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Cuisine: Mediterranean.


Kashkeh Badenjan $6.95 Cooked eggplant with onions in a tangy tomato sauce topped with yogurt
Spinach Pie $6.95 Phyllo dough stuffed with spinach and feta cheese lightly pan fried
Falafel $6.95 Crushed chick peas seasoned with herbs lightly pan fried
Dolmeh $6.95 Flavored rice and herbs wrapped in grape leaves with lemon
Sambuse $6.95 Crispy dumpling with stuffed vegetables and chickpeas lightly pan fried
Buranee Badenjan $6.95 Sliced cooked eggplant topped with tomato sauce and aged yogurt
Sigara Borek $6.95 Pan-fried Phillo rolls stuffed with feta cheese and herbs
Hummus $6.95 Blended chickpeas and seasoning
Babagonosh $6.95 Oven roasted eggplant blended with olive oil and touch of garlic
Azerbaijan Combo $15.95 Choice of any three appetizers
Turshi $6.95 Homemade traditional persian pickeled vegetables
Maust O Mooseer $6.95 Homemade yogurt with shallots
Maust O Keyar $6.95 Homemade yogurt and chopped cucumber flavored with dry mint
Pickles and Olives $6.95 Black and green olives with baby cucumber
Panir $6.95 Feta Cheese with olive oil and wallnuts


Any Salad For 2 add $1.50
Azerbaijan Salad $6.95 Fresh mixed lettuce cherry tomato, cucumber, red onion and olives served with special house dressing
Tabuli Salad $6.95 Cracked wheat, chopped tomato and red onion, fresh herbs with lemon juice
Greek Salad $6.95 Fresh mixed lettuce cherry tomato, cucumber, red onion, dolme and olives topped with fetta cheese served with special house dressing
Salad Shirazi $6.95 Diced cucumber, red onion, tomato, parsley in a lighthouse dressing


Soup of the Day $5.95


White Fish $17.95 Grilled filet of white fish marinated with lemon juice, olive oil, toped with garlic sauce
Brook Trout $18.95 Char broiled whole Butterfly trout topped with lemon-garlic sauce.
Salmon Steak or Shish Kebab $16.95 Marinated with fresh lemon juice and Zaffran, grilled and topped with garlic lemon sauce.
Shrimp Kebab $18.95 Grilled Jumbo Shrimp lightly marinated in house seasoning topped with lemon-garlic sauce
Whole Striped Bass $22.95 Grilled whole Striped Bass with lemon-garlic sauce
Kebab Barg $15.95 Grilled Juicy pieces of tenderloin marinated in house special recipe
Jujeh Kebab $14.95 Delicious pieces of cornish hen marinated with lemon and Zaffron
Kobideh Kebab $14.95 Two skewers of grilled seasoned ground meat with house special spices
Sultani Kebab $19.95 Combination of Barg (#15) and 1 piece of Kobiden (#2)
Lamb Shish Kebab $14.95 Cubes of leg of lamb marinated in house special spices
Boneless Chicken Kebab $14.95 Cubes of chicken breast marinated with lemon and zaffran grilled on open fire

Vegetarian Dishes

All entrees served with brown or white rice and grilled onion & tomato. Add $ 2.75 to sub the rice for grilled veggi, cherry, green, cranberry rice or salad.
Vegetable Moussaka (Vegan) $14.95 Baked eggplant, potatoes, zucchini and green pepper, mushrooms, Onions, tomato and carrot in home made tomato sauce
Vegetable Kebab $14.95 Grilled eggplant, mushrooms, peppers, onions, zucchini, and tomato
Falafel Platter $14.95 Herbs seasoned chick peas balls served with hummus


Lamb Stew with Eggplant $13.95 Cubes of boneless lamb with eggplant in tomato sauce
Gormeh Sabzi (Beef Stew) $14.95 Cubes of boneless beef with green vegetables and red kidney beens
Fesenjan (Chicken Stew) $14.95 Pieces of chicken brest with wallnuts cooked in pomegranat paste
Lamb Shank $16.95

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