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Bacchanalia Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Bacchanalia Package 3 $15.95 Per Person Menu and Prices

Farfalle Marinara  
Chicken Parm  
Soup Or Salad  
Pizza & Garlic Bread  
Coffee & Italian Ice Cream  

Bacchanalia Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Submarine Sandwich $6.95 garlic or italian dressing
Chopped Steak Sandwich $6.50 with fries
Cheeseburger Plate $6.95 with fries
Sausage Sandwich $6.95
Strip Steak Sandwich $9.95
Meatball Sandwich $6.95

Bacchanalia Salads Menu and Prices

Char Broiled Chicken $8.95
Seafood Salad $11.95
N.Y. Strip Steak Salad $10.95
Tomato Salad $5.95
Italian Chef $8.50
Tossed Salad $2.50

Bacchanalia Monday Menu and Prices

Roast Chicken $8.50 w/ potatoes
Spinach Gnocchi In Vodka Sauce $8.95
Chicken Breast Scallopini $9.95

Bacchanalia Contorni Menu and Prices

Pasta $3.50 – $5.50 spaghetti or mostaccioli
Soup $2.50 – $5.95 minestrone or soup of the day
Salad $3.50 – $5.95 italian, creamy garlic, bleu cheese, ranch
SautA©ed Spinach $5.50 spinach sautA©ed in garlic and spices
Homemade Fries $2.95 fresh cut, fried potatoes

Bacchanalia Antipasti Menu and Prices

Tomato Caprese $7.95 fresh tomatoes, onions with fresh mozzarella, basil & our special dressing
Pizza Bread $5.95 oven baked & topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella
Bruschetta $5.95 * diced tomatoes, basil & seasonings on toasted bread
Antipasto $11.95 – $8.95 italian lunchmeats, cheese, peppers, olives, etc.
Clams $15.95 – $8.95 clams stuffed with homemade filling.
Fried Calamari $8.95 – $11.95 * fresh calamari fried to order
Antipasto Salad $10.95 a large salad topped with antipasto delicacies and choice of dressing
Bruschetta $1.95 add fresh mozzarella, caprese
Garlic Bread $2.95 toasted garlic bread with special seasonings
Tomato Salad $6.95 thin slices of tomatoes & onions with our special dressing
Garlic Shrimp Cocktail $8.95 shrimp in our garlic olive oil topped with spices
Stuffed Mushrooms $7.95 mushrooms filled with our special stuffing
Seafood Salad $15.95 marinated calamari, shrimp & scallops

Bacchanalia Wednesday Menu and Prices

Italian Connection $8.50
Chicken Breast Pizzaiola $8.95
Chicken Toscana $8.95

Bacchanalia Package 5 $24.95 Per Person Menu and Prices

Potato Coffee & Italian Ice Cream  
Pizza & Garlic Bread  
Farfalle Bolognese & Cappellini Marinara  
Vegetable & Chicken Vesuvio  
Veal Marsala  
Soup Or Salad  

Bacchanalia Package 1 $19.95 Per Person Menu and Prices

Coffee & Italian Ice Cream  
Italian Style Beans  
Pizza & Garlic Bread  
Soup Or Salad  
Potato & Veal Parm  
Penne Marinara Chicken  

Bacchanalia To Go Food Trays Menu and Prices

Half Tray / Full Tray.
House Salad $19.95 – $39.95
Chicken Breast Lemone $42.95 – $84.95
Manicotti Or Canneloni $37.95 – $74.95
SautA©ed Fresh Broccoli In Garlic $24.95 – $49.95
Baked Cheese Shells Marinara $37.95 – $74.95
Lasagna Alfredo $37.95 – $74.95 with spinach
Penne Or Spaghetti Marinara $22.95 – $44.95
Lasagna Bolognese $37.95 – $74.95
Roast Chicken $79.95 – $49.95 w/roast potato
Penne Or Spaghetti Bolognese $29.95 – $59.95
Italian Sausage And Peppers $34.95 – $69.95
Chicken Breast Parmigiana $40.95 – $79.95
Farfalle In Vodka Sauce $32.95 – $64.95
Homemade Foccaccia Bread $17.95 – $34.95
Chicken Bacchanalia $49.95 – $99.95
Spinach SautA©ed In Garlic $32.95 – $64.95
Farfalle Al Olio $32.95 – $65.95 w/broccoli
Eggplant Parmigiana Marinara $74.95 – $37.95
Chicken Vesuvio $45.95 – $85.95 with potato

