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Cuisine: Asian (other).


Dumplings chicken, pork, vegetable
Skewers pork or chicken, sweet and sour, meatballs*, crispy chives
Summer Rolls (Unfried Spring Rolls) chicken, shrimp, tofu*
Fried Rolls vegetable, shrimp, philly steak
Crispy Chicken Tenders


In Chicken Broth.
Hot And Sour chicken
Wonton pork
Chicken Dumpling


Asian Slaw
Spicy Cucumber *
Green Papaya *
Thai Style Mango (gf).


Stir Fried baby bok choy, garlic stringbean, mixed vegetables
Pan Fried tempura eggplant


Tofu pad thai, ginger*, general tso, sesame
Chicken pad thai, ginger*,general tso*, sesame, lemongrass grilled chicken breast
Seafood salmon, tilapia


Pad Thai
Vegetable Lo Mein
Vegetable Glass
Spicy Glass *


Steamed brown, white
Seasoned Brown Rice
Vegetable & Curry Fried


* Spicy, (GF) Gluten Free.
Thai Style Chicken Satay (gf).
Yum or Grilled Beef Salad (* gf).
Thai Style Curry (* gf).
Crispy Duck In Thai Curry *
Tom Yum * thai style lemongrass soup
Bun (gf). vietnamese vermicelli noodle salad
Thai Iced Tea
Vietnamese Iced Coffee

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