Babalu Cafe

Enjoy Babalu Cafe latest menu price updated list. Up to date Babalu Cafe and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Babalu Cafe Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Babalu Cafe Les Smoothies Menu and Prices

Strawberry/Banana $3.75
Mixed Fruit/Banana $3.75
Mixed Berry/Banana $4.00

Babalu Cafe Quiche $8 Menu and Prices

With Mix Green. Choices Of Salads And Soups Available Daily.
Spinach Quiche  
Quiche Lorraine  

Babalu Cafe Breakfast Menu and Prices

Breakfast Burrito $6.75
Egg White Omelette $6.00
Omelette $0.75 add bacon, ham, or smoked turkey
Omelette $6.25 with cheese
Mixed Fruits $5.00
Bacon Egg & Cheese Croissant $6.50

Babalu Cafe Les Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Burger $1.00 add cheese
Hot Dog (1/4lb) $5.50 with chips or salad
Madras   curry chicken
Grilled Veggies   balsamic,olive oil,& provolone
Croque Monsieur   mustard,tomato, swiss,& ham
Smoked Turkey  
Veggie Burger $0.50 add cheese
Club   chicken, bacon, tomato, swiss,& onion
Veggie Burger $8.50
Soup Du Jour $5.00
Burger $7.50 turkey or beef
Soup & Sandwich Combo $11.00
Tuna Melt  

Babalu Cafe Quesadillas Menu and Prices

Sour Cream & Salsa.
Cheese $4.75
Chicken $5.75
Veggie $5.75

Babalu Cafe Viennoiserie Menu and Prices

Muffin $2.50 blueberry / banana nut
Chocolate Croissant $3.50 with nutella
Ham/Cheese Croissant $5.00
Butter Croissant $2.25

Babalu Cafe Les Boissons Menu and Prices

Latte $3.25 – $3.00 2 shots (16oz)
Spiced Chai Latte $3.50 – $3.75
Espresso $0.25 add milk or organic soy milk
Cappuccino $3.75 – $4.00 4 shots
Espresso $2.00
Green Tea Latte $3.75 – $3.50 (16oz)
Coffee $2.25 – $2.00
Hot Chocolate $1.50
Tea $2.00 – $1.50 black, green, earl grey,& chamomile
Mocha $3.75 – $3.50 (16oz)

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