Bacchanalia Carne Menu and Prices

New York Strip Steak $2.50 charbroiled-add peppers
Pork Chops Lugana $17.95 * two chops sautA©ed with onions, green peppers & potatoes
Strip Steak Sandwich $14.95 charbroiled and served on french bread
Breaded Pork Tenderloin $11.95 pan-fried the old-fashioned way
Filet Mignon $30.95 * charbroiled & topped with sautA©ed mushrooms
Pork Chops $15.95 charbroiled pork chops
Porterhouse Vesuvio $30.95 * charbroiled, topped with our signature vesuvio sauce & potatoes
New York Strip Steak $30.95 – $22.95
Baby Back Ribs $18.95 11/4 lb. slab smothered in bbq sauce

Bacchanalia Menu #2 $11.50 Per Person Menu and Prices

Chicken Breast Parmigiana  
Roast Potato  
Italian Style Salad  
Italian Bread  
Mostaccioli Marinara  
Italian Style Sweet Peas  

Bacchanalia Tuesday Menu and Prices

Linguini Broccoli Shrimp $14.95
BBQ Chicken $8.50 w/ fries
Penne Arrabbiata $9.95 w/ chicken

Bacchanalia Package 2 $14.95 Per Person Menu and Prices

Soup Or Salad  
Linguini Marinara  
Coffee & Italian Ice Cream  
Pizza & Garlic Bread  
Roast Chicken  

Bacchanalia Side Orders Menu and Prices

Soup $1.95 – $3.95
Pasta $4.95
Fries $1.95

Bacchanalia Entrees Menu and Prices

Pork Chops $10.50 with pasta or fries
Steak Pizzaiola $16.95 strip steak covered with a delicious green pepper sauce
Pork Chops Vesuvio $10.95
NY Strip Steak $25.95 – $16.95 with soup or salad & pasta or fries
Eggplant Parmigiana $8.95
Chicken Parmigiana $8.50
Pork Chops Pizzaiola $11.50
Char Broiled Chicken Breast $9.50 with pasta or fries

Bacchanalia Desserts Menu and Prices

Cakes $4.50
Cheesecake $4.50
Cannoli $2.95 fresh
Italian Ice $1.50
Vanilla $1.50
Spumoni $2.50
Tortoni $1.95
Tiramisu $4.95

Bacchanalia Pollo Menu and Prices

Chicken Bacchanalia $17.50 * half chicken, browned and baked with italian sausage, green peppers & potatoes, sautA©ed in wine sauce w/garlic and special spices
Italian Style Fried Chicken $14.50 pan fried half chicken to order, just like the old italians do it!
Chicken Breast Parmigiana $13.95 chicken breast baked in special tomato sauce topped w/mozzarella
Roast Chicken $14.50 half chicken, browned & roasted w/potatoes & special spices
Charbroiled Chicken Breast $12.95 w/ choice of side
Chicken Vesuvio $15.50 * half chicken, browned and baked with potatoes, sautA©ed in a fresh garlic wine sauce.

Bacchanalia Pesce Menu and Prices

Tilapia Alla Toscana $18.95 sautA©ed with fresh tomatoes, basil & spices
Scampi Alla Romana $18.95 large scampi in a fresh tomato marinara served over fettuccini.
Shrimp Bacchanalia $18.95 * shrimp, zucchini, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic and parsley sautA©ed in a special butter wine sauce. served over pasta.
Seafood & Pasta $23.95 calamari, shrimp, lobster in a fresh pomodoro sauce
Fresh Lake Superior Whitefish $17.95 * baked in butter & special spices
Linguini & Clam Sauce $14.95 red or white wine sauce
Linguini & Mussels $16.95 red or white wine sauce
Shrimp Vesuvio $19.95 * large delicious shrimp, in a special batter, sautA©ed in a wine sauce with fresh garlic and parsley-with vesuvio potatoes.

Bacchanalia Menu #3 $12.95 Per Person. Menu and Prices

Italian Style Salad  
Roast Chicken  
Roast Potatoes  
Sausage And Peppers  
Italian Bread  
Farfalle In Vodka Sauce  

