Bacaro Venetian Taverna

Up to date Bacaro Venetian Taverna prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Chicken, Italian, Seafood.

Happy Hour Appetizers

Add $3.00 after 6:30 pm
Bruschettina $2.50 Grilled garlic tuscan bread, fresh tomatoes, arugula, basil, olive oil
Napoleone di Melanzane $3.50 Grilled eggplant layered with goat cheese and sundried tomato
Arancini $3.75 Sicilian rice cone, filled with bolognese meat sauce, mozzarella, peas
Zucchine e Ricotta $3.25 Rolled grilled zucchini filled with ricotta and mascarpone cheeses, served cold
Spiedino di Pesce $6.50 Rosemary skewer with shrimp, scallops and salmon
Patatine Fritte $2.75 Hand cut french fries, smoked house ketchup, garlic mayo
Calamari $3.50 Deep fried calamari, lemon aioli, tomato sauce
Polpetti $4.00 Grilled baby octopus salad, roasted bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, capers, red wine vinegar
Baccala Mantecato $3.50 Braised sea bass mousse, grilled polenta croutons
Suppli al Granchio $4.50 Crab cake, peach fennel chutney, arugula salad
Tonno Piccante $4.50 Spicy tuna served with kennebec potato chips and yellow tomato salsa
Fricco $4.00 Potato, onions and fontina tart
Cozze $4.50 Mussels, white wine, olive oil, garlic, parsley, ciabatta croutons
Maiale Brasato $3.50 Braised pork, balsamic cipollini onions, ciabatta bread
Brie $3.50 Walnuts, apple chutney, grilled bread
Salamino e Patate $4.00 Pan-­roasted spicy dry salami, roasted beets, purple fingerling potatoes, dry ricotta cheese
Salsiccia di Cervo $4.25 Grilled venison sausage, grilled polenta, red wine balsamic reduction
Carciofo alla Griglia $4.50 Grilled artichoke served with a lemon roasted garlic aioli

Salads & Soups

Salads are served as full order
Mista $5.00 Field greens, cherry tomatoes, carrots, lemon vinaigrette
Burrata $9.00 Burrata filled with mascarpone, roasted bell peppers, grilled asparagus and butternut squash salad, grilled tuscan bread
Rucola $7.50 Arugula, pears, walnuts, gorgonzola, balsamic dressing
Caesar $7.00 Edges of romaine hearts, parmesan, ciabatta thin croutons, caesar dressing
Crescione, Barbabietole $7.50 Roasted baby beets, hydroponic watercress, dry bing cherries, caramelized pecans, dry ricotta cheese, balsamic dressing
Caprese $8.00 Fresh mozzarella and grilled tomato, basil olive oil
Zuppa di Cipolle $4.00 Baked onion soup, grilled tuscan bread, pecorino cheese
Cannellini e Pollo $4.50 Cannellini beans and shredded chicken soup
Crema di Aragosta $4.75 Lobster bisque, acorn squash, chervil pesto

From The Garden

Spinaci Saltati $4.50 Sauteed spinach, roasted shallots
Broccoletti all’ Aglio $4.50 Pan-roasted broccoli, brown whole garlic
Barbabietole $4.50 Roasted yellow beets and tomato, dry ricotta cheese
Polenta e Funghi $4.50 Grilled polenta, mushroom ragout

Fresh Pasta

All fresh pasta is made in house
Pappardelle Bolognese $8.00 Large fettuccine, beef bolognese sauce, porcini mushrooms and shaved parmesan cheese
Gnocchi di Zucca $8.25 Pumpkin gnocchi seared in a light sage cream cheese sauce, walnuts, dry ricotta cheese and ground espresso beans
Tortelloni di Gamberi e Granchioq $10.25 Shrimp and crab ravioli, saffron cream sauce
Corzetti Bacaro $9.25 Dollar coin pasta, braised lamb ragout, brown butter & sage sauce, shaved pecorino cheese
Tagliolini $12.75 Thin linguine pasta, fresh lobster, crab, golden beets, basil, lobster reduction
Agnolotti di Fagiano $10.00 Half-­moon shaped pheasant ravioli sauteed with a brown butter sage sauce and served with a fontina cheese sauce

Dry Pasta

Orecchiette $7.50 Sun dried tomato, eggplant, roasted bell peppers, dry goat cheese
Lasagnette $8.50 Mushroom and spinach lasagna, bechamel sauce and parmigiano cheese
Rigatonil $8.00 Amatriciana sauce, crispy pancetta, braised onions and fresh tomato
Linguine al Pesto e Gamberetti $8.50 Basil pesto, pan-­roasted shrimp, marinated cherry tomatoes

Happy Hour Pizza

Add $3.00 after 6:30 pm
Margherita $5.25 Fresh mozzarella, chopped tomatoes, basil
Portabello $6.00 Mushrooms, caramelized pearl onions, roasted red peppers, bacon, mozzarella
Salsiccia $6.00 Homemade fennel sausage, marinara, mushrooms, spinach, parmigiano
Genova $7.00 Genova salami, peeled tomato, mozarella, parmigiano, spicy oil
Napoletana con Burrata $8.00 Fresh burrata cheese, tomato, garlic oregano and olive oil
Prosciutto e Carciofini $7.50 Parma prosciutto, marinated artichokes, shaved parmigiano, peeled tomatoes, basil
Salmone Affumicato $6.75 Smoked salmon, onions, capers, baby greens, horseradish cream
Pere e Rucola $6.00 Pears, arugula, brie, gorgonzola


