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Cuisine: Desserts, Tapas, Alcohol.


Toasted Artisanal Bread Basket $3.00 French raisin, sourdough, olive rosemary and healthy wheat roll.
Tomato Cheddar Soup $7.00 White cheddar cheese, chicken stock based.
Hot Artichoke Hearts $8.00 Irish cheddar cheese.
Avocado Steak Fries $9.00 Served with sriracha sauce.
Ruben Pastrami Eggrolls $10.00 Swiss cheese, saurkraut.


Add grilled chicken $5.00, add grilled shrimp $5.00, add prosciutto di parma $5.00.
Raw Kale Salad $10.00 Green apple, walnuts, sweet dates, manchego cheese.
Chopped Mediterranean Salad $11.00 Mesclun, bell peppers, tomato, feta cheese, cucumber.
Goat Cheese Brulee $12.00 Mixed field greens, toasted walnuts, marinated beets.
Octopus Carpaccio $12.00 Fresh basil & beets.
Wild Salmon $13.00 Organic greens, tomato, cucumber, capers.

Easy to Share

Angry Chicken Lollipops $8.00 Spicy sesame hoisin sauce.
Cheese & Potato Rolled Tacos $9.00 Spicy tomato sauce, cilantro and red radish (2 pieces).
Crispy Or Steamed Baby Shrimp Dumplings $10.00 Garlic chili sauce, seaweed salad.
White Truffle Pizza $10.00 Garlic cream sauce, beef bresaola, white truffle oil.
Roasted French Brie Crostini $11.00 Organic honey, walnuts, cracked black pepper
Mediterranean Panini $11.00 Beef sausage, imported kasseri cheese, tomatoes, pickles & creamy tomato sauce.
Lamb Meatballs $11.00 Stuffed with feta cheese. Side of tzatziki sauce.
Short Beef Rib Sliders $12.00 Cheddar cheese.
Wild Mushroom Pita Tart $12.00 Mozzarella, kale, truffle oil, shaved parmigiano.


Vegan Pasta $15.00 Marinara sauce, basil, sun-dried tomatoes. Gluten free.
Oven Roasted Shrimp $16.00 Tomato sauce, white wine, lemon. Add kasseri cheese $2.00
Lemon Grilled Chicken $17.00 Asparagus, mushroom, lemon sauce.
Baked Atlantic Salmon Fillet $18.00 Fresh dill, roasted lemon, sauteed kale, white sauce.
Beef Shish Kebab $19.00 Authentic salsa, fresh tomatoes, traditional herbs and onion salad.
Chimichurri Lamb Chops $19.00 Pan seared lamb chops served with potato gratin.

Vegetarian Menu

Smoked Eggplant Puree $6.00 Roasted bell peppers, fresh parsley and toasted pita.
Hummus Dip $6.00 Fresh parsley, black olive, extra virgin olive oil and toasted pita bread.
Hot Artichoke Hearts $8.00 Irish cheddar cheese, ripe tomatoes and toasted pita bread.
Tomato Cheddar $7.00 Fresh parsley, white cheddar cheese and heavy cream.
Chopped Mediterranean Salad $11.00 Mesclun, bell peppers, tomato, feta cheese, cucumber, mint and parsley lemon vinaigrette.
White Truffle Pizza $10.00 Garlicky cream sauce and white truffle oil.
Goat Cheese Brulee $12.00 Mixed field greens, toasted walnuts, marinated beets and truffle walnut sherry vinaigrette.
Mozzarella Di Bufala $12.00 Ripe tomatoes and fresh basil.
Caserecce Pasta $15.00 Marinara sauce with basil. Gluten free.


Mixed Olives $6.00 – $20.00 Fresh herbs.
Spiced Beet Spread $6.00 – $20.00 Chazelnut, goat cheese
Smoked Eggplant $6.00 – $20.00 Peppers & parsley
Hummus Dip $6.00 – $20.00 Tomato, olive.
Tzatziki Yogurt $6.00 – $20.00 Cucumber & walnut

Cheese Fondue

Cheese Fondue $16.00 – $26.00 Pumpernickel bread, cucumber, cauliflower, gluten free bread, french cornichons, beef salami, carrot, apple, prosciutto.

Cheese & Salami

Served with fresh berries, guava paste caper berries and toasted bread. Choice of three $18.00, choice of five $25.00
Manchego Spanish, raw sheep’s milk, firm
Shropshire Blue British, pasteurized cow, soft.
French Brie French, pasteurized cow, soft.
Bucheron French, pasteurized goat, semi soft.
Tete De Moine Swiss, raw cow, shaved.
Raclette French, raw cow, semi soft.
Goat Cheese French, raw goat, creamy.
Gorgonzola Italian, pasteurized cow, soft
Aged Parmigiano Italian-raw cow-hard.
Duck Liver Pate French, mousse of duck liver.
Saucisson Sec French, hard pork salami.
Prosciutto Di Parma Italian, salt cured pork.
Bresaola Italian, dry salt cured beef
Sopressata Italian, sweet hard pork salami.

Chocolate by Jacques Torres

Each $2.00, choice of four $7.00, choice of six $10.00, choice of nine $15.00.
Grand Cru Dark chocolate complemented by fine red wine.
Got Milk Chocolate Milk chocolate ganache with a kiss of cogna
80% Dark Chocolate 80% Intense dark chocolate ganache with a high cocoa content.
Love Bug Key lime ganache covered in delicate white chocolate.
Menage A Trois
Hazelnut Fresh ground hazelnuts in milk chocolate.

Chocolate Fondue

Choice of four $12.00, choice of six $16.00.
Strawberry, Pineapple, Banana & Raspberry
Apple, Marshmallow, Pretzel & Shortbread
Macaroons, Rice Crispy & Brownie
Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate by Cioccolada

Organic, raw, dairy free, gluten free, soy free, kosher. Each $3.00, choice of 3 for $8.00, 5 for $13.00.
French Cognac Ohh La La Cognac reduction in caramel covered with luscious chocolate
Coconut Tropical Pleasure Chocolate Covered coconut cream and bits assemble a perfect tropical bite.
Almond Sea Salt Bits of raw almonds kissed by sea salt on top of silky chocolate.
Espresso Bean Whole espresso beans and flavorful chocolate.
Cacao Bean Raw Crunchy cacao beans inside smooth chocolate.


Chocolate Covered Strawberries $6.00
Hazelnut Truffle Affogato $8.00
Chocolate Pizza $9.00 With strawberry, banana & hazelnut.
Warm Chocolate Molten Cake $10.00 With vanilla ice cream.
Twenty-Layer Crepes Cake Brulee $12.00 Cream brulee style cake with 20 layers of crepe batter and organic whipped cream

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