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Cuisine: Caribbean.


Chicharron De Pollo $6.00 deep fried garlic marinated chicken morsels on the bone
Mejillones Salteados $9.00 shelled mussels in a garlic saffron white wine sauce
Yuca Frita Cubana $5.00 golden cassava fries served with our famous culantro dip
Chorizo Al Jerez $8.00 spanish sausage that is pan roasted with onions and peppers in jerez brandy
Tipicos Antojos Cubanos Para Dos $25.00 our famous 3 plate tower of typical cuban tidbits for two
Croquetas De Jamon $6.00 crispy ham croquettes
Mariquitas De Platanos Verde $6.00 crispy green plantain chips served with a cool culantro & mojo dip
Empanadas De Carne $6.00 seasoned ground beef filled empanadas
Gambas Catalan Al Ajillo $10.00 shirmp cooked in a garlic infused virgin olive oil and dried red chilli. A spanish classic
Tamal En Hoja $5.00 corn tamal cooked with bits of pork
Chorizo La Union $7.00 spanish sausage roasted in white wine with onions & peppers
Croquetas De Espinaca $6.00 spinach & pine nuts croquettes


served only at lunchtime
Sandwich ;EL Cubano Grande $8.00 my favorite presses sandwich of roast pork, sweet ham, Swiss cheese, mayo & thinly sliced pickles
Pan Con Lechon Azucar $7.00 toasted creole pork sandwich
Jamon Y Queso $5.00 toasted cuban bread filled with virgina ham and Swiss cheese
Pan Con Bistec $9.00 cuban style steak sandwich
Ivette’s Sandwich De Pollo Al Grill $10.00 grilled pieces of marinated boneless chicken layered between lettuce, tomatoes pan fried onions and lime potato sticks


served with, white rice, moro, salad, French fries or yuca
Camarones A La Plancha $23.00 grilled shirmp seasoned with lime, fresh herbs and black pepper
Ropa Vieja $17.00 savory stew of tomatoes, peppers, onions and shredded flank steak
Gambas Al Ajillo $20.00 a true spanish favorite made with jumbo shrimp, wine and alot of garlic and spices
Encendido $21.00 strips of sirloin cooked in a hot peppery red wine reduction
Lylia’s Bistec De Palomilla $19.00 pan seared sirloin that is pounded thin and served with sauteed butter onions
Bistec Empanizado Campestre $22.00 our famous pounded and breaded deep fried marinated sirloin steak we call ;El grand;
Enchilado De Cangrejo $28.00 delicious spicy jumbo crab meat cooked in our creole sauce


Ensalada Azucar $9.00 baby greens, bell peppers, garbanzos, red onions & olives in our own vinaigrette
Guacamole Cubano $10.00 spicy cuban guacamole with mariquitas
Ensalada De Pollo A La Parilla $10.00 strips of marinated grilled chicken, red onions and red peppers tossed in our honey mustard served over fresh baby greens
La Mixta $6.00 traditional house salad


Frijoles Negros Tropical $5.00 my mom’s ultimate black bean soup
Platanos Maduros $4.00 fried sweet plantains
Arroz Cubano A La Antigua $2.00 old fashion cuban white rice
Moros Y Christianos $4.00 black beans cooked with white rice
Tostones Con Mojo Criollo $5.00 twice fried green macho plantains with garlic dipping sauce
Vegetales Casanova $7.00 seasonal vegetables sauteed in butter and garlic
Yuca Con Mojo $4.00 boiled cassava with our famous citrus and garlic infused sauce


Arroz Con Leche $4.00 traditional home made rice pudding
Pudin Diplomatico Con Brandy $6.00 old fashioned cuban bread pudding made with fruit and VSOP brandy
Casquitos De Guayaba $4.00 glazed guava shells in a light syrup
Flan De Coco Y Ron $5.00 bacardi coconut rum flan
Flan De Leche Clasico $4.00 our classic egg caramel flan
Panetela Borracha De Ron Y Pina $10.00 rum saturated cake with sweet pineapple w/marmalade
Helados De Frutas Tropicales $6.00 tropical fruit sorbets in their own fruit shells
Natilla Azucar $7.00 creamy spanish custard topped with scorched sugar muy serious!

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