexican style),
Camarones A La Plancha $10.45 grilled shrimp, mushrooms, onions, broccoli & carrots.
Camarones A La Veracruzana $10.95 shrimp sauteed in a special marinara sauce and chablis wine with onions, tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, capers, rice & beans.)
Pescado A La Veracruzana $10.95 fish sauteed in a special marinara sauce and chablis wise with onions, tomatoes olives, mushrooms, hoagies rice & beas.

Combination Dinners

All combination plates served with rice & beans.
Two Enchiladas $7.75
Two Tacos $7.75
Two Enchiladas Verdes $7.75
Super Enchilada $7.95
Enchilada & Taco $7.95
Enchilada & Tamale $7.75
Enchilada & Chile Relleno $7.95
Enchilada & Tostada $7.75
Chimichanga $7.95
Flautas $7.75
Two Enchiladas & Chile Beans $7.75
Two Burritos $8.25
Taco & Chile Relleno $7.95
Enchilada & Chalupa $7.95
Sopes Ayl Jalisco $7.95 two copies.
Two Mole Enchiladas $7.95

Combination Grandes

Served with rice, beans and cole slaw.
Enchilada, Taco, Chile Relleno $8.45
Enchilada & Deluxe Tostada $8.45
Enchilada, Tostada & Tamale $8.45
Enchilada & Two Tacos $8.45
Enchilada, Taco & Tamale $8.45
Supremo Burrito $8.75
Expresso Burrito $8.75
Super Chimichanga $8.75
Enchilada, Tostada & Chile Relleno $8.75 no rice or beans.

Los Burritos

Served with rice & beans.
Fajita Burrito $8.50 (chicken or steak, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole & sour cream.)
Burrito De Pollo $7.50 (chicken burrito.)
Burrito Picadillo $7.50 (shredded beef.)
Burrito Verde $7.95 (pork chunks in a light green sauce.)
Burrito Zucchini $7.50
Burrito Colorado $7.95 beef chunks in colorado red sauce.
Asada Burrito $8.50 skirt steak charbroiled with grilled onions, bell peppers & pido de gallo, served with guacamole & sour cream.
Burrito Camarones $8.50 small shrimp, onions & tomatoes.

Lunch Specials

Lunch served monday – friday 11am-3am.
Expresso Burrito $5.95
Supremo Burrito $5.95
Chimichanga, Rice & Beans $5.95
Enchilada, Rice & Beans $5.25
Two Tacos, Rice & Beans $5.25
Burrito, Rice & Beans $5.75
Chile Relleno, Rice & Beans $5.25
Enchilada Verde, Rice & Beans $5.50
Enchilada Taco, Rice & Beans $5.95
Enchilada Tamale, Rice & Beans $5.95
Tomato Salad $6.50
Taco Salad $6.00
Chile Verde Burrito, Rice & Beans $5.95 chunks of pork, cooked in green sauce.
Fajita Burrito $6.75 chicken or steak, guacamole & sour cream.
Fajita Salad $6.75 chicken or steak, guacamole & sour cream.

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