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Az88 Appetizers Menu and Prices

Chicken Wings – Buffalo Wings $32.00 – $11.00
Gallettes $8.75 Stunningly simple flat breads from the country bistros of france; a crust perfectly crisped, extremely thin and brittle, topped with nueske’s bacon, sweet caramelized onions, black olives and a sprin
Water Chestnuts $9.75 Marinated and wrapped in wisconsin’s finest nueske’s bacon, served on cucumber and radish slices with a honey dip
Chicken Wings – Dragon Wings $32.00 – $11.00 Asian soy & ginger
Hell’s Fire Chips $8.75 Homemade chips, sprinkled withmelted bleu cheese and hot sauce
St. Petersburg Potatoes $10.75 House chips topped with scottish smoked salmon, sour cream, cream cheese, radish, onion and cucumber
Shrimp Cocktail $14.75 – $8.75 A plate of chilled jumbo shrimp, served with tangy cocktail sauce
Dipping Fries $7.75 Waffle fries with remoulade, spicy chili ketchup, and buffalo bleu cheese dips
Chicken Wings – Buck’n Wings $32.00 – $11.00 Tangy teriyaki
Shrimp Ceviche $11.25 Classic shrimp ceviche

Az88 Beverages – Tea Menu and Prices

Refresh Caffeine-Free Mint Tea $2.50
Awake Black Tea $2.50
Paradise Tropical $2.50
Ear1 Grey Scented Black Tea $2.50
Lotus Caffeine-Free Green Tea $2.50

Az88 Burgers Menu and Prices

Burgers are over a half pound of fresh ground sirloin grilled to order and are served with our waffle fries and fresh fruit and vegetables of the season, all burgers can be split into two baskets. $3.00
The Bigger Mac $12.00 1000 island dressing, american cheese, pickles, lettuce and onions on our toasted Italian roll
Burger Au Poivre II $15.00 Added crumbled bleu cheese and thick nueske’s bacon to the burger au poivre
Burger Las Brisas $13.00 Topped with melted monterey jack cheese, avocado, jalapeno peppers, lettuce, onions and a bit of salsa
The Cheeseburger $12.00 One or all of these four cheeses: american, swiss, cheddar, or colby, add nueske’s bacon $3.00
Burger Au Poivre $12.00 Covered with peppercorns and sauteed in a burgundy sauce with minced red onion
The Burger $10.50 choice of grilled, raw, or burnt onions, lettuce and tomato upon request

Az88 Beverages – Coffee Menu and Prices

Caffe Latte $3.25
Double Cappuccino $3.75
Cappuccino $3.25
Starbucks Hot Cocoa $3.50
Gaffe Mocha $3.50
Iced Cappuccino $3.75
Caffe Doppio $2.50
Caffe Espresso $2.00
Decaffeinated Verona $2.50
Regular Verona $2.50

Az88 Sandwiches Menu and Prices

All sandwiches are served with fries, and fresh fruits or vegetables of the season, all sandwiches can be split into two baskets and served with extra portions of all sides stated above. $3.00
7353 Club $11.25 A delectable triple decker sandwich of choice: 1) chicken & bacon 2) chicken & avocado 3) bacon & avocado comes with lettuce, tomato, green pepper, cucumber and hellmann’s mayonnaise, sliced hard-boi
The B.L.T $9.25 The BLT is generously prepared with nueske’s applewood smoked bacon, leaf lettuce and select tomatoes, topped with hellmann’s real mayonnaise, sliced hard-boiled egg can be added upon request
All American Grilled Cheese $10.75 A combination of american, cheddar, colby, and swiss cheese topped with thick nueske’s bacon and tomato slices. It’s truly the best grilled cheese
Portobello Mushroom $11.75 Grilled portobello mushroom and onions, fresh tomatoes, and crispy slices of Idaho potato on a toasted roll, add melted baby swiss $1.50
Picnic Chicken $11.75 Cold sliced chicken breast, sliced pears, pecan halves, gorgonzola cheese, mayonnaise, mustard and romaine lettuce on pumpernickel and white bread, served with fresh fruit
Oriental Grilled Tuna $16.75 Seared, rare ahi tuna, marinated in teriyaki sauce, seasoned with wasabi and ginger, topped with cucumbers, bell peppers, and sprouts, served on extra crisp toast with homemade chips