Caciotta di Bosco $5.00 Tuscan sheep?s milk, medium soft, mixed with black truffles
Parmigiano $5.00 Cow?s milk, piquant, salty, hard
Caprino Secco $5.00 Sonoma drunken goat cheese
Stracchino $5.00 Cow?s milk, 3-­week aged, soft, buttery
Gorgonzola Latte $4.00 Cow?s milk, creamy, hearty, semisoft
Fontina $4.00 Cow?s milk, sweet, semisoft
Pecorino $4.00 Sheep?s milk, 6-­month dry aged, hard

Happy Hour Flatbread

Add $3.00 after 6:30 pm
Tradizionale $6.50 Prosciutto, arugula, fresh tomatoes, stracchino, extra virgin olive oil
Bacaro or Vegetarian $5.50 Fresh tomatoes, arugula, artichokes, baked eggplant, olives, mozzarella
Salame $7.00 Grilled soppressata salame, gorgonzola cheese, arugula and fresh tomato
Cachi e Mascarpone $7.50 Roasted pancetta, mascarpone, sauteed persimmons, arugula

Cured Meats

Soppressatta $4.00 Spicy calabrian salamiq
Pancetta $4.50 Pork panchetta, seasoned with fennel, anise, and bay leaf
Salamino Piccante Rosi $4.00 Dry aged spicy salami
Capocollo Finocchiona Rosi $4.00 Sweet salami, cured with fennel seeds
Bresaola $5.50 Dry air-­cured beef tenderloin, mondo vecchio
Salsiccia Secca $5.50 Dry cured pork sausage as done in the old world tradition
Prosciutto di Parma $5.50 18 Month aged tradtional prosciutto
Speck $5.50 Smoked dry-­aged prosciutto

Salumeria Testing

Salumeria Testing $20.00 Select two meats, two cheeses, one side dish and one olive


Green Colossal Cerignola $2.00
Green Castelvetrano $2.00
Black Gaeta $2.00
Ligurian Sundried $2.00


Bacaro classics served as full orders
Fettuccine Bacaro $14.50 Homemade fettuccine, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and tomato sauce
Ravioli agli Asparagi $16.00 Ricotta and asparagus ravioli sauteed in brown butter & sage, on a bed of butternut squash puree
Rollatina di Pollo $19.00 Breaded chicken stuffed with prosciutto, fontina cheese and asparagus, with spinach and potatoes
Scaloppine $20.00 Veal medallions, chiodini mushrooms, asparagus, tomatoes and crispy prosciutto
Picatta Style Lemon caper sauce and potato-­leek tart


All carpaccios are served with parmesan, arugula, capers, olive oil and lemon juice
Manzo $6.00 Angus beef
Buffalo $6.50 Buffalo loin
Vitello $7.00 Thinly sliced pan seared veal loin, crusted with porcini mushrooms and fresh thyme

Meat & Poultry

Polpettine di Pollo $8.00 Chicken meatballs filled with fresh mozzarella, served with arugula and shaved parmiggiano salad
Cinghiale $11.00 Braised wild boar, grilled polenta, red wine reduction
Ossobuco $11.50 Petit veal ossobucco, saffron risotto, rosemary sofritto
Manzo con Risotto $11.00 Braised short rib served with a balsamic onion, red wine reduction, fontina cheese risotto
Bistecchina $9.25 Grilled marinated flank steak, roasted vegetables, balsamic reduction
Costicina di Agnello $10.50 Grilled colorado t-­bone lamb chop, brown butter gnocchi, lemon rosemary demi-­glace
Mini Buffalo Burger with Fries $7.00 4oz. Burger topped with lettuce, tomato, bacon and blue cheese


Tonno $11.50 Black sesame seared ahi tuna, sun dried tomato, gaeta black olives, capers and oregano
Salmone $9.50 Pan-­roasted atlantic salmon, grilled portabella mushroom, asparagus, shrimp ravioli
Capesante $10.50 Pan-­roasted sea scallops, tomatoes, zucchini, fresh thyme risotto
Branzino Acqua Pazza $12.50 Mediterranean baked sea bass in white wine, olive oil, pellegrino with clams, tomatoes, green olives and spinach

Side Dishes

Peperoni Arrosto $3.00 Roasted bell peppers, capers, garlic, olive oil
Cipolle al Balsamico $3.00 Braised balsamic onions
Carciofini $3.00 Marinated baby artichokes
Melanzane alla Griglia Marinate $3.00 Grilled eggplant, garlic, olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette


Tiramisu alla Trevisana $6.00 Lady finger soaked in espresso layered with soft mascarpone cheese and cocoa powder
Paradisco di Cioccolato $8.00 Warm flourless chocolate terrine served with creme englise and strawberries
Semi Freddo alle Fragole e Mango $6.50 Mango and strawberry parfait with wild berry coulis
Cannoli alla Siciliana $7.50 Chocolate cannoli Filled with fresh riccota, candied fruit, shaved chocolate, and marinated cherries
Crema Cotta al Pistacchio $7.00 Pistacchio creme brulee served with blood orange sorbet and biscotti della nonna
Crostata di Pere $6.50 Pear, lemon and almond tart with caramel sauce and vanilla gelato
Gelato $6.50 Three assorted scoops of homemade ice cream or sorbet
Vin Santo e Cantucci $6.00 Sweet dessert wine served with homemade cookies
Torta di Formaggio $7.50 Ricotta orange cheesecake with chocolate sauce and strawberries
Formaggi $10.00 Selection of cheeses, serves two

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