Babu Ji

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Babu Ji From the Street Menu and Prices

From the Street
Samosa Plate $10.00 Two samosas of pomegranate and green mango powder spiced potatoes, peas wrapped in crisp pastry and served with chutney.
Papadi Chaat $14.00 Crisp samosa pastry wafers topped with a salad of chickpea, cucumber, pomegranate seed, tamarind, mint and yogurt chutneys. Eaten like nachos with salsa. A must try.
Tandoori Chicken $18.00 Tandoori charred free-range chicken marinated with ground spices and yogurt, topped with mango salsa. Gluten free.
Batata Vada $14.00 Mustard seed and curry leaf spiced potato encased in chickpea flour pastry, topped with fresh radish, coriander and mint chutney and broken chickpea noodles. Gluten free.
Yogurt Kebab $14.00 Hung yogurt croquette spiced with ginger and green chili and beetroot ginger sauce.

Babu Ji From the Pots Menu and Prices

From the Pot
Premium Aged Basmati Sella Rice $5.00 Served with cumin and lemon. Serves two.
Palak Paneer $16.00 Garlic infused spinach, housemade paneer, cumin seeds and ginger. Gluten free.
Unauthentic Butter Chicken $20.00 Murray’s family farmed free-range chicken marinated in yogurt, ginger and garlic in tomato and fenugreek curry. Gluten free.
Scallop Coconut Curry $25.00 Blue Moon of Eastern Long Island raw sea scallops, turmeric, mustard seed and coconut milk based curry. A must try. This dish has a cult following in Melbourne, Australia. Gluten free.
Lamb Rogan Josh $20.00 Leg of lamb slow cooked with fennel seed, black cardamom, bay leaf and cloves. Gluten free.
Dhal $14.00 Black lentil, ginger and garlic slow simmered all day then cooked further atop the tandoor. Gluten free.
Anjeer Kofta $16.00 Fig and pomegranate kofta, cashew and shallot curry. Certainly not just for vegetarians.
Naan $4.00 – $10.00 Plain, garlic and chive or sesame and onion seed or three naan ordered as a basket.
Goat Curry $20.00 My village’s on-the-bone goat curry. Gluten free.
Punjabi Khadi $16.00 Cauliflower chickpea flour fritters, yogurt and turmeric based curry. Staple dish of every Punjabi village. Gluten free.
Pork Vindaloo $20.00 Oven baked pork belly simmered with garlic and apple cider vinegar. Goan style, not the fire hot British version. Gluten free.

Babu Ji Something Sweet Menu and Prices

Something Sweet
Gulab Jamun $4.00 Indian dougnuts in sweet syrup.
Mango Lassi $4.00

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