Bagel Rising

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Bagel Rising Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Bagel Rising Beverages Menu and Prices

Latte Double $2.85
Latte Single $2.35
Hot Chocolate $1.50 – $2.00
Chai Latte $2.20 – $2.80
Double Espresso $1.75
Spring Water $1.25
Iced Coffee $1.25 – $1.75
Hot Tea $1.25
Single Espresso $1.25
Cappucino Single $2.35
Nantucket Nectars $1.50
Cappucino Double $2.85
Fresh Samantha $2.49
Fountain Soda $1.00 – $1.25
Coffee $1.25 – $1.75
Arizona Tea $1.50

Bagel Rising Wraps Menu and Prices

Served on on a tortilla or your choice: plain, wheat or tomato.
The Deli Wrap $4.53 You create this one!
Eggplant Wrap $4.49 Baked eggplant and your choice of three toppings.
Sunrise Wrap $3.51 Two eggs scrambled, bacon, sausage, or ham, choice of cheese. Salsa available.
Sushi Wrap $4.95 Smoked salmon, cream cheese, lettuce, avocado, cucumbers.
Veggie Blast Wrap $4.63 All our vegetables, havarti cheese, vinaigrette dressing.
Turkey Avocado Club Wrap $5.51 Honey, turkey, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, and/or honey mustard or russian dressing.

Bagel Rising Specialty Items Menu and Prices

Muffins $1.25
Soup of the Day $2.85
Coleslaw $0.66
Fruit Salad $2.85
Cookies $1.25
Potato Salad $0.66

Bagel Rising Speciality Sandwiches Menu and Prices

The Sahara $4.35 Hummus, roasted red peppers, cucumbers, sprouts, havarti cheese.
Sunrise Sandwich   Two eggs scrambled, bacon, sausage, or ham, choice of cheese. Salsa available.
The Spicy Chix $4.53 Roasted chicken, jalapeno cream cheese, tomato, cucumbers.
Smooth Rider $1.90 Peanut butter and jelly.
Santa Monica $4.95 Nova lox, avocado, cream cheese.
The Gobble $4.53 Roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, lettuce, tomato.
Avocado Dream $3.34 Avocado, sprouts, cucumber, havarti cheese.
Chicken Out $4.53 Roasted chicken, russian dressing, cole slaw, and swiss.
Tuna Melt $5.12 Tuna, lettuce, tomato, cheese.
Vegetable Blast $4.69 All our vegetables, havarti cheese, vinaigrette dressing.
The Udder One $4.53 Garlic heard cream cheese, roast beef, lettuce, tomato.
Ham Heaven $4.63 Virginian baked ham, honey mustard, lettuce, tomato.
Sunrise Sandwich $2.85 Egg, bacon, sausage, or ham, choice of cheese. Additional egg for additional cost.
Goldy’s Delicious Smoked Fish $5.25 Whitefish salad, nova lox, tomato, onion, cream cheese.
The New Yorker $4.53 Lean pastrami, spicy mustard, swiss cheese. Try it warm!

Bagel Rising Spread Menu and Prices

Served on bagel of your choice.
Peanut Butter $1.19
Spreads to Go – Plain Cream Cheese $2.20
Spreads to Go – Lox Spread $3.29
Flavored Cream Cheese $2.00 Choose: vegetable or lowfat vegetable, scallion, olive, garlic herb, sundried tomato, jalapeno, and honey raisin.
Lox Spread $2.39 With 2 toppings.
Butter or Margarine $0.99
Hummus $2.39 With 2 toppings.
Plain or Low Fat Cream Cheese $1.75
Tofu Spread $2.30 Choose: vegetable, garlic herb, scallion, sundried tomato.
Spreads to Go – Flavored Cream Cheese $2.49

Bagel Rising Bagels Menu and Prices

Choice of plain, sesame, poppy, everything, whole wheat, marble, egg, salt, onion, garlic, vegetable, cinnamon raisin, super cinnamon, mixed berry, sundried tomato, spinach, honey grain.
Bagels $0.65 – $5.49

Bagel Rising Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Served on the bagel of your choice with three toppings (additional cost for more), honey or spicy mustard, mayonaise with a side of coleslaw, chips or potato salad. Variety of toppings, such as lettuce, tomato, sprouts and cheese, available.
Pastrami $4.53
Tunafish Salad $4.53
Garden Burger $4.49
Roasted Chicken Breast $4.53
Baked Eggplant $4.49
Fresh Chicken Salad $4.53
Smoked Whitefish Salad $4.70
Roast, Smoked or Cajun Turkey $4.53
Baked Ham $4.63
Roast, Smoked or Cajun Turkey $4.53
Nova Lox $4.95 With cream cheese.

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