Bagels On The Ave

Up to date Bagels On The Ave prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Sandwiches, Bagels.

Bagels And Spreads

Bagel $1.00
Mini Bagel $0.50
Half Dozen $6.00
Dozen $12.00

Add A Spread

Butter $1.50
Walnut Raisin $2.75
Butter And Jelly $1.75
Sun-Dried Tomato $2.75
Plain Cream Cheese $2.00
Jalapeno $2.75
Cream Cheese & Jelly $2.25
Cucumber-Dill $2.75
Low-Fat Cream Cheese $2.95
Strawberry $2.75
Scallion $2.75
Tofu $3.00
Low-Fat Scallion $2.95
Fresh Lox $6.95
Veggie $2.75
Fresh Lox & Cream Cheese $7.95
Low-Fat Veggie $2.95
Lox Spread $3.25

Breakfast Sandwiches

One Egg On Bagel $2.50
One Egg On Bagel $3.75 with ham, bacon, sausage, turkey sausage
Egg Whites $1.00
2 Eggs On Bagel $3.50
2 Eggs On Bagel $4.75 with ham, bacon, sausage, turkey sausage
Western On A Bagel $4.95
Western On A Bagel $0.50 add cheese


Cup Of Oatmeal $2.95

Eggs And Omelets

All Eggs & Omelets Served With Potatoes, Choice Of Bagel Or Toast
2 Eggs Any Style $4.50
2 Eggs Any Style $6.00 with ham, bacon, sausage, turkey sausage
Egg White Low Cholesterol Omelet $7.95 peppers, onion, mushroom, tomato and basil
Fresh Broccoli And Cheddar Omelet $6.95
Classic Denver Omelet $7.25 diced ham, peppers and onions
Cheese Omelet $6.50
California Omelet $8.50 avocado, mushroom, tomato and cheddar cheese
Greek Omelet $7.95 tomato and feta
Athenian Omelet $8.50 fresh spinach, tomato, mushroom and feta cheese
Murray Omelet $8.95 smoked nova scotia lox and onions
Murray Omelet $0.50 add cheese
Murray Omelet $1.00 add egg whites

Pancakes & French Toast

Pancakes & French Toast $5.95
Pancakes & French Toast $7.95 with ham, bacon, sausage & turkey sausage
Pancakes & French Toast $1.95 add with 2 eggs on top
Pancakes & French Toast $1.00 add with banana
Pancakes & French Toast $2.00 with chocolate chip, blueberry or strawberry
Multigrain Pancakes $8.95 topped with fresh berries and nuts

Soups & Appetizers

Soup Of The Day With Choice Of Bagel $6.00 – $3.00
Fried Mozzarella Sticks $5.95
Buffalo Wings $6.95
Fried Chicken Fingers $7.95
Quesadillas $5.95 cheese
Quesadillas $8.95 chicken
Quesadillas $9.95 steak
Pizza Bagel $5.95

Garden Fresh Salads

All Salads Served With Choice Of Bagel Top Your Salad With: Chicken $3, Steak $4, Salmon $5.
Mixed Seasonal Green Salad $7.95 – $5.95
Greek Salad $6.95 – $8.95 romaine lettuce, feta, black olives, anchovies, dolmadakia, garnish
Caesar Salad $7.95 – $5.95 romaine lettuce, grated cheese and croutons and our caesar dressing
Cobb Salad $9.95 grilled chicken breast, avocado, bacon, cucumber com and bermuda onion over seasonal greens
Bagel Ave. Burger Salad $11.95 chopped greens, tomato, cucumber, pepper, crumbled bleu cheese, onions, topped with your choice of burger
Chef Salad $9.95 sliced roast beef, turkey, ham, swiss, cheddar cheese cucumber, tomato, and hard boiled egg on a bed of mixed greens
Steak House Chopped Salad $11.95 perfectly marinated skirt steak, with sweet corn, chick peas, black beans, red onion, cucumber and tomato over seasonal greens
Mexican Fiesta Salad $11.95 fresh tomato, cheddar, avocado, corn, marinated grilled chicken breast, red onion and ancho chile ranch dressing, topped with corn tortillas


Classic Burger $5.25 8oz fresh ground beef cooked to your liking
Bagel Ave. Burger $6.25 american cheese, caramelized onions and special sauce
Mediterranean Burger $7.25 with mixed greens, peppers, onions, fresh parsley spice topped with feta cheese and oregano served on pita bread
Mexican Burger $6.95 with haas avocado, jalapeno, pepper jack cheese
California Burger $7.25 with hass avocado, bacon, alfalfa sprouts & swiss cheese
House Made Veggie Burger $6.50 our secret mix of fresh garden veggies & lentils
Fresh Grilled Turkey Burger $5.25

