Up to date Azuma prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Azuma is available in 4 states.

Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi, Thai.


(from our kitchen)
Edamame $3.95 steamed salted soy bean
Shumai or Age Shumai $4.25 shrimp and vegetables steamed or fried dumplings
Gyoza $4.50 pan fried pork or vegetable dumplings
Tempura $6.25 deep fried shrimp or chicken and vegetable
Yaki Tori $5.50 broiled skewered chicken marinated in teriyaki sauce
Kushi Yaki $5.95 shrimp, chicken, scallop and peppers on a skewer marinated in teriyaki sauce
Ebi Yuba Maki $3.95 deep fried shrimp spring roll
Chicken Negimaki or Beef Negimaki $6.50 thinly sliced beef or chicken rolled around scallions in teriyaki sauce
Chicken Maki $5.95 deep fried thinly sliced chicken breast wrapped with scallion, carrots and cheese
Cheese Wonton $3.95 (deep fried)
Honey Shrimp $5.95 deep fried jumbo shrimp served in honey sauce
Cold Sesame Noodles $4.95
Ika Maru Yaki $7.50 broiled squid in special sauce
Chilean Seabass $7.95
Ika Karaage $6.95 deep fried squid
Age Tofu $4.50
Deep-Fried Oyster $7.50
Holly Shrimp $6.25 jumbo shrimp with butter garlic sauce
Hamachi Kama $7.95 broiled yellowtail jaw neck
Wasabi Shumai $5.50
Szechuan Dumpling $5.00


(from our sushi bar)
Sushi $5.95 4 pieces sushi
Sashimi $7.95 9 pieces of assorted fish
Sunomono $4.50 – $6.50 served with special sauce
Usuzukri $8.95 thinly sliced fluke served with special ponzu sauce
Spicy Crunch Tuna Avocado Bowl $8.95
Yellowtail Jalapeno $9.95
Tsukemono $5.50 Japanese pickles


Clear Soup $1.50
Miso Soup $1.75 soy bean paste soup
House Seafood Soup $3.95 shrimp, scallop, crabstick, fish cake and vegetables
Thai Tom Yom Soup $3.95
Thai Curry Seafood Soup $3.95
Tofu Soup $3.50


Green Salad $2.50
Seaweed Salad $4.25
Avocado Cucumber Salad $4.50
Kani Salad $4.95
Salmon Skin Salad $4.95
Tuna or Salmon Avocado Salad $8.95
King Crab Salad $8.50
Sashimi Salad $8.95
Grilled Chicken Salad $5.95
Lobster Salad $5.95
Ika Sunshine Salad $5.50 mixed veg. and slice squid marine in special sauce

Sushi or Sashimi – A la Carte

Maguro – Tuna $2.00
Hamachi – Yellowtail $2.25
Sake – Salmon $2.00
Hirame – Fluke $1.75
Sawara – Spanish Mackerel $1.75
Saba – Mackerel $1.75
Tobiko – Flying Fish Roe $2.50 wasabi or red or black or yellow
Masago – Orange Fish Roe $2.00
Black Pepper Tuna $2.50
Hamachi Toro – Yellow Tail Belly $2.50
Jumbo Amaebi – Sweet Shrimp $3.50
White Tuna $2.50
Striped Bass $1.75
Ikura – Salmon Caviar $2.50
California Uni – Sea Urchin $4.00
Toro – Tuna Belly $4.00
Ika – Squid $2.00
Salmon Toro $2.50
Live Scallop
Mirugai – Giant Clam (extra $0.50 with quail egg)
Cajun Tuna or Cajun Salmon $2.50

Cooked Sushi or Sashimi – A la Carte

Ebi – Cooked Shrimp $2.00
Tako – Cooked Octopus $2.00
Smoked Salmon $2.50
Kani – Crabmeat $1.50
Unagi – Toast Eel $2.50
Tamago – Sweet Omelet $1.50
King Crab Leg
Hokkigai – Surf Clam $1.75
Anago – Sea Eel $3.50

Sushi Bar Entrees

served with miso soup and salad
Sushi Dinner $14.95 8pcs sushi with tuna roll or California roll
Cooked Sushi Dinner $15.95 2pcs, eel, 2pcs, kani, 2pcs, egg, 2pcs, shrimp, and 1 California roll
Azuma special $21.95 10pcs sushi, 1 rainbow roll
Sushi $39.95 20pcs sushi and 1 spicy crunchy yellowtail roll and a dragon roll
Sashimi Dinner $18.95 20pcs assorted fish
Tri Color Sushi or Sashimi $17.95 only tuna, salmon, yellow tail, 8pcs sushi, 15pcs sashimi
Chirashi Dinner $16.95 variety of fresh fishes over sushi rice
Tuna or Salmon or Yellowtail Don or Combination $18.95
Maki Combo Dinner $14.95 choice any three regular roll from r1-r29
California Dinner (3 California Roll) $12.50
Special Maki Combo $20.95 choice any 2 special rolls. From sr1-sr23
Hand Roll Dinner $16.95 tuna, salmon, yellowtail, eel and California
Sushi Sashimi Combination $19.95 12pcs sashimi, 5pcs sushi and 1 spicy tuna roll
Sushi and Sashimi $45.00 18pcs sashimi, 5pcs sushi and 1 spicy tuna roll
Lover Boat $55.00 24pcs sashimi, 12pcs sushi and 2 Chef choice roll (or open price0


