Baba Ghanooj

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Cuisine: Mediterranean.

Mezze – Appetizers

Hummus $7.00
Hummus $14.00 w/ meat
Baba Ghanooj $8.00
Falafel $7.00
Labneh $7.00
Tabbouleh $7.00
Cucumber Yogurt $7.00
Grape Leaves $8.00
Jerusalem Salad $8.00
Feta Caprese $8.00
Spinach Pies $8.00
Kibbeh $9.00
Arayes $9.00
Ful Mudamas $8.00
Musabaha $8.00
Merguez $8.00
Zaatar Bread $6.00
Garlic Fries $5.00
Calamata Olives $5.00

Samplers And Platters

Appetizer Sampler $30.00 hummus, baba ghanooj, falafel, tabbouleh, grape leaves, labneh, olives, pickles
Royal Sampler $70.00 hummus, baba ghanooj, ful mudamas, kibbeh, arayes, falafel, grape leaves, feta caprese, cucumber yogurt, spinach pies, olives, pickles
Vegetarian Feast Platter $45.00 grilled eggplants, grilled zucchini, falafel, grape leaves, spinach pies, hummus, baba ghanooj, tabbouleh, olives
Kabab Feast Platter $75.00 two skewers of each lamb, shrimp, kefta, chicken, beef, rice pilaf, hummus, cucumber yogurt, grilled vegetables


Two Meat Skewers, Rice Pilaf, Hummus & Grilled Vegetables $16.00 chicken
Two Meat Skewers, Rice Pilaf, Hummus & Grilled Vegetables $18.00 beef
Two Meat Skewers, Rice Pilaf, Hummus & Grilled Vegetables $17.00 kefta
Two Meat Skewers, Rice Pilaf, Hummus & Grilled Vegetables $20.00 shrimp or lamb
Combination Of 2 Different Skewers $25.00 – $20.00


Shakshuka $13.00 eggs simmered in tomato, peppers, onion & spices
Moroccan Couscous Vegetarian $16.00
Moroccan Couscous $18.00 w/ chicken
Couscous Royal $20.00 w/ chicken & merguez


Add Chicken Breast $4
Greek Salad $12.00 w/ romaine, tomato, cucumber, pepper, red onion, olive, feta
Fattoush Salad $12.00 w/ sumac, tomato, cucumber, pepper, red onion, pita chips, lemon, olive oil
Cayenne Salad $13.00 w/ mixed greens, tomato, dates, pine nuts, goat cheese, balsamic
Greek Salad $8.00 – $12.00 w/ feta & olives
Fattoush Salad $8.00 – $12.00 w/ pita chips & sumac
Cayenne Salad $9.00 – $13.00 w/ dates & goat cheese


(Angus Beef Or Chicken Breast) W/ Fries Or Salad
Cheese Burger $11.00 w/ lettuce, tomato, red onion, mozzarella, aioli
Gypsy Burger $12.00 w/ tomato, avocado, red onion, aioli
Swiss Burger $12.00 w/ sauteed mushroom & onion, swiss, tomato, aioli


Lentil $8.00 – $6.00


W/ Fries Or Salad
Pasha Wrap $13.00 w/ sauteed beef, tomato & onion, hummus, lettuce, tahini
King Tut Wrap $13.00 w/ sauteed chicken, tomato & onion, falafel, lettuce, tahini
Kefta Wrap $14.00 2 keftas wrapped w/ hummus, tomato, onion, cucumber, lettuce
Falafel Wrap $12.00 w/ tomato, cucumber, lettuce, tahini


Greek $11.00 w/ mozzarella, feta, tomato, red onion, peppers, oregano, olives
Moroccan $12.00 w/ merguez, mozzarella, tomato, scallion, thyme
Pesto $12.00 w/ chicken, mozzarella, tomato, pesto, mushroom, basil
Kefta Pizza $13.00 w/ mozzarella, tomato, pepper, red onion
Greek Pizza $11.00 w/ feta & olives
Moroccan Pizza $12.00 w/ merguez
Pesto Chicken Pizza $12.00

Dessert $7

Rice Pudding


Hummus $7.00
Baba Ghanooj $8.00
Falafel $7.00
Tabbouleh $7.00
Cucumber Yogurt $7.00
Jerusalem Salad $8.00
Grape Leaves $8.00
Feta Caprese $8.00
Spinach Pies $8.00
Ful Mudammas $8.00
Merguez $8.00
Zaatar Bread $6.00
Garlic Fries $5.00
Roasted Potatoes $5.00

Specialty Eggs $12

Add Egg White $1
Casablanca Omelet Or Scramble w/ merguez, tomatoes, scallion & cheese (side potatoes or salad)
Gitana Omelet Or Scramble w/ avocado, tomatoes, cilantro & cheese (side potatoes or salad)
Aegean Omelet Or Scramble w/ feta, tomatoes, peppers & onion (side potatoes or salad)
Breakfast Pizza w/ tomatoes, chicken & zaatar
Fava Ful warm fava beans w/ scrambled eggs
Shakshuka eggs simmered in tomato sauce & vegetables
Mediterranean w/ sliced feta, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives & zaatar bread
Chicken Egg Wrap w/ vegetables & feta (side potatoes or salad)

Burgers & Wraps

With Fries Or Salad
Gypsy Burger $12.00 w/ tomatoes, onion & avocado
Swiss Burger $12.00 w/ swiss, grilled mushrooms, onion & tomatoes
Falafel Wrap $12.00
King Tut Wrap $13.00 w/ falafel & chicken
Pasha Wrap $13.00 w/ hummus & beef

Desserts $7

Rice Pudding

Hot Beverages

Turkish Coffee $4.00
White Turkish Coffee $5.00
Espresso $3.00
Cappuccino $4.00
Latte $4.00
Caramel Latte $5.00
Mocha $5.00
Chai Latte $5.00
Coffee $3.00
Mint Tea $4.00
Chamomile Tea $4.00

Cold Beverages

Soft Drink $3.00
Iced Mint Tea $3.00
Iced Mint Lemonade $3.00
Mineral Water $4.00
Lemonade $3.00
Iced Chai Latte $5.00
Iced Mocha $5.00
Iced Caramel Latte $5.00
Iced Coffee $3.00
Coconut Water $5.00
Jallab $5.00
Red Bull $5.00


Orange Juice $4.00
Mango Nectar $4.00
Guava Juice $4.00
Ginger Slush $6.00 ginger ale, mango
Energy Slush $6.00 red bull, cranberry
Sunrise Fizz $5.00 orange, cranberry, sprite
Lovers Fizz $5.00 strawberry, banana, lemonade, sprite
Hawaiian Smoothie $6.00 mango, coconut, pineapple, vanilla
Tutti Frutti Smoothie $6.00 strawberry, banana, orange, mango, vanilla

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