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Bacaro Drinks Menu and Prices

Beer   we feature craft brews from all over the world. our beer list usually features 12-15 different beers, draught and bottled. prices range from $4-$9, sizes range from 12oz-16oz.
Wine   we focus on small production wines from around the world. we usually feature 6-7 varietals on our red, white, and sparkling/wine lists. glasses usually range from $7-$11.
Open Bar Specials $20.00 we offer a 90 min open bar. includes our house wines, house sangria, and house draught beer.

Bacaro Small Plates – Cold Menu and Prices

(For 1) $8 / (For 3) $21.
Crab Crostini   claw meat, charred showshke/poblano peppers, chef’s dressing
Bruschette ; choose two: heirloom tomato & basil, tuscan white bean, dalia’s fire roasted bell peppers, or roasted garlic, balsamic and basil walnut pesto
Pan Seared Polenta   with roasted market eggplant salad
Burrata Di Gioia   marinated calabrese baby artichoke, sourdough, ground black pepper
Grilled Romaine   beets, toasted pecans, black pepper parmesan vinaigrette
Poached Shrimp   citrus chili sauce, shaved radish, parsley, basil
Caprese   gioia mozzarella, fresh basil, heirloom tomato, basil walnut pesto

Bacaro Seasonal Menu and Prices

Osso Bucco   slow braised pork shank, cracked wheat, seasonal root vegetables, gremolata
Chef’s Salmon ; slow baked, walnut crust, garlic parsley bulgur
Sliders ; 12hr dry roast short rib, zucchini slaw, caramelized onion, beet hazelnut pesto
Seared Scallops $12.00 market corn, smashed cherry tomato, scallion

Bacaro Sweets Menu and Prices

Bacaro Ice Cream $5.00 vanilla with walnuts and clover honey
Homemade Bread Pudding $5.00 with vanilla ice cream
Dough $6.00 with cardamom chocolate ganache, banana brulee, candied walnuts, and hand whipped cream
Brown Butter Cookie ;
Malabi $5.00 rosewater custard with shaved coconut, hibiscus flower, and ground pistachio
Nutella Panino $5.00 served on pan de mie with strawberries or bananas

Bacaro Cheese Or Salumi Menu and Prices

(For 1) $6 / (For 3) $15. Served With House Baked Baguette.
Delice De Cremiers ; cow, france
Salame Varzi ;
Casatica Di Bufala ; buffalo, italy
Salame Calabrese ;
Bianco Sardo ; sheep, italy
Bleu Des Causes ; cow, france
Cana De Cabra ; goat, spain
Midnight Moon ; goat, holland
Parmigiano Reggiano ; cow, italy

Bacaro Monday – Thursday Menu and Prices

Small Plates $6.00 hot, cold, grilled pizza

Bacaro Small Plates – Hot Menu and Prices

(For 1) $8 / (For 3) $21.
Panini ; fontina, organic spring mix, fresh market tomato, cornichon shallot aioli
Oven Roasted Bone Marrow ; with caper panko, sea salt, and baguette
Glazed Pork Belly Skewers ; slow cooked, sweet mulling spice, umami reduction
Lamb Stuffed Eggplant ; with lemon garlic emulsion, lemon chip, scallions
Baccala Cakes ; salted cod, dill emulsion, lime
Tal’s Tower   skewered: shrimp stuffed mushroom, green garlic oil, grilled baguette
Bacaro Fries   chef’s sunflower, roasted garlic, lemon, and smoked pepper sauce, fried egg
Noa’s Cauliflower   kronfli bros. smoked chipotle sauce, organic mixed greens
Grilled Chicken Breast   mary’s air chilled, parmesan risotto cake, lemon jalapeno caper sauce
Panini ; mary’s air chilled chicken breast, mozzarella, fire roasted bell peppers, cornichon shallot aioli

Bacaro Sundays Menu and Prices

Wine And Cheese Flights:  
Small Plates All Night! $6.00
3 Cheese Or Salumi And 3 Wines $21.00
2 Cheese Or Salumi & 2 Wines $17.00

Bacaro Grilled Pizza Menu and Prices

(For 1) $8 / (For 3) $21.
Margherita   organic tomato sauce, mozzarella di gioia, fresh basil
White   beciamella sauce, bacon, scallion, mozzarella
Bacaro Burger $1.00 add fried egg
Smoked Mushroom   beciamella sauce, garlic, hook’s 2 yr. aged white cheddar, parsley
Bacon & Brie ; organic tomato sauce, jalapeA±o
Bacaro Burger ; open faced, fresh tomato, caramelized onion, worcestershire aioli, pain de mie
Mac & Cheese ; 5-cheese fondue, crispy panko, white truffle oil
Grilled Lamb Burger $9.00 cucumber, shaved radish, kronfli bros. kale tahini sauce, grilled sourdough
Chorizo $1.00 add egg
Cabecou ; marinated goat cheese, cranberry compote, fresh ground black pepper, baked baguette
Mac & Cheese $1.00 add bacon
Bowl Of Clams ; little necks, ouzo, fresh tomato, lemon, jalapeno, white wine, sweet plugra, grilled baguette
Grilled Hangar Steak ; grilled zucchini, house made bearnaise
Roasted Fresh Tomato ; spicy smoked pepper sauce, goat cheese, sea salt
Chorizo ; tomatillo salsa, queso fresco, jalapeno, cilantro

Bacaro Brunch – Cicchetti-Style Menu and Prices

(For 1) $7 / (For 3) $19. Saturdays & Sundays: 10.30am-2.30pm.
Bacaro Burger $1.00 add fried egg
Shakshuka ; house rustic tomato sauce, bell pepper, garlic, sous-vide egg, parsley
Tofu Scramble ; roasted bell pepper, kale, spanish onion, grilled sourdough
Potato Hash ; chorizo, bell pepper, caramelized onion, mornay sauce, fried egg
House Made Granola Bowl ; seasonal fruit, yogurt, honey, mint
Bacaro Pancakes ; oatmeal, flax seed & yogurt batter, whipped cardamom butter, seasonal fruit
Chai Tea Custard ; chia seeds, almond milk, coconut milk, macerated berries
Croque Madame ; brioche, caramelized pastrami, spanish onion, 5-cheese sauce, fried egg
Build Your Own Omelette ; two eggs plus your choice (two) of: mozzarella, fontina, tomatoes, onions, kale, bacon
Bacaro Burger ; open faced, fresh tomato, caramelized onion, worcestershire aioli, pain de mie
Goat Cheese Polenta ; lamb ragu, chipotle pepper sauce, fried egg
Focaccia ; house baked, with mint pesto, olive tapenade, roasted garlic/pumpkin seed spread
Bacaro Fries ; chef’s sunflower, roasted garlic, lemon chipotle house sauce, fried egg
Chef’s French Toast ; house baked brioche, seasonal fruit
Cocotte ; creamed kale, garlic, sous-vide egg, toasted panko
Warm Kale Salad ; sauteed, lardons, hot bacon vinaigrette, sous vide egg

Bacaro Mondays Menu and Prices

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