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Cuisine: Bar Food, Latin American, Mediterranean.


Taquitos $5.95 grilled beef fajita strips, rolled in a flour tortilla, deep fried, and served with guacamole and sour cream.
Quesadilla $5.95 layers of delicious cheese with our own blend of vegetables sandwiched between flour tortillas
Quesadilla $6.95 with grilled chicken
Quesadilla $7.95 with grilled beef
Quesadilla $8.95 with grilled shrimp
Calamari Fritti $6.95 a huge portion of tender, hand-breaded, fresh calamari fried until golden. served with marinara sauce.
Hummus $4.95 a fluffy dip of fresh chick pea puree and imported tahini accented with lemon and olive oil.
Pupusa pie served with coleslaw and salsa picante.
Pupusa $1.95 pork
Pupusa $1.50 cheese
Bruschetta $4.95 fresh italian bread topped with fresh tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil, basil, and oregano.
Tortillas Y Salsa $2.50 fried corn tortillas served with traditional mexican salsa
Artichoke Spinach Dip $5.95 hot and creamy sauteed spinach, onions, garlic, spices and melted cheese. served with french crustini or tortilla chips.
Buffalo Wings $5.95 chicken wings deep-fried to perfection and smothered in our spicy buffalo sauce. served with celery, carrot sticks, and blue cheese.
Chicken Fingers $5.95 chicken tenderloins, hand-breaded, deep-fried, and served with choice of honey dijon or barbecue sauce.
Fried Mozzarella $4.95 ;fingers; of mozzarella cheese covered with seasoned bread crumbs and fried to perfection. served with marinara sauce.
Shrimp Cocktail $8.95 fresh jumbo shrimp with traditional cocktail sauce and lemon.
Potato Skins $5.95 potato wedges topped with bacon and cheddar cheese. served with sour cream and salsa.


House Salad $2.95 selection of salad greens picked out at the peak of tenderness and flavor with our home made dressing.
Caesar Salad $3.95 crisp romaine lettuce with caesar dressing, finished with seasoned homemade crouton and parmigiano cheese
Caesar Salad $6.95 with chicken
Caesar Salad $6.95 with beef
Caesar Salad $7.95 with popcorn shrimp
Caesar Salad $6.95 with fried calamari
Caesar Salad $7.95 with teriyaki chicken
Caesar Salad $9.95 with grilled salmon
Mozzarella E Pomodoro Fresh Mozzarella $6.95 tomato, basil, sun dried tomato and extra virgin olive oil and vinaigrette.
Greek Salad $8.95 a cylinder of fresh cucumbers, feta cheese, olives & red onions with greek dressing on bed of greens.
Cobb Salad $8.95 fresh mixed greens with boiled eggs, turkey bacon, olives, shredded cheese, dice tomatoes, and ranch dressing.

Homemade Soup

Minestrone Soup $3.95 fresh vegetables and pasta in light tomato broth.
Minestrone Soup fresh soup of the day! ask server.


Fettuccine Alfredo $7.95 ribbon pasta tossed with parmigiano, romano, and alfredo sauce
Fettuccine Alfredo $9.95 with chicken
Fettuccine Alfredo $12.95 with shrimp
Babylon Penne penne pasta with tomato roasted red pepper cream sauce
Babylon Penne $9.95 with chicken
Babylon Penne $12.95 with shrimp
Lasagna $8.95 layers of pasta, meat sauce and mozzarella ricotta, parmigiano, and romano cheese.
Ravioli Formaggio $8.95 stuffed pasta with four cheeses tossed with cream sauce.
Ravioli Carne market price stuffed ravioli varieties. ask server!
Pasta Med $9.95 linguine pasta tossed in puttanesca sauce topped with lamb sausage.


