Azucar Restaurant & Bakery

Up to date Azucar Restaurant & Bakery prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Bakery, Bakery & Pastries.


Cafe Espresso $0.50
Colada $1.00
Cafe Con Leche Coffee with Milk $1.00 – $2.00
American Coffee $1.00
Toast with Butter $1.25 toastada
Natural Fresh Squeeze Orange Juice $2.00

Pastries and More

Guava $0.75
Beef $0.75
Guava Cheese $0.75
Coconut $0.75
Ham and Suasage $0.85
Potatoes Ball $1.25 papa rellena
Yuca Rellena $1.25
Beef Empanada $1.25
Chicken Empanada $1.25
Ham Croquette $0.50
Chicken Croquette $0.75
Corn Tamal in Hosk $1.25
Plain Croissant $1.25
Croissant with Ham and Cheese $2.00


Azucar Special $5.95
Cuban Sandwich $4.95
Palomilla Steak $5.95
Grilled Chicken $4.95
Lechon Pork $4.95
Medianoche $4.95
Croqueta Preparada $4.95
Azucar Special Sandwiche $5.50 sirloin steak seasonaed and grilled with ham, Swiss cheese, tomatoes, and onions on cuban bread
Palomilla Steak Sandwich $5.95 sirloin steak grilled and seasoned with onions, tomatoes, lettuce and potatoes, stick, keptchup and mayonaises
Media Noche $4.50 ham, pork, Swiss cheese, grilled with pickles and mustard on sweet bread
Lechon Pork Sandwich $4.95 tender pieces of marinated pork grilled with onions and our mojo sauce on cuban bread
Classic Cuban Sandwiche $4.95 ham, pork, Swiss cheese grilled to perfection with pickles and mustard on cuban bread
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $4.95 breast of chicken grilled and seasoned with onions, tomatoes, lettuce and mayonaise on cuban bread
Tuna Salad $4.95 delightful tuna spread with tomatoes, lettuce and mayonaise on cuban bread
Croqueta Preparada $4.95 ham croquettes fried with Swiss cheese, ham, pickles, mayonaise and mustard on cuban bread

Shakes (Batidos)

Mango $2.00
Papaya $2.00
Mamey $2.00
Guanabana $2.00
Platano $2.00
trigio $2.00
Malta $2.00
Banana $2.00

Breads (Panes)

Cuband Bread
French Bread
Butter Bread
Garlic Bread
Cheese Bread
Raisin Bread
Bread Sticks


Coke $1.00
Pepsi $1.00
Materva $1.00
Jupina $1.00
Ironbeer $1.00
Maltas $1.00
Jugos $1.00


Azucar Special Breakfast $5.99 eggs fried or scambled with ham or bacon, torrejas and coffee with milk
Tortilla Espanola $4.95 Spanish omlette, buttered cuban toast and coffee with milk
Cuban Sunrise $2.95 buttered cuban toast and coffee with milk
Azucar Sampler $5.95 ham croquettes, mini potatoes, balls, pork chunks, and beef empanadas
Croquette Delight $4.95 ham croquettes with Swiss cheese, sliced ham, sliced pork, and saltine crackers
Yuquita Rellena Al Plato $3.50 one stuffed cassava wtih a cuban toast and coffee with milk
Tostada Cubana $1.25 buttered cuban toast
Jugo De Naranja $2.50 fresh squeeze orange juice
Maltas $1.25
Desayuno Habanero $4.50 egg fried or scrambled with two croquettes, buttered cuban toast and coffee with milk
Bistec a Caballo $5.99 beef steak with 2 fried eggs cuban toast and coffee with milk
Two Puff Pastries $3.50 tow croquettes, buttered cuban toast and coffee with milk
Tamales Preparados $4.95 corn meal tamale seasoned and wrapped in a corn husk with pork, ham, Swiss cheeses, onions and dill pickles
Buenos Dias $3.50 two pastry any flavor and coffee with milk
Papas and the Mamas $3.50 one potatoes ball, cuban toast and coffee with milk
Cafe Con Leche $1.50 cuban coffee with milk
Batidos De Frutas $2.00 fruit shakes
Sodas $1.25

Beverages – Jugos Naturales

Natural Pure Orange Juice $2.00
Pure Sugar Cane Juice $2.00

Beverages – Batidos

natural fruit milk shakes
Mamey $2.50
Mangoes $2.50
Papaya $2.50
Guanabana $2.50
Banana $2.50

Beverages – Sodas

Can Sodas $1.00
Bottle Soda $1.25

Beverages – Cafe

Expresso $1.00
Cafe Con Leche $1.50
American Coffee $1.00
Asorted Tea $1.00

Christmas Dinner

Especial Para Cena De Noche Buena $99.00
2 Baked Pork Picnic $99.00 paleta puerco
12 Lb Yellow Rice with Vegetables $99.00
Black Bean Rice Congri $99.00
8 Lb Cassava Yuca or Fried Riped Plantains $99.00 platanos frito
2 Lb Cuba Bread $99.00

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