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Bagel Brothers Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Bagel Brothers Pizzazini Menu and Prices

9aˆ? Gluten-Free Pizzazini $7.95
6aˆ? Cheese Pizzazini $3.95
Additional Toppings (6aˆ?) $0.50 Pepperoni, Basil Pesto, Ham, Pineapple, Jalapenos, Italian Salami, Red Onion, Black Olives, Fresh Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Roasted Red Peppers, Cooked Tomatoes.
Pizzazini & Pop Special $5.25
Additional Toppings (9aˆ?) $0.75 Pepperoni, Basil Pesto, Ham, Pineapple, Jalapenos, Italian Salami, Red Onion, Black Olives, Fresh Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Roasted Red Peppers, Cooked Tomatoes.

Bagel Brothers Bottled Drinks Menu and Prices

Lattinaˆ™s Fresh Cider $2.19 – $3.19
Naked Juice $3.49
Milk / Chocolate Milk $1.19
Lipton Teas / Gatorade $2.19
Bottled Water / Canned Pop $0.99
Ocean Spray Juices / V8 $2.19
KemperRoot Beer / Orange Cream Soda $2.19
ONE Coconut Water $2.19

Bagel Brothers Cream Cheeses Menu and Prices

all low-fat.
Plain $2.79
Smoked Salmon $3.29
Strawberry / Jalapeno $2.99
Garlic Herb / Pesto $2.99
Chive / Sun-Dried Tomato $2.99
Non-Fat Plain $2.99

Bagel Brothers Soups Menu and Prices

Vegetarian Chili $3.25 – $4.25 Available Mon, Wed, Fri / Served with Bagel Chips.
Soup of the Day $3.25 – $4.25 Served with Bagel Chips.
Light Fare Special $3.95 – $4.95 Choice of soup plus a warm Asiago Cheese Stick.

Bagel Brothers Power Boosts Menu and Prices

Protein / Immunit / Anti-Oxidant / Energy $0.60
Visalis Meal Replacement Supplement $2.00 – $3.00

Bagel Brothers Grilled Panini Menu and Prices

All paninis served on our own grilled focaccia bread.
Hot & Spicy $6.95 Spice up your day with this delight. Italian salami, Swiss cheese, red onion, and jalapenos with red bell pepper pesto.
The Big Cheese $6.00 Grilled cheese loveraˆ™s special. Cheddar, Swiss, jack and provolone with basil pesto.
Freebird $6.95 Our signature panini. Turkey breast, provolone cheese, tomato and black olives with red bell pepper pesto.
Club Brother $6.95 Join the panini club with this delicious creation. Turkey breast, ham, cheddar cheese and tomato with basil pesto.
Reuben Loves Pastrami $7.95 A classic deli sandwich. Pastrami, Swiss cheese and OlyKraut gourmet sauerkraut with thousand island dressing
Very Veggie $6.00 The name says it all! Hummus, cucumbers, roasted red peppers, black olives, and red onion.

Bagel Brothers Fountain Drinks Menu and Prices

Pepsi products $1.49 – $1.89
Italian Sodas $2.99 – $3.99

Bagel Brothers Also From Our Bakery Menu and Prices

Oatmeal $2.50
Wild Alaskan Sockeye Lox $28.00
Yogurt $1.25
Power Bar $0.95
Jewish Rye Bread $5.95
Bialy $1.50
Bagel Chips $1.75
Asiago Cheese Sticks $0.95
Yesterdayaˆ™s Bagels (Bag of 6) $5.95
Challah $5.95 Fridays after Noon.
Timaˆ™s Cascade Potato Chips $1.25

Bagel Brothers Goodies Menu and Prices

Cougar Mountain Cookies $1.95 Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter.
Rugelach $1.25
Smiling Moaˆ™s Gluten Free Cookies $1.95

Bagel Brothers Create Your Own Menu and Prices

Customized Sandwich $6.45 Choose One Meat: Roast Beef, Turkey Breast, Ham, Italian Salami; Choose One Cheese/Spread: Cheddar, Jack, Swiss, Provolone, Cream Cheese, Basil Pesto Guacamole, Hummus; Choose Any Veggies/Condiments:
Vegetarian Option $5.00 Choose TWO Cheese/Spreads & any Veggies/Condiments.

Bagel Brothers Cream Cheese to Go Menu and Prices

all low-fat.
Garlic-Herb $2.50 – $4.50
Chive $2.50 – $4.50
Plain $2.40 – $4.30
Sun-Dried Tomato $2.50 – $4.50
Jalapeno $2.50 – $4.50
Smoked Salmon $2.75 – $4.95
Strawberry $2.50 – $4.50
Basil Pesto $2.50 – $4.50

Bagel Brothers Other Spreads Menu and Prices

Butter / Soy Margarine / Honey $1.59
Hummus $3.19
Peanut Butter & Jam (or honey) $2.19
Butter and Jam (or honey) $1.89
Basil Pesto $3.19
Marionberry Jam $1.69
Guacamole $3.19
Peanut Butter $1.69 crunchy or creamy.

Bagel Brothers Breakfast Bagels Menu and Prices

On toasted bagel of your choice. Add $0.55 on a super bagel; $1.20 on a gluten-free bagel. Available with Cholesterol-Free Eggs.
Egg with Cheddar $5.00
Egg with Lox $7.50
Egg with Ham or Sausage $5.50
Egg with Ham or Sausage & Cheddar $6.00
Scrambled Egg $4.95 w/ a little onion & chive.