Burger Toppers

Make Any Of Your Burgers Deluxe With French Fries, Lettuce, Tomato, Cole Slaw And Pickles $2.25. Substitute Sweet Potato Fries, Waffle Fries And Onion Rings For Additional $1.
Tomato $0.75
Bacon $1.25
Sauteed Mushrooms $1.50
Onions And Avocado $1.50
Cheese American $0.75
Cheddar $0.75
Mozzarella $0.75
Swiss And Pepper Jack $0.75

Cold Salad Platters

Tuna Salad Platter $8.95 with cole slaw, potato salad, tomato and hard boiled egg
Chicken Salad Platter $8.95 with cole slaw, potato salad, tomato and hard boiled egg
Shrimp Salad Platter $9.95 with cole slaw, potato salad, tomato and hard boiled egg

Overstuffed Sandwich Sensations

All Sandwiches Served With French Fries, On Your Choice Of Bagel
Bagel Ave Club Sandwich $8.95 fresh turkey breast, lettuce, tomato and bacon
Three Kings Roost Beef Bagel Club $8.95 lean with crispy fried onions, sauteed mushrooms, tomato and russian dressing
Grilled Chicken Club $8.95 grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato
Tuna Melt $8.95 tuna salad on bagel, topped with melted american cheese and tomato
Ruby Reuben $9.95 heaped with corned beef, sauerkraut, and melted swiss
Grilled Salmon Club $11.95 grilled salmon, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato on a bagel with dill mayonnaise
Bagel Ave Wrap $9.95 grilled chicken strips, bacon, melted swiss, lettuce, tomato, red onion with honey mustard dressing
Chicken Caesar Wrap $8.95 grilled chicken with romaine lettuce, grated cheese and croutons with caesar dressing

Hot Open Sandwiches $10.95

Hot Open Turkey Sandwich fresh white meat turkey, served with potato and vegetable, topped with homemade gravy
Hot Open Roast Beef Sandwich topped with homemade gravy, served with potato and vegetable
Hot Open Brisket Sandwich served with potato, vegetable and topped with its own natural gravy

Sandwich Classics

All Sandwiches Served On Your Choice Of Bagel, White, Whole Wheat, Rye Or Roll. Tomato Or Cheese $0.75.
Brisket $6.95
Roast Beef $6.95
Roast Turkey $6.95
Corned Beef $6.95
Pastrami $6.95
Grilled Chicken $6.95
Tuna Salad $5.25
Chicken Salad $5.25
Shrimp Salad $6.25
Egg Salad $4.75
Grilled Cheese $4.50
Grilled Cheese $5.50 with ham, bacon or sausage
Grilled Cheese $4.95 with tomato
;Full House; $5.95 grilled cheese with bacon and tomato
Bacon $4.95 lettuce and tomato

Greek Specialties

Chicken Souvlaki On Pita $6.95
Chicken Souvlaki Platter $10.95 grilled chicken breast chunks on pita bread with french fries and greek salad
Beef Souvlaki On Pita $6.95
Beef Souvlaki Platter $10.95 marinated chunks of beef on pita bread with french fries and greek salad
Gyro Sandwich $5.95
Gyro Platter $9.95
Gyro Platter $10.95 served with pita bread, greek salad and french fries
Greek Spinach Pie $11.95 spinach and feta cheese in filo nest, served with greek salad
Greek Moussaka $11.95 layers of eggplant, chopped meat, thin sliced potato, with bechamel sauce, and greek salad


French Fries $3.50
Sweet Potato Fries $4.25
Waffle Fries $4.25
Onion Rings $4.25
Bacon $3.95 ham, sausage, turkey sausage
Coleslaw $3.50
Potato Salad $3.50

The Bake Shop

Muffins $1.95 blueberry, corn and bran
Assorted Muffins $2.25
Cookies $1.75
Plain Croissants $1.95
Flavored Croissants $2.25
Assorted Pound Cakes $2.25
Assorted Danishes $2.25

Hot & Cold Beverages

Sm / Lg.
Coffee $1.50 – $1.75
Flavor Coffees $0.75
Iced Coffee $2.75 – $2.25
Frappe $3.50 – $3.00
Cappuccino $3.50 – $3.00
Iced Cappuccino $4.00 – $3.50
Hot Chocolate $1.75 – $2.00
Herbal Tea $2.00 – $1.75
Expresso $2.25
All Snapples $1.75
All 20oz Sodas $1.95
14oz Tropicana $2.25
Can Sodas $1.50

Healthy Smoothies $4.95

Frutti-Tutti orange juice, bananas, strawberries, pineapple non-fat frozen yogurt
Tropical Health Shake blueberries, strawberries, bananas, orange juice, haagen-dazs vanilla frozen yogurt
Berry Energizer banana, blueberries, strawberries and cranberry juice
Hi-C Smoothie banana, strawberries, pineapple, orange juice & haagen-dazs vanilla frozen yogurt
Haagen-Dazs Milkshakes choice of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry

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