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Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi.

Sushi Bar Roll Combo

Roll Lunch Special $9.95 – $12.95 choose any two roll items from the list below.
Roll Lunch Special choose rolls : california roll, tuna roll, spicy crunchy tuna roll, salmon roll, spicy salmon roll, spicy crunch salmon roll, philadelphia roll, yellowtail scallion roll, alaska roll, spicy rock shri
Roll Lunch Special roll or hand roll: maki roll (seaweed on the outside), hand roll (cone shaped, seaweed on outside), inside out roll (rice on outside).
Roll Lunch Special first roll rice choice: steamed white rice in first roll
Roll Lunch Special $0.50 first roll rice choice: brown rice in first roll
Roll Lunch Special $1.00 first roll rice choice: black rice in first roll, 16 multi-grain rice in first roll
Roll Lunch Special $1.00 soy bean paper in first roll

Sushi Bar

Sushi Lunch Special $10.00 4 pieces sushi, california roll.
Sashimi Lunch Special $12.00 9 pieces assorted raw fish.
Sushi And Sashimi Lunch Special $14.00 3 pieces sushi and 9 pieces sashimi.
Vegetable Sushi Lunch Special $10.00 4 pieces veggie sushi and avocado cucumber roll.
Chirashi Lunch Special $13.00 12 pieces assorted raw fish.
Unagi Don Lunch Special $11.00

Teriyaki & Deep Fried Lunch From Kitchen

Grilled Chicken Lunch Special $8.00
Grilled Salmon Lunch Special $8.00
Grilled Beef Lunch Special $8.00
Tofu Steak Lunch Special $7.00
Chicken Cutlet Lunch Special $8.00
Pork Cutlet Lunch Special $8.00
Mix Tempura Lunch Special $8.00

Fried Rice, Noodles & Curry Lunch From Kitchen

Chicken Fried Rice Lunch Special $7.00
Pineapple Fried Rice Lunch Special $8.00
Grilled Chicken Udon Lunch Special $8.00
Grilled Salmon Soba Lunch Special $8.00
Chilled Soba Tempura Lunch Special $8.00
Tempura Udon Lunch Special $8.00
Chicken Yaki Udon Lunch Special $8.00
Green Curry Chicken Lunch Special $8.00
Red Curry Pineapple Duck Lunch Special $8.00

Special Platters $8.50

Teriyaki Platter Lunch Special choice of beef, chicken or salmon teriyaki.
Tempura Platter Lunch Special choice of mixed, vegetable or chicken tempura.
Katsu Platter Lunch Special choice of chicken, pork or rock shrimp (6 pieces) katsu.

Kitchen Appetizers

Edamame $4.00 steamed soy pea pod with sea salt.
Shumai $4.50 steamed shrimp dumpling.
Gyoza $4.50 pan fried pork dumplings.
Yasai Gyoza $4.50 pan fried veggie dumpling.
Spring Roll $5.00 crispy fried with plum sauce.
Summer Roll $5.00 mango, lettuce, mint leaf roll with rice paper.
Nasu $5.00
Oshitashi $5.00
Agetashi Tofu $4.50 lightly fried tofu.
Yakko Tofu $4.50
Chicken Yakitori $5.00
Chicken & Mango Skewers $5.00 on skewer.
Charred Beef $7.00 sliced beef marinated with special sauce.
Fried Calamari $7.00 lightly fried squid with chef`s special sauce.
Rock Shrimp Tempura $7.00
Mix Tempura $7.00 shrimp and vegetable tempura.
Seafood Kushiyaki $8.00
Steamed Asparagus $7.00
Steamed Broccoli $7.00

Sushi Bar Appetizers

New Style Sashimi $10.00 salmon, grapefruit with cream cheese. served with dill sauce.
Spicy Tuna Tartar $10.00
Spicy Salmon Tartar $10.00
Mango Shrimp Cocktail $10.00
Snow Crab Roll Caviar $10.00 with rice paper.
Sushi Tasting Fusion Style $12.00 4 pieces of sushi with 4 types of sauces.
Citrus Seafood Ceviche $12.00
Lobster Tuna $13.00 tuna wrapped spicy lobster, served with wasabi creamy avocado, topped with black caviar and gold leaf.
Jalapeno Yellowtail Sushi $13.00 with yuzu soy sauce.
Crusted King Salmon $13.00 seared king salmon with garlic yuzu sauce.

