B B Q King House

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Cuisine: Chinese.

Noodle In Soup

Wonton Noodle $3.75
Shrimp And Pork Dumpling Noodle $3.75
Roast Duck And Wonton Noodle $5.50
B.B.Q Pork And Wonton Noodle $5.50
Beef Stew Noodle $4.50
Assorted Noodle $4.50
Noodles With Pork Hocks $4.50
Vegetable With Fish Fillet Noodle $6.00
Vegetable With Beef Noodle $5.00
Any Two Of The Above Noodle $5.50
Any B.B.Q Meat Noodle $5.50
Any Two Of The B.B.Q Meat Noodle $6.00
Fish Ball Noodle $5.00
Beef Ball Noodle $5.00
Fish Balland Beef Ball Noodle $5.00
Wonton Soup $3.75
Shrimp And Pork Dumpling Soup $3.75
Fried Rice Vermicelli With Shredded Duck And Preserved Mustard Green $5.00
Fried Rice Vermicelli With Shredded Pork And Preserved Mustard Green $5.00
Fried Rice Vermicelli With Shredded Pork And Chinese Pickles $5.00
Steamed Noodle $5.50

Lo Mein Noodle In

Vegetable Lo Mein $3.75
Ginger And Green Onion With Oyster Sauce Lo Mein $3.75
Wonton Lo Mein $4.50
Shrimp And Pork Dumpling Lo Mein $4.50
Beef Stew Noodle $5.00
Assorted Beef Lo Mein $5.00
Pork Hicks Lo Mein $5.00
Beef With Ginger And Green Onion Lo Mein $5.50
Any B.B.Q Meat Lo Mein $6.00
Any Two Of B.B.Q Meat Lo Mein $6.50


Princess Chicken Congee $4.00
Assorted Meat Congee $4.00
Sliced Beef Congee $4.00
Lai Wan Style Congee $4.00
Shredded Pork And Preserved Egg Congee $4.00
Sliced Fish Fillet Congee $4.50
Roast Duck And Preserved Egg Congee $4.00
Chicken And Dried Mushroom Congee $4.00
Sliced Chicken And Ablone Congee $4.95
Seafood Congee $4.95
Plain Congee $1.50
Fried Sticks $1.00


Egg Roll (2) $2.80
B.B.Q Pork $6.20
B.B.Q Ribs $7.50
B.B.Q Chicken Wing $5.00

Chop Suey Or Chow Mein

served with rice or crispy noodles
Pork $8.95
B.B.Q Pork $8.95
Beef $8.95
Chicken $8.95
Shrimp $10.95


Shrimp With Chinese Broccoli Oyster Sauce $12.95
Shrimp With Black Bean And Garlic Sauce $12.95
Shrimp Kow $12.95
Szechwan Shrimp Kow $12.95

Beef Dishes

Ginger And Green Onion Beef $9.95
Beef And Straw Mushrooms $9.95
Beef With Oyster Sauce $9.95
Beef With Peapods $9.95
Beef With Curry Sauce (Hot) $9.95
Cashew Beef $9.95

Poultry Dishes

Kung Po Chicken $8.95
Cashew Chicken $8.95
Chicken With Straw Mushrooms $8.95
Chicken With Chinese Broccoli $8.95
Chicken With Green Peppers $8.95
Curry Chicken (Hot) $8.95
Chicken With Black Bean Sauce $8.95

Barbecue And Appetizers

B.B.Q Duck $14.00 – $6.00
Soya Chicken $14.00 – $6.00
Princess Chicken $14.00 – $6.00
House Special Pi-Paduck $14.00 – $8.00
Wine Chicken $14.00 – $8.00
Special Crispy Chicken $14.00 – $8.00
Crispy B.B.Q Baby Pig Combination Platter $13.00 – $30.00
Any B.B.Q Combine Platter $11.00 – $25.00
Crispy B.B.Q Baby Pig $11.00
B.B.Q Pork $6.00
B.B.Q Spareribs $7.50
Roast Pork $6.00
B.B.Q Chicken Liver $6.00
Assorted Soya Pork Meat $5.00
Any Two Of The Above $11.00
Crispy B.B.Q Baby Pig Platter $12.00
Three Choices B.B.Q Combination Platter $11.00
Two Choice B.B.Q Combination Leg $11.00 (chicken or duck)
Crispy B.B.Q Baby Pig With Any Two B.B.Q Combination $13.00
Any King Of Leg Choices $7.00
Soya Duck $14.00 – $6.00


Shredded Duck & Shots Soup $6.50
Seafood & Tofu Soup $6.50
West Lake Beef Soup $6.50
Sliced Fish Wit Vegetable Soup $6.50
Hot & Sour Soup $6.50
Egg Drop Soup $5.00
Vegetable Soup $5.00
Seafood W. Fish Maw Soup $6.50
Sweet Corn W. Chicken Meat Soup $6.50
Water Cress W/ Pork Shredded Soup $6.50
Winter Melon W/ Pork Shredded Soup $6.50
Spareribs And Clams W/ Tofu Soup $7.95