Bacchanalia Pasta Menu and Prices

Served With Bolognese Sauce (Meat Sauce) Or Marinara Sauce (Meatless Sauce) Meatballs Or Sausage $2.50
Spaghetti Alla Carbonara $12.95 pancetta with our special cream sauce
Mushroom Ravioli $10.95 pasta stuffed with a mushroom filling
Baked Mostaccioli Bolognese $12.95 oven baked mostaccioli with special cheeses
Mushroom Ravioli $8.50
Three Cheese Ravioli $8.50
Capellini Marinara $10.95 * angel hair pasta w/ fresh tomato cheese sauce
Tortellini $11.50 stuffed with meat filling
Spinach Or Gorgonzola Gnocchi $12.95 served with vodka sauce
Gnocchi $8.50
Homemade Meat Ravioli $12.95 * hand formed the old-fashioned way
Baked Cheese Shells $13.95 shell pasta stuffed with special ricotta cheese filling
Capellini Marinara $8.95
Baked Cheese Shells $8.95
Spaghetti $3.00 add sausage or meatball
Gnocchi $11.95 pillow shaped dumpling pasta.
Mostaccioli $3.00 add sausage or meatball
Three Cheese Ravioli $10.95 ravioli stuffed with special cheese filling
Baked Mostaccioli $8.95
Lasagna $13.95 * pasta layered with meat sauce & cheeses, oven baked
Mostaccioli $7.95
Cannelloni $8.95
Lasagna $9.50
Fettuccini Alfredo $9.95
Pasta Al Pesto Toscana $11.95 your choice of pasta with pesto sauce
Lobster Ravioli $11.95 w/ vodka sauce
Tortellini Verdi $8.50
Pasta Al Olio $9.95 pasta with olive oil and special seasonings
Tortellini $8.50
Spaghetti $7.95
Cannelloni $12.95 tubular shaped pasta stuffed with meats & cheese, oven baked
Fettuccini Alfredo $5.50 add chicken breast
Ravioli $8.50
Tortellini Verdi $11.50 spinach pasta stuffed with special cheese filling
Manicotti $12.95 tubular shaped pasta stuffed with cheeses, oven baked
Mostaccioli $8.95
Gorgonzola Or Spinach Gnocchi $9.50 w/ vodka sauce
Asparagus Ravioli $10.95 served with alfredo sauce
Manicotti $8.95
Spaghetti $8.95

Bacchanalia Package 4 $21.95 Per Person Menu and Prices

Coffee & Italian Ice Cream  
Fettucinivodkasauce & Farfalle Al Olio-Roast Chicken  
Italian Style Green Beans  
Pizza & Garlic Bread  
Potato & Veal Lemone  
Soup Or Salad  

Bacchanalia Dolce Menu and Prices

Fresh Cannoli $3.75 freshly filled to order
Ice Cream $2.50 tortoni, italian ice, vanilla
Cheesecake $4.95 carrot cake, chocolate mousse cake, raspberry cheesecake, amaretto cheesecake, chocolate fudge cake.
Homemade Tiramisu $5.95 coffee brandy liqueur, cocoa, ladyfingers, mascarpone
Spumoni $3.50 multi-flavor italian ice cream

Bacchanalia Fish Menu and Prices

Shrimp Vesuvio $15.95
Scampi Alla Romana $15.95
Linguini $13.95 with mussels
Lake Superior Fresh Whitefish $14.50 with pasta or fries

Bacchanalia Vitello Menu and Prices

Veal Saltimbocca $23.95 veal medallions sautA©ed in a delicate wine sauce with special herbs and covered with slices of prosciutto
Veal Piccata Lombardo $23.95 * veal medallions sautA©ed in a lemon/wine sauce with capers and topped with mozzarella cheese.
Veal Vesuvio $22.95 veal medallions sautA©ed in a garlic/wine sauce & sautA©ed potatoes.
Veal Parmigiana $19.95 * crisp veal cutlet covered with our special sauce, mushrooms, baked mozzarella, and parmigiano cheese
Veal Al Lemone $22.95 veal medallions sautA©ed in wine sauce w/fresh mushrooms & lemon.
Veal Cutlet Milanese $15.95 a crisp veal cutlet platter
Veal Scallopini $22.95 veal medallions sautA©ed in wine sauce, mushrooms & special spices.

Bacchanalia Menu #1 $9.95 Per Person Menu and Prices

Italian Bread  
Italian Style Salad  
Mostaccioli Marinara $1.00 meat sauce extra
Chicken Vesuvio  
Italian Style Green Beans  

Bacchanalia Beverages Menu and Prices

Cappuccino $3.95
Juice $1.95
Milk $1.95
Espresso $2.95
Soft Drinks $1.95 unlimited
Lemonade $1.95 unlimited
Coffee $1.50
Tea $1.25

Bacchanalia Thursday Menu and Prices

Veal Parmigiana $14.95
Chicken Vesuvio $8.95
Tilapia Toscana $13.95

Bacchanalia Friday Menu and Prices

Pasta Primavera $8.95
Linguini Calamari $9.95
Linguini In Clam Sauce $8.95
BBQ Ribs $8.95 1/2 slab with soup or salad and pasta or fries

Bacchanalia Insalate Menu and Prices

Garlic Shrimp Salad $15.95 marinated shrimp over salad
New York Strip Steak Salad $15.95 large salad topped with charbroiled steak
Salmon Salad $15.95 grilled salmon over large salad
Charbroiled Chicken Breast Salad $12.95 large charbroiled chicken breast over salad

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