Soups And Salads

Miso Soup $2.00
Vegetable Soup $5.00 vegetable dumplings, spinach, mushrooms.
Hot And Sour Soup $5.00 shrimp, tofu, cilantro.
Tom Yam Soup $5.00 shrimp, mushroom, lemon grass.
Field Green Salad $3.00 with ginger dressing on the side.
Papaya Salad $5.00 sliced green papaya, string beans, tomatoes with lime juice. ginger dressing on the side.
Grilled Chicken Salad $6.00 with ginger dressing served on the side.
Crispy Duck Salad $6.00 roasted crispy duck on a bed of lettuce with ginger dressing on the side.
Seaweed Salad $5.00 seaweed marinated in sesame oil.
Hijiki Salad $5.00 cooked black seaweed marinated in sesame oil and a sweet sauce.
Kani Salad $6.00 immitation crab steak with cucumber and mayo.
Avocado Salad $8.00 ginger dressing on the side.

Sushi Or Sashimi A La Carte

Tuna $2.50 maguro.
Fatty Tuna $4.50 toro.
White Tuna $2.50 shiroi maguro.
Yellowtail $2.50 hamachi.
Salmon $2.50 sake.
Wild Salmon $3.50 yasei sake.
Smoked Salmon $2.50 kunsei sake.
Stripe Bass $2.50 suzuki.
Fluke $2.50 hirame.
Mackerel $2.50 saba.
Spanish Mackerel $2.50 sawara.
Eel $2.50 unagi.
Shrimp $2.50 ebi.
Sweet Shrimp $3.50 ama ebi.
King Crab $5.00 o-sama kani.
Egg Cake $2.00 tamago.
Tofu Skin $2.00 inari.
Sea Urchin $4.50 uni.
Salmon Roe $2.50 ikura.
Flying Fish Roe $2.50 tobiko.
Live Scallop $4.00 ikiru hotate.
Giant Clam $4.50 mirugai.
Surf Clam $2.50 hokigai.
Octopus $2.50 tako.
Squid $2.50 ika.
Kani $2.50

Roll Or Hand Roll

Tekka Roll $4.50 tuna roll.
Salmon Roll $4.50
Yellowtail Scallion Roll $4.50
California Roll $4.00 cucumber, kani, avocado.
Philadelphia Roll $5.00 smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber.
Boston Roll $5.00 cucumber, shrimp, avocado.
East Roll $5.00 shrimp, egg cake, cucumber, avocado with caviar on the outside.
Alaska Roll $5.00 salmon, avocado & cucumber.
Spicy Crunch White Tuna Roll $5.00
Spicy Tuna Roll $5.00
Spicy Crunch Salmon Roll $5.00
Eel Avocado Roll $5.00
Eel Cucumber Roll $5.00
Tuna With Cucumber Roll $5.00
Tuna With Avocado Roll $5.00
Salmon With Cucumber Roll $5.00
Salmon With Avocado Roll $5.00
Salmon Skin With Cucumber Roll $4.50
Shrimp Asparagus Roll $5.00
Spicy Crunch Kani With Cucumber Roll $5.00
White Tuna Avocado Caviar Roll $5.00
Spicy Rock Shrimp Roll $5.00
Grilled Chicken Roll $5.00
Grilled Beef Roll $5.00
Spider Roll $8.00 soft shell crab roll with lettuce and avocado with caviar on the outside.
Rainbow Roll $10.00 california roll with tuna, avocado, whitefish and salmon on top.
Dragon Roll $9.00 eel avocado roll with avocado on top.
Shrimp Tempura Roll $7.00
Chilean Sea Bass Tempura Roll $8.00
Spicy Snow Crab With Caviar Roll $6.50
Eel Crunch Banana Roll $6.00
Spicy Tuna Crunch Banana Roll $6.00
Edamame Tempura Roll $5.50
Mango Shrimp Roll $5.50
Naruto Roll $10.00 thinly sliced cucumber with avocado and crab meat.