Az88 Plates Menu and Prices

Tuna Nicoise $18.75 Seared, rare ahi tuna, red potatoes, black olives, french green beans, snow peas, pea pods and hard boiled-egg
Asian Shrimp $18.75 Served with snow peas, pea pods, water chestnuts, green beans and toasted sesame seeds, served on a bed of egg noodles
Fruit Plate $9.75 Fresh fruits of the season, served with kopp’s butterscotch, add aged cheddar, havarti, colby $6.00
Bonfire Chicken $13.75 Savory grilled chicken, miniature red potatoes, and a refreshing crisp slaw
Grilled Vegetables $9.75 A generous assortment of fresh, grilled vegetables served with a tangy dip
S.S.S $14.75 Proud to serve scotland’s finest thinly sliced, smoked salmon, served open face with pumpernickel bread, red onion, cream cheese, cornlchons and capers

Az88 Beverages – Water Menu and Prices

Ty Nant, Sparkling Spring Water $3.50
Voss, Refreshing Norwegian Water $3.50
Evian, Spring Water $2.75

Az88 Desserts – Sundaes Menu and Prices

A generous portion of haagen dazs vanilla ice cream, choice of:
Strawberry $6.00 – $10.00 Fresh strawberries and whipped cream
Drumstick Sandae $6.00 – $10.00 Thick hot fudge, mammoth pecan halves and whipped cream
Trutle Sundae $6.00 – $10.00 It’s the drumstick sundae, plus real butterscotch

Az88 Salad Menu and Prices

Shrimp Salad $14.25 Grilled jumbo shrimp on a bed of spicy slaw with an orange citrus dressing
Chicken Salad $14.25 Topped with a whole grilled chicken breast and celery, both sauteed In buffalo sauce, served with bleu cheese dressing
Classic Caesar Salad $8.50 – $5.00 Romaine lettuce with fresh garlic, parmesan cheese, and croutons, add $4.25 for chicken, add $8.00 for jumbo shrimp, add $9.00 for seared ahi tuna
Spinach Salad $10.00 Fresh spinach, mushrooms, onions, hard-boiled egg, and warm nueske’s bacon and lemon dressing
Cobb Salad $14.00 Grilled, chilled chicken breast, tomato, nueske’s bacon, avocado, and hard-boiled egg. Served on a bed of leaf lettuce with choice of cheese and dressing
Four Seasons Salad $9.00 – $5.00 With the freshest of leaf lettuce, tomato, radish sprouts, avocado, black olives, mushrooms and bell peppers, served with choice of bleu cheese, ranch, balsamic vinaigrette, or fat-free raspberry vin

Az88 Beverages – Juice Menu and Prices

Cranberry $2.75
Grapefruit (Fresh Squeezed) $3.00
Lemonade $2.75
Tomato $2.75
Pineapple $2.75
Orange (Fresh Squeezed) $3.00

Az88 Desserts Menu and Prices

Key Lime Tart $7.50 Very tart, with plenty of real key lime juice, baked fresh
Strawberry Shortcake $9.00 Freshly baked on site, smothered with fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and haagen dazs vanilla ice cream
Black Out Torte $8.50 For serious chocolate lovers; dense, moist chocolate cake is paired with dark chocolate mousse, served with whipped cream and a streak of strawberry
Turtle Cheesecake $10.00 With real butterscotch, mammoth pecans and thick, hot fudge
CheeseCake $7.50 From the carnegie deli in new york, the finest available
Golden Gate Cake $8.50 Butter rum cake topped with haagen dazs vanilla ice cream, real butterscotch and whipped cream.
Cheesecake with strawberries $10.00

Az88 Beverages – Soda Menu and Prices

Red Bull, regular or sugar-free $5.00
Coca-Cola and Diet Coke, Sprite and Ginger Ale $2.50
Mexican Coke Small or Large $3.00

Az88 Chicken Sandwiches Menu and Prices

All sandwiches are made wi1h over a half pound of fresh, boneless, skinless, grilled chicken breast, served on a toasted Italian roll, with fries and fresh fruits & vegetables of the season, all sandwiches can be spirt into two baskets and served with
China Lil’s Chicken $12.50 Quickly grilled in teriyaki sauce, topped with sauteed fresh mushrooms, broccoli, bell peppers and asian sauce
Chicken Calabrese $12.50 Topped with a spicy mixture of mushrooms, bell peppers, red pepper flakes and onions, all sauteed in butter, add melted havarti $1.50
Truck Garden $12.50 Marinated in fresh lemon juice and crusted with peppercorn, topped with mayonnaise and sliced cucumbers and radishes, add fresh avocado $1.50
Elsa’s Chicken $12.50 Grilled in dragon sauce, dressed with grilled mammoth pecans, bell peppers and a tasty honey or mustard sauce
Hot Pepper Chicken $12.50 Marinated in lime juice, topped with grilled jalapeno peppers and honey
The Chicken $11.25 Simply grilled in butter, lettuce and tomato upon request, add melted tillamook cheddar $1.50
Chicken $12.50 Grilled in Buffalo sauce, and topped with sauteed celery and bleu cheese dressing

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