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Bageti 12" Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Fresh veggies: Carrots & cilantro or lettuce & tomato spicyness: Add jalapeno choose medium or spicy
Bageti Burger $7.49 With house creamy alfredo sauce and fresh veggies
Braised Beef $7.99 With braised carrots & onions and fresh veggies
BBQ Chicken $5.99 With house spread and fresh veggies
Curry Tofu $6.59 Vegan coconut curry, house spread and fresh veggies vegan option available add extra sauce for $0.89 braised sauce, curry sauce, pink sauce, alfredo sauce
Grilled Pork $5.99 With house spread and fresh veggies

Bageti Handhelds Menu and Prices

Steamed Pillow Bun $2.99 Filled with beef & onions add spicy oil & jalapeno add curry sauce dip for $1.25
Meat Pie Pate Chaud $1.99 Flaky pastry pocket filled with chicken & onions buy 12 for $19.99

Bageti Dishes Menu and Prices

Spinach Artichoke Dip $6.79 With sun dried tomatoes, served with baguette. Add extra bread for $1.25
Chicken Curry $7.49 With carrots & potatoes, served with baguette vegan option with tofu available
Beef Stew $8.79 With carrots & potatoes, served with baguette
Bageti Pizza $9.99 12" open baguette house tomato sauce, grilled pork, cheese
Bageti Signature Pasta $9.99 Chicken garlic cream fusion pasta

Bageti Bakery & Pastries Menu and Prices

Bageti Mini Napoli $1.99 Flaky pastry with fruit creme patissierre and fruit

Bageti Fresh Baked Baguettes Menu and Prices

Fresh Baked Baguettes $2.75 – $5.00 Our baguettes are vegan no fat. no eggs. no milk. no sugar.

Bageti Drinks Menu and Prices

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice $2.50
Iced Thai Milk Tea $2.75
Cold-Brew Iced Coffee $2.69
Italian Soda $2.50 Flavors: Strawberry, raspberry, coconut, more flavors available
Mango Mania Smoothie $3.85 With mango, banana, yogurt
Italian Cream Soda $3.00
Iced Green Tea $1.95
Iced Milk Tea $1.99

Bageti French Toast Menu and Prices

Apple ala Mode $7.49 Apple filling, chantilly creme vanilla ice cream
Strawberry Harmony $7.49 Strawberries, banana, caramel, chantilly creme
Blue-Tiful $7.49 Blueberries, blueberry compote, straberry puree, chantilly creme
Banana Foster $7.29 Banana, caramel, chantilly creme

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