Vegetarian Rolls

Peanut Avocado Roll $4.00
Oshinko Roll $3.00
Kampyo Roll $3.00
Ume Shiso Roll $3.00
Asparagus Roll $4.00
Spinach Roll $3.00
Yamagobo Roll $3.00
Avocado Roll $3.00
Cucumber Roll $3.00
Avocado And Cucumber Roll $4.00
Sweet Potato Tempura Roll $4.00
Banana Tempura Roll $4.00
Garden Roll $5.00 asparagus, spinach, avocado and cucumber.
Mushroom And Cucumber Roll $4.00
Vegetable Tempura Roll $5.00
Futo Maki Roll $5.00 pickled oshinko, squash, yamagobo, avocado, cucumber, kani and egg cake.
Natto Roll $4.00 tofu bean roll.
Zen Roll $5.00 seaweed and seasoning, with tofu skin and oshinko.

House Special Rolls

Dancing Queen Roll $8.00 avocado, cucumber, grapefruit, almond and wasabi mayonnaise.
Caterpillar Roll $12.00 spicy crunch salmon and cucumber wrapped with tuna and mango.
Volcano Roll $12.00 spicy crunchy yellowtail with avocado and yellowtail.
Valentine Roll $13.00 yellowtail, kani, tuna, salmon, avocado, scallion, spicy tobiko wrapped with miso seaweed.
Kamikaze Roll $13.00 lightly fried roll with spicy king crab, avocado, cucumber, caviar & scallion inside.
Black Dragon Roll $12.00 eel and banana tempura, on top of eel.
Dynamite Roll $12.00 tuna, jalapeno, scallion, cucumber, on top of chopped spicy crunch tuna.
Pink Lady Roll $13.00 salmon & full apple inside, on top: avocado salmon garnished with mint flavor.
White Dragon $11.00 white tuna crunch, scallion, avocado, topped with white tuna.
Christmas Roll $12.00 tuna, avocado wrapped around with caviar.
Sunrise Roll $13.00 spicy tuna & crunchy inside, yellowtail on top with serrano jalapeno.
Spicy Two In One Roll $13.00 shrimp tempura inside, with spicy tuna, spicy yellowtail on top.
Black Pepper Tuna Roll $13.00 spicy crunchy tuna & seared tuna on top.
Fantastic Roll $12.00 shrimp tempura inside, with spicy crunchy kani on top.
Wasabi Sting Roll $13.00 shrimp tempura, jalapeno & cream cheese inside, with kani on top, served with wasabi sauce.
Sweet Heart Roll $14.00 spicy kani, avocado and mango wrapped with sliced tuna, served with chef`s special sauce.
Perfect Match Roll $14.00 inside: eel, crunchy peanut. outside: topped with spicy tuna and mango sherbet, tobiko with chef`s special sauce.
Yellow Mellow Passion Roll $14.00 inside: yellowtail, crunchy apple. outside: topped with spicy king crab, tobiko and chef`s special sauce.
Mamamia Roll $14.00 inside: shrimp tempura avocado. outside: topped with spicy king crab, tobiko and chef`s special sauce.
Ocean 5 Roll $14.00 inside: spicy kami avocado. outside: tuna, salmon, yellowtail, eel with tobiko special sauce.
Indy Roll $14.00 inside: soft shell crab, avocado. outside: topped with spicy tuna, mango and chef`s special sauce.
Blue Sky Roll $14.00 inside: spicy tuna mango. outside: todpped with eel, salmon, shrimp tobiko and special sauce.
Lobster Tangle Roll $15.00 inside: crunchy lobster salad. outside: topped with tuna, salmon, shrimp, avocado spicy sauce.
Candy Roll $15.00 inside: king crab meat, mango. outside: topped with seared tuna, tobiko and sweet sauce.
Lovely Roll $14.00 inside: spicy rock shrimp, avocado, crunchy. outside: topped with kiwi, ikura and chef`s sauce.
Double Lobster Roll $15.00 inside: lobster tempura, cucumber. outside: topped with lobster salad, wasabi tobiko and chef`s sauce.

Noodles And Fried Rice

Vegetable Udon Noodles $10.00
Grilled Chicken Udon Noodles $10.00
Green Curry Fried Rice $11.00
Chicken Fried Rice $11.00
Chicken Yaki Udon Noodles $11.00
Pineapple Fried Rice $12.00
Mix Tempura Udon Noodles $12.00
Seafood Udon Noodles $13.00
Japanese Curry Noodle Soup $12.00 choice of chicken, salmon or shrimp.
Pad Thai $9.50 famous noodles stir-fry with eggs, bean sprouts, scallions and peanuts.
Shrimp Pad Thai $10.50 famous noodles stir-fry with eggs, bean sprouts, scallions and peanuts.
Pad See You $9.50 stir-fried rice noodles with chinese broccoli, eggs in thai-style sauce.
Gung Pao Woosen $11.00 served with shrimp, thai clear noodles, mushrooms, pepper, onion and oyster sauce.
Ramen Noodle Soup $10.00