(10;) Pies, Freshly Made.
Pizza Pomodoro $7.95 tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, basil and fresh tomato.
Pizza Mediterranean $8.95 light pesto sauce, grilled eggplant, lamb sausage and mozzarella.
Pizza Club $8.95 tomato sauce, mozzarella grilled chicken, prosciutto and bacon.
Vegetable Pizza $8.95 tomato sauce, grilled eggplant, grilled zucchini mushroom and fresh tomato.
Gyro Pizza $9.95 brushed with garlic oil and topped with gyro meat, mozzarella, parmesan, red onions, tomatoes and black olives. gyro meat is halal.
Pizza My Way Regular Cheese Pizza $6.95
Pizza My Way Regular Cheese Pizza $0.50 add your choice of toppings: mushrooms, onions, black olives, tomatoes, bell peppers, bacon, lamb sausage, pepperoni, eggplant, prosciutto

Chicken Entrees

With Vegetables, Pasta Or Rice.
Scallion Chicken $9.95 fresh grilled chicken breast with black olive, capers and tomato sauce.
Pollo With Lemon & Olives $9.95 breast of chicken with olive and preserved lemon.
Pollo Marsala $9.95 breast of chicken delicately seasoned with fresh herbs, then sauteed to a golden brown and topped with a marsala wine sauce.
Pollo Piccata $9.95 chicken breast sauteed with capers and lemon dill brutta sauce.
Chicken Kabob $9.95 a mouth-watering array of tender halal chicken breast marinated in our zesty seasoning over rice.
Arroz Con Pollo Estilo Tilajari $9.95 tender sauteed chicken cooked with central american spices served over rice.
Pollo Fajita Mexicana $10.95 marinated fresh grilled chicken breast in a fajita seasoning, served with rice, beans, guacamole & sour cream.
Mediterranean Chicken $9.95 fresh grilled chicken breast topped with sauteed eggplant in a spicy tomato sauce.
Doro Tibs (Made With Halal Meat) $12.95 tender pieces of marinated halal chicken meat cooked with peppers, onions, garlic, tomato, a touch of rosemary and other spices. served with selata (salad) on ethiopian injera bread.

Beef And Pork Entrees

With Vegetables, Pasta Or Rice.
New York Steak $15.95 juicy 10-oz. steak, grilled to perfection in barolo sauce, served with vegetables and french fries.
Medallion Filet Mignon $17.95 fresh grilled 8-oz. filet mignon to order and served with vegetables and french fries.
Pork Chops $11.95 grilled pork chops topped with grilled onions & tomatoes, served with vegetables and french fries.
Baby Back Ribs $12.95 grilled baby back ribs smothered in our bbq sauce, served with french fries.
Carne Asada $10.95 10 oz. skirt steak smothered in its own juice topped with cheddar cheese, served with rice and re-fried beans.
Carne Fajita $11.95 marinated fresh grilled skirt steak in a fajita seasoning, served with rice, beans, guacamole & sour cream.
Beef Kabob $10.95 a mouth-watering array of tender halal beef marinated in our zesty seasoning over rice.
Lomo Saltado $10.95 sauteed skirt steak with onions peppers and fries over rice, served with re-fried beans.
Sega Tibs (Made With Halal Meat) $13.95 tender pieces of marinated halal beef cooked with peppers, onions, garlic, tomato, a touch of rosemary and other spices. served with selata (salad) on ethiopian injera bread.
Seafood Entrees with vegetables, pasta or rice
Catch Of The Day ask your server!
Grilled Salmon $12.95 fresh canadian salmon grilled topped with toast lemon dill sauce.
Puerto Rico Tilapia $12.95 fresh sauteed puerto rico tilapia with olives and spicy tomato sauce.
Salmon Cakes $14.95 pan seared to fresh canadian salmon cakes, with diced green pepper and seasoning.
Shrimp Scallops Brochette $14.95 skewed fresh shrimp and scallops brushed in our garlic lime butter sauce.
Camarones Al Ajo $14.95 sauteed shrimp in garlic butter sauce.

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