Badou Senegalese Cuisine

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Cuisine: African.


Pastel $4.99 crispy pastry filled with marinated chicken sauteed in tomato and onion sauce.
Boulette $4.99 delicious meat balls blended with exotic spices.
Plantain (V) $3.99 fried or boiled.
Chicken Boulette $4.99 well-seasoned chicken balls served with tomato.
Fish Boulette $4.99 well-seasoned fish balls served with tomato.
Akara $3.00 black eyed peas blended with exotic spices.
Fataya $4.99 crispy pastry filled with marinated beef sauteed in tomato and onion sauce.

Vegetarian Appetizers

Veggie Pastel $4.99 crispy pastry filled with vegetables sauteed in tomato and onion sauce.
Veggie Boulette $4.99 mixed vegetable balls blended with exotic spices.
Accara $3.00

Salad $3.99

Senegalese Garden Salad (V) fresh vegetables served with tasty homemade vinaigrette.

Soup $4.99

Senegalese Soup chicken or beef with vegetables.

Vegetarian Soup $4.99

Veggie Soup carrots, potatoes, onions and green leaves.
Mama Fatou Veggie Curry Soup


All Entrees Are Served With Your Choice Of Rice Or Plantains.
Brochette Guinar $11.99 chicken deep in a juicy dijon mustard.
Brochette Yaap $12.99 lamb deep in a juicy dijon mustard.
Diby Guinar $11.99 grilled seasoned chicken with onion sauce.
Diby Yaap $12.99 grilled, seasoned and tenderized lamb with onion sauce.
Braised Tilapia Filet $11.99 lightly caramelized.
Braised Whole Tilapia $12.99 lightly caramelized.
Crevette $13.99 sauteed shrimp with fresh garlic butter and onion.
Badou’s Seafood Delight $17.99 tilapia filet, lobster and shrimp cooked in a rich sauce.
Yassa Guinar $10.99 chicken infused with lime and caramelized onion.
Yassa Djen $10.99 tilapia infused with lime and caramelized onion.
Mafe $10.99 chicken or vegetables cooked in rich, creamy peanut butter sauce.
Thiou Curry Chicken $10.99 chicken cooked in a rich curry sauce with vegetables.
Poulet Roti $10.99 marinated fried chicken cooked with peas.
Senegalese Beefsteak $11.99 sauteed lamb with onion and dijon mustard. served with salad.
Thiebou Djen $11.99
Djolof Rice $10.99 senegalese national dish with fish filet.
Shrimp-Grouper-Prawn $15.99 cooked in thick tomato, carrot and broccoli sauce.
Cebbu Yapp $11.99 jasmine rice cooked with chicken.
Cebbu Guinnar $11.99 jasmine rice cooked with beef.
Foufou $11.99 beef stew cooked in rich red bell pepper sauce. served with pounded yam.
Mborokhe $11.99 cassa leaves cooked in a creamy peanut butter sauce with palm oil.
Attieke $12.99 grated fermented cassave cooked like couscous. served with tilapia fish, onion, tomato and bell pepper sauce.
Badou Soul Food Delight $12.99 collard greens cooked with smoked turkey served over rice.

Vegetarian Entrees

Yam Yam Niambi $10.99 cassava cooked in a creamy tomato sauce.
Vegetarian Thiou $10.99 cabbage, cassava and carrots cooked in a rich tomato sauce.
Vegetarian Spaghetti $10.99 broccoli and eggplant cooked with spaghetti.
Mafe Veggie $10.99 cabbage and carrots cooked in a rich creamy peanut butter sauce.
Yassa Veggie $10.99 brussels sprouts and broccoli infused with lime and caramelized onions.
Ndamme $9.99 black eyed peas cooked in a thick onion and garlic sauce.
Petit Pois $9.99 peas and potatoes cooked with onion and exotic spices.
Vegetarian Curry Stew $9.99
Vegetarian Delight Signature $14.99 a heavenly dish cooked with the fire of love.
Veggie Thiebou Djen $10.99 djolof rice served with vegetables. senegalese national dish served with vegetables.

Desserts $3.95

Chef’s Signature Chocolate Cake

Tea & Coffee

Ginger Tea $1.99
Quinqueliba $1.75
Cafe Touba $2.00
Coffee $1.75
Lemongrass Tea $1.75


Canned Soda $1.00
Bottled Water $1.00
Ginger Cocktail $2.99 homemade ginger drink with pineapple.
Bissap $2.99 homemade hibiscus drink.

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