Sushi Bar Entrees

Sushi Deluxe Entree $18.95 10 pieces sushi with one spicy tuna roll.
Sashimi Deluxe Entree $21.95 18 pieces of our chef`s special assortment.
Sushi & Sashimi Combo Entree $24.50 5 pieces sushi, 9 pieces sashimi and one dragon roll.
Chirashi Entree $19.95 assorted sashimi over seasoned sushi rice.
Salmon Sushi Dinner Entree $17.50 8 pieces salmon and one salmon avocado roll.
Vegetable Sushi Entree $14.95 8 pieces vegetable sushi and one avocado cucumber roll.
Sake Dan Entree $16.95 sliced salmon sashimi over sushi rice.
Maki Combo B Entree $14.95 a combination of california, spicy tuna and eel avocado.
Spicy Roll Combo Entree $15.50 a combination of spicy tuna, spicy salmon and spicy yellowtail.
Maki Combo A Entree $12.95 a combination of california, tuna and salmon roll.
Unagi Don Entree $16.95 bbq eel over sushi rice.
Sushi & Sashimi For Two Entree $49.95 8 pieces sushi, 18 pieces sashimi with one dragon roll and one rainbow roll.
Tri-Color Sushi Entree $18.95 2 pieces tuna, 3 pieces salmon, 3 pieces yellowtail with one rainbow roll.

Assorted Roll Dinner

Roll Combo $13.00 tuna, salmon, yellowtail rolls.
Spicy Roll Combo $14.00 spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy california rolls.
Special Roll Combo $16.00 shrimp tempura, eel avocado and spicy crunchy salmon rolls.

Kitchen Entrees

Chicken Teriyaki Entree $13.95
Beef Teriyaki Entree $15.95
Salmon Teriyaki Entree $15.50
Shrimp Teriyaki Entree $15.95
Tofu Teriyaki $11.95
Chicken Negimaki Entree $15.95
Beef Negimaki Entree $16.95
Tonkatsu Entree $13.95 breaded fried pork.
Miso Black Cod Entree $20.95 grilled black cod with yuzu miso sauce.
Spicy Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass Entree $20.95
Mixed Tempura Entree $12.95
Rock Shrimp Tempura Entree $16.95


Chicken Hibachi $14.95
Beef Hibachi $16.95
Shrimp Hibachi $16.95
Chicken & Beef Hibachi $18.50
Chicken & Shrimp Hibachi $18.50
Beef & Shrimp Hibachi $19.95

Bento Special $18.50

Teriyaki Dinner Special Bento choice of chicken, beef, salmon, tofu, vegetable, shrimp or white fish teriyaki.
Chilean Sea Bass Dinner Special Bento
Sushi Dinner Special Bento 4 pcs. choice of main course.
Sashimi Dinner Special Bento 4 pcs. choice of main course.

Thai Curries

Green Curry With Chicken $10.25 with basil, eggs, pepper, coconut milk.
Panang Curry $10.25 with coconut milk, basil and pepper.
Massaman Curry $10.25 with coconut milk, pamarinb juice, potatoes and peanuts.
Red Curry $12.50 spicy red curry with shrimp, scallops, calamari, string beans, pineapple and coconut milk.

Party Platters

Sushi Party A $24.95 chef`s choice. 40 pieces roll sushi platter.
Sushi Party B $45.95 chef`s choice. 80 pieces roll sushi platter.
Sushi Party C $59.95 chef`s choice. 120 pieces roll sushi platter.

Side Order

Side Order Of White Rice $1.50
Side Order Of Brown Rice $2.00
Side Order Of Spicy Mayo $1.00


Ice Cream $3.50 green tea, red bean, vanilla
Fried Ice Cream $5.00 green tea, red bean, vanilla
Mochi Ice Cream $3.00 green tea, red bean, vanilla
Fried Banana $4.00 honey glazed banana, sprinkled with dash of almond.


Canned Soda $1.50 coke, diet coke, ginger ale, sprite.
Spring Water $1.50 bottle.
Juice $2.50 apple, orange

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