Stir-Fried Chinese Yao Choy $7.95
Chinese Broccoli $7.95
Shanghai Bok Choi $7.95
Tong Choi $9.95
Peapods Leaf $12.95
Max Vegetable $7.95
Weater Cress $7.95

Barbecue On Rice

B.B.Q Pork On Rice $4.50
Soya Chicken On Rice $4.50
Crispy B.B.Q Baby Pig On Rice $6.50
Chinese Pork Ham On Rice $4.50
B.B.Q Duck On Rice $4.50
Princess Chicken On Rice $4.50
B.B.Q Ribs On Rice $5.00
Roast Pork On Rice $4.50
B.B.Q Chicken Liver On Rice $4.50
Assorted Soya Pork Meat On Rice $4.00
Any Two On The Above On Rice $5.50
Crispy B.B.Q Baby Pig On Rice $7.00
Any Leg On Rice $5.50
Any Two Leg On Rice $7.00
Any Three The Above On Rice $6.00
Any Two B.B.Q With Baby Pig On Rice $7.50
Any Two B.B.Q With One Leg On Rice $6.00
B.B.Q Chicken Wings On Rice $4.50
Squid On Rice $6.00

Chow Fun, Chow Mein Or Rice

Hot Singapore Rice Noodles $7.50
Beef With Black Bean Sauce Chow Mein $7.50
Beef With Bean Sprouts Chow Mein Fun $7.50
Beef And Satay Sauce Chow Fun $7.50
Shredded Chicken, Duck And B.B.Q Pork Rice Noodle $7.50
Beef And Broccoli Chow Mein $7.50
Shrimp Chow Mein $9.50
Shredded Pork Chow Mein $7.50
Three Kinds Of Seafood Chow Mein $9.50
Stir- Fried Noodle In Soy Sauce $5.95
Vegetable And Fish Fillet Chow Fun $8.25
Vegetable And Fish Fillet On Rice $8.25
Shrimp With Egg Sauce On Rice $7.25
Vegetable And Egg Sauce On Rice $4.95
Beef Stew On Rice $4.95
Beef Stew With Curry Sauce On Rice $4.95
Beef With Satay Sauce Sauce On Rice $4.95
Beef With Egg Sauce On Rice $4.95
Roast Pork And Bean Cued On Rice $4.95
House Special Fried Rice $5.50
B.B.Q Pork Fried Rice $4.95
Shrimp Fried Rice $5.50
Salted Fish And Chicken Fried Rice $6.50
Steamed Rice $0.70
Beef Fried Rice $4.95
Max Vegetable Fried Rice $4.50

Authentic Chinese Dishes

Three Kinds Seafood With Shoots $12.95
Double Happiness Of Squid With Shrimp Sauce $10.95
Stir-Fried Fillet With Chinese Broccoli $10.95
Sauteed Shrimp And Scallop With Vegetable $12.95
Stir-Fried Fillet Of Pike $12.95
Stir-Fried Shrimp And Scallop $12.95
Stir-Fried Shrimp With Head In Salt And Pepper $12.95
Stir-Fried Clams In A Black Bean Sauce $10.95
Steamed Shrimp With Head $12.95
Crystal Jumbo Shrimp In White Sauce $12.95
Fresh Scallop With Black And Garlic Sauce $12.95
Shrimp With Peapods $12.95
Double Happiness Of Squid With Peapods $10.95
Beef Stew And Turnip $8.95
Ma-Po Tofu Spicy Sauce $7.95
Stir-Fried Shredded Duck With Bean Sprout $7.95
Mandarin Style Sweet And Sour Pork Chop $9.50
Sauteed Satay Beef In Mild Sauce $9.95
Chinese Vegetable With Mushroom In Oyster Sauce $7.95
Beef Triple With Black Bean Sauce $8.95
Tender Beef With Chinese Broccoli $9.95
Stir- Fried String Beans $7.95
Spicy Pork Chop With Salt And Peppers $9.95
Shrimp With Cashew Nut $12.95
Lo Hon Evergreen With Chinese Vegetables $7.95
Straw Mushroom And Bean Cake In Oyster Sauce $7.95
Shrimp With Lobster Sauce $12.95
Pepper Steak In A Black Bean Sauce $9.50
Black Pepper Beef $10.95
Slices Conch $12.95
Shrimp With Maggi Sauce $12.95
Shrimp Kow With Tomatoes $12.95
Diced Chicken And Tofu With Salted Fish $7.95
Beef With Bitter Melon $9.50
Squid With Bitter Melon $9.50
Double Mushroom With Vegetables $8.50
Kung Pao Dual Squid $10.95
Shrimp With Ketchup $12.95
Stir- Fried Shrimp With Egg $12.95
Shredded Duck With Bitter Melon $8.95
Kung Pao Shrimp $12.50
Bamboo Shoots With Chinese Vegetables $8.95
Beef With Sweet And Sour Vegetables $8.95
Chickiang Pork $8.95
Shredded Duck With Sweet And Sour Vegetables $8.95
Diced Chicken And Salted Fish With Bean Sprouts $7.95
Diced Chicken And Salted Fish With Shanghai Bok Choy $7.95
Stir-Fried Tofu And Spicy Salt $7.95

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