(from our kitchen), served with miso soup, salad and rice (except noodle)
Teriyaki $12.95 – $18.95 shrimp scallops and lobster tail
Teriyaki. $14.95 – $10.95
Tempura $14.95 – $14.95 deep fried in batter. Lobster tail, shrimp, scallop, king crab and vegetable
Katsu $12.95 – $13.95 deep fried in breaded
Grilled Chilean Seabass $17.95 marinated in miso paste
Unaju $14.95 broiled eel over bed rice
Four Season $15.95 jumbo shrimp, beef, chicken, pork with Chinese vegetable
Ginger Duck $16.95 young ginger, balsamic, vinaigrette, caramelized, red onion, shiitake
Pad Thai – Thai Rice Fettucine $10.95 choice of chicken, beef, shrimp, or vegetable
Chew Fun – Flat Chinese Rice Noodle $9.95 choice of chicken, beef, shrimp, or vegetable
Yaki Udon or Soba $10.95 stir fried Japanese noodles. Choice of chicken, beef, shrimp or vegetable
Nabe Yaki Udon or Soba $11.95 noodle soup: choice of chicken, beef, shrimp or veg. in broth
Grilled Lemongrass Shrimp $16.95 marinated jumbo prawns sauteed with Asian green in spicy belacan sauce
Thai Curry Sauce $11.95 – $14.95 (famous Thai coconut curry)
Mild Mango Sauce $11.95 – $14.95 delicate balance of tropical fruit in a special brown sauce
Wok Glazed Ginger Sauce $11.95 – $14.95 Japanese sushi ginger and soy sauce canaoction
Szechuan Peppercorn $11.95 – $14.95 spicy hot chili pepper and szechuan peppercorn
Sambal Sauce $11.95 – $14.95 grind shrimp and spices in a spicy sauce

Roll or Hand Roll

Cucumber Roll $3.00
Avocado Roll $3.25
Asparagus Roll $3.25
Tuna Roll $4.25
Salmon Roll $3.95
Yellow Tail Roll $4.50
California Roll $3.95 crabmeat, avocado, cucumber
Boston Roll $4.75 shrimp, cucumber, lettuce, mayonnaise
Cucumber Avocado Roll $3.50
Alaskan Roll $4.50 fresh salmon, cucumber and avocado
Tuna Avocado $4.95
Oshinko $3.00 Japanese pickle
Eel Cucumber or Avocado Roll $4.95
Salmon Skin Cucumber Roll $4.50
Shrimp Cucumber or Avocado Roll $4.50
Vegetable Roll $4.95
East Roll $4.95 shrimp, cucumber, avocado, egg and caviar outside
Christmas Roll $5.25 tuna, salmon, avocado and green seaweed flakes, caviar outside
Sweet Potato Roll $4.50 deep fried sweet potato
Philadelphia Roll $4.50 choice of: (with cucumber and bream cheese), a. salmon, b. eel, c. shrimp, d. crabstick
Rock N’ Roll $4.95 choice of: (with cucumber), a) broiled spicy salmon, b) broiled spicy tuna, c) broiled spicy yellow tail, d) broiled white fish
Spicy Crunchy Roll $5.25 choice of: (with tempura crunchy flakes and caviar), a) spicy tuna, b) spicy salmon, c) spicy yellowtail
Tempura Roll $5.25 choice of: deep fried, a) shrimp, b) salmon, c) chicken, d) eel, e) crabmeat, f) white fish, (with cucumber, lettuce mayonnaise and caviar outside)
Green Unagi Roll $5.50 smoked eel cucumber, avocado and green seaweed flakes caviar outside
Cajun Tuna or Cajun Salmon Roll $4.95
Black Pepper Tuna Roll $4.95 seared pepper tuna avocado inside and scallions outside
Deep Fried Oyster Roll $4.95
New York $4.50 salmon, avocado, flying fish roe and mayonnaise
Tokyo Roll $5.50 mixed crunchy crabmeat, shrimp and mayonnaise
Futo Maki $5.50 – $11.00
Teri Roll (No Rice) $6.95 spicy crab stick, sushi ginger, asparagus wrap with seaweed deep fried

Special Roll

ask for more Chef’s special roll
Danny Roll $10.95
Clark Roll $10.95
Crazy Tuna Roll $12.95
Dynamite Roll $8.95
Rainbow Roll $8.95
American Dream Roll $7.95
Fancy Roll $10.95
Colorful Roll $9.95
Dragon $8.95 choice of (eel, cucumber, spicy crunchy tuna, spicy crunchy salmon) inside avocado outside
Naruto $10.95 – $10.95 no rice wrapped with cucumber
Naruto. $9.95 – $9.95 no rice wrapped with cucumber
Lobster Tempura Roll $8.95
Lover Roll $10.95
Greenlawn Roll $9.95
Dancing Roll $9.95 (shrimp tempura, cucumber inside)
Dancing Roll-Out side Choice $11.95 – $11.95
Fantastic $11.95
Fabulous Roll $11.95
Dinosaur Roll $13.95
Volcano Roll $10.95
Catapilla Roll $9.95
Spider Roll (Giant Roll 5pc) $6.95
Vegetarian Roll (Giant Roll 8 pc) $7.95
Alaska King Crab Roll $9.95
Salmon Dream Roll $10.95

Special Dishes

Cajun Tuna or Cajun Salmon Carpaccio $8.95 seared cajun tuna or cajun salmon and served seaweed salad in special wasabi sauce
Black Pepper Tuna Tataki $8.95 seared pepper tuna and cucumber in ponzu sauce
Beef Sashimi $7.95 seared thinly sliced beef served in special sauce
Soft Shell Crab $8.95 sauteed with ginger or black bean sauce
Spicy Calamari $7.50 sauteed spicy squid with mixed vegetable in garlic butter sauce
Tartar $7.95 – $8.95 (chopped fish with scallion and tobiko in ponzu sauce)
Sauteed Garlic Oyster $7.95 sauteed pad fried with garlic and butter sauce, served in half shell
Tuna Tataki $8.95

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