Bagel Brothers Bagels Menu and Prices

Baked Fresh Throughout the Day in Our Bakery
Bakersaˆ™ Dozen (13) $11.40
Gluten-Free Bagels $2.15
Regular Bagels $0.95 Plain, Cheese, Sesame, Poppy, Cinnamon Raisin Cranberry, Blueberry, French Toast, Chocolate Chip, Regular Onion, New York Onion, Everything, Whole Wheat, Nine Grain, Caraway Rye, Garlic, Jalapeno, Sa
Super Bagels $1.50 Cheesey Everything, Cheesey Pesto. made with locally-sourced flour from Shepherdaˆ™s Grain, an alliance of NW family wheat farmers.

Bagel Brothers Fruit Smoothies Menu and Prices

Strawberry Lemonade $3.95 – $5.95
South Pacific $3.95 – $5.95 Raspberry, Banana.
Caribbean Cooler $3.95 – $5.95 Pina Colada, Mango.
Berry Banana $3.95 – $5.95 Strawberry, Banana.
Tropical $3.95 – $5.95 Raspberry, Mango.

Bagel Brothers Coffee Menu and Prices

Regular / Decaf $1.49 – $2.29

Bagel Brothers Java Smoothies Menu and Prices

Chocolate (Coffee-Free) $3.95 – $5.95 Ice Cream, Chocolate.
Latte $3.95 – $5.95 Ice Cream, Espresso, Vanilla Flavor.
Mocha $3.95 – $5.95 Ice Cream, Espresso, Chocolate.
Caramel $3.95 – $5.95 Ice Cream, Espresso, Caramel Flavor.

Bagel Brothers Our Favorite Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Add $0.55 on a wrap or super bagel; $1.20 on a gluten-free bagel. Upgrade any sandwich to a combo meal: Choice of regular fountain drink, coffee or tea plus your choice of Timaˆ™s Chips ($2.25), Yogurt ($2.25) or Cookie ($2.75).
Roast Beef & Cheddar $6.45 Roast beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo and regular mustard on a toasted plain bagel.
Turkey $6.45 Turkey breast, jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo and dijon mustard on a toasted everything bagel.
The Bagel Garden $6.45 Hot vegetarian gardenpatty, melted jack cheese, tomato, sprouts, lettuce, and regular mustard on a toasted sesame seed bagel.
Lox $8.95 Wild Alaskan sockeye lox, plain cream cheese, tomato and onion on a toasted New York onion bagel. Capers available upon request.
Vegetarian $5.00 Guacamole, tomato, sprouts and chive cream cheese on a toasted sesame seed bagel. Cucumber available upon request.
Hot Pastrami $7.95 Hot pastrami and regular mustard on a toasted caraway rye bagel. Add melted swiss and/or OlyKraut gourmet sauerkraut at no extra charge.
Mikebagel $6.45 Ham, jack cheese, red onion, dijon mustard and sprouts on a toasted regular onion bagel.
Ham & swiss $6.45 Ham, Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce and regular mustard on a toasted caraway rye bagel.
Tuna Salad $5.00 Water-packed albacore tuna mixed with low-cal mayo, onion, sweet relish, celery, tomato and sprouts on a toasted caraway rye bagel.
Brother Nature $5.00 Hummus, roasted red pepper, tomato, sprouts and cucumber on a toasted whole wheat bagel.
Submarine $6.45 Turkey breast, ham, Italian salami, provolone cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayo and dijon mustard on a toasted cheese bagel.
The Bagel Sister $6.45 Roast Beef, jack cheese, basil pesto, lettuce and tomato on a toasted everything bagel.
Jeremyaˆ™s Choice $6.45 Turkey breast, basil pesto and sprouts on a toasted cheese bagel.

Bagel Brothers Espresso/Hot Drinks Menu and Prices

Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate $2.30 – $3.30
Chai $2.70 – $4.70
Soy Milk / Almond Milk / Rice Milk / Breve $0.60 All espresso drinks available Iced (16 oz. or 24 oz. only) or Decaf.
Mocha $3.30 – $4.70
Latte $2.70 – $4.10
Additional shot of Espresso or Flavoring $0.60
Single shot of Espresso $2.00
Hot Tea $1.30
Americano $2.00 – $2.60

Bagel Brothers Breakfast Burritos Menu and Prices

Made in a flour tortilla with scrambled egg, cheddar cheese, hash brown potatoes, mild salsa, green bell pepper, onion and cilantro Vegetarian includes roasted red bell pepper.
Sausage $3.95
Ham $3.95
Vegetarian $3.95

Bagel Brothers Catering Menu and Prices

Bagel Luncheon Platter $7.50 an assortment of our favorite sandwiches made on bagel brothersaˆ™ celebrated bagels. featured sandwiches include turkey & jack, ham & swiss, roast beef & cheddar, and vegetarian, all sliced and quarte
Breakfast Burritos  
Fruit Platter $3.75 sliced and ready to eat. a colorful variety of in-season fruit; cool, crisp, and sweet.
Lox And Cream Cheese Platter $6.95 a deluxe version of the bagel and cream cheese platter (above) with the addition of nova-style lox (2 oz. per person), sliced tomatoes, onions, and capers.
Chips & Cookies  
Coffee, Juice & Beverage  
Bagel And Cream Cheese Platter $2.95 an assortment of bagel brothersaˆ™ award-winning bagels, sliced and quartered and ready to eat. with lavish tubs of cream cheese in plain, berry, chive and other delicious flavors, this platter is a bi

Bagel Brothers Salads Menu and Prices

Choice of Dressing: Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Italian, Honey Mustard, Thousand Island.
Side Salad $3.25
Chefaˆ™s Salad $5.95

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