Bai Ling Chinese Restaurant

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Cuisine: Chinese.


All egg rolls have peanut product
Cold Chinese Egg Noodles Blended $4.95 W. sesame sauce
Cold Spring Lettuce Wrap with Vegetables $4.50
Cold Spring Lettuce Wrap with Chicken $4.95
Cold Spring Lettuce Wrap with Beef $5.50
Cold Spring Lettuce Wrap with Shrimp $5.50
Steam or Pan-Fried Hand Roll Dumplings (8) Vegetables $4.95
Steam or Pan-Fried Hand Roll Dumplings (8) Pork $4.95
Steam or Pan-Fried Hand Roll Dumplings (8) Shrimps $5.50
Crispy Bai Ling Egg Rolls Vegetables $1.25
Crispy Bai Ling Egg Rolls Chicken $1.45
Crispy Bai Ling Egg Rolls Shrimp $1.50
Crispy Bai Ling Egg Rolls Jumbo Shrimp $3.25
Barbecued Spare Ribs $4.95 – $8.95
Scallion Pancakes $3.50
Crab Rangoons (6) $4.25
Glazed and Marinated Chicken Wings (6) $4.25
Chicken Teriyaki $4.95
Beef Teriyaki (4) $5.95
Fried Jumbo Shrimp (6) $5.95
Pu Pu Platter (Min. 2 People) $10.95 Barbecued ribs, chicken teriyaki, crab rangoons, glazed chicken wings, beef teriyaki and your choice of egg roll, served with flaming mini hibaki burner
Shrimp Toast $4.95
Chicken Fingers $4.95
Honey Spare Ribs $5.95


Hot & Sour $1.50 – $3.00
Egg Flower $1.50 – $3.00
Wonton $1.50 – $3.00
Mixed Seasonal Vegetables (For Two) $4.95
Special Wonton (For Two) $5.95
Dragon-Phoenix (For Two) $6.95

Chef’s Specialties

General Tso’s Chicken, Beef or Shrimp $9.95 – $11.95 Chunks of tender chicken or flank steak or jumbo shrimp, marinated w. bai ling’s own recipe, each choice has a desectable, crispy coating and tender inside that is delightful spicy and sweet
General Tso’s Chicken, Beef or Shrimp $12.95 Combination of any two
General Tso’s Chicken, Beef or Shrimp $13.95 Combination of any three
Triple Delight $11.95
Peking Duck $15.95 – $28.95
Fan-Tail Jumbo Shrimp $11.50
Happy Gathering $12.95 A unique meat lover dish
Chinese Hot-Pot with Seafood $14.95
Tai-Pan Sizzling Steak $12.95
Seven Stars with The Moon for Two $17.50
House Crispy Spicy Chicken $10.95 White meat
Seafood Delight $12.95
Crispy Walnut Chicken $10.95
Crispy Walnut Shrimp $11.95
Lobster Tail Special $16.95
Whole Fish
Soft Shell Crab Salt & pepper, garlic sauce, kung pao
Champagne Chicken $9.95
Pineapple Chicken $9.95
Mongolian Delight $12.95
Sesame Beef $12.95
Lover’s Dinner for Two $18.95
Three’s Company $14.95
Orange Flavored Beef $11.95
Orange Flavored Chicken $9.95
Kung Pao Combination $12.50
Three Afire $13.50
Happy Family $12.50
Bai Ling Dragon $11.50
Chinese Basil Chicken $10.95
Salmon Sizzler $14.95
Double Bai Ling $12.50


Side Order Vegetables $5.25 Daily chinese green A) snow pea pods, B)carrots and baby corns, C) string beans, D) chinese eggplants. Choice of sauces: A) white garlic sauce, B)General tso’s sauce, C)spicy brown garlic sauce, D) h
Ma Po Tofu $6.50
Broccoli with Garlic Sauce or General Tso’s Sauce $6.50
Stir Fry String Beans $6.50
Moo Shu Vegetables $7.50
Buddha’s Feast $7.50
Chinese Eggplants in Hot Garlic Sauce $7.50
Veggie Delight in Hot Pot $8.50
Szechuan Bean Curd $6.50
General Tso’s Bean Curd $7.50
Curry Vegetables $7.50
Cantonese Style Tomato Chili Vegetable $7.50

Combination Special

Served w. egg fried rice or steam rice or browb rice (come with any egg roll or soup)
Egg Foo Young $7.55 Chicken, beef or shrimp
Lo Mein $7.55 Chicken, beef or shrimp
Chop Suey $7.55 Chicken, beef or shrimp
General Chicken or Orange Chicken $7.55
Kong Bow $7.55 Chicken, beef or shrimp
Broccoli $7.55 Chicken, beef or shrimp
Garlic $7.55 Chicken, beef or shrimp
Sweet and Sour $7.55 Chicken, pork or shrimp


Cashew Chicken $8.95
Kung Bow Chicken $8.95
Moo Shu Chicken $8.95
Broccoli Chicken $8.95
Sweet and Sour Chicken $8.95
Curry Chicken $8.95
Cantonese Style Tomato Chili Chicken $8.95
Shredded Chicken and Garlic Sauce $8.95
War Shew Chicken $8.95
Szechuan Chicken $8.95
Lemon Chicken $8.95
Crispy Chicken $10.95
Hunan Chicken $8.95
Chicken with Chinese Eggplant $9.95
Chicken with String Bean $9.95


Moo Shu Shrimp $10.50
Sweet & Sour Shrimp $10.50
Broccoli Shrimp $10.50
Szechuan Shrimp $10.50
Cashew Shrimp $10.50
Fung Mei Shrimp $11.95
Shrimp & Scallop in Black Bean Garlic Sauce $12.95
Seafood Trio in White Garlic Sauce $13.95
Szechuan Hai Sin $13.95
Curry Shrimp $10.50
Kung Bow Shrimp $10.50
Ginger and Garlic Shrimp $10.50
Sea Scallops in Ginger and Garlic $11.50
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce $10.50
Shrimp with String Beans $10.50
Shrimp with Chinese Eggplant $10.50

Pork or Beef

Moo Shu Pork $8.50
Double Cooked Hot Roast Pork $8.50
Szechuan Pork $8.50
Sweet & Sour Pork $8.50
Roast Pork with Mushroom $8.50
Curry Roast Pork $9.50
Broccoli Beef $9.95
Pepper Steak $9.95
Beef with String Bean $9.95
Mongolian Beef $9.95
Szechuan Beef $9.95
Chinese Eggplant with Beef $9.95
Moo Shu Beef $9.95
Curry Beef $9.95
Hunan Beef $9.95

Thin Rice Noodles

Taiwanese Style $8.95 Shrimp, beef or chicken
Singapore Curry Style $8.95 Shrimp, chicken or vegetable

Fried Rice

Egg, bean sprouts and green onions. Add extra jumbo shrimp $6.00, add extra shrimp $3.50, add extra beef $3.00, add extra chicken $2.00, add extra vegetables $2.00.
Shrimp $5.25 – $7.25
Chicken $4.95 – $6.95
Beef $5.25 – $7.25
Pork $4.95 – $6.95
Vegetables $4.95 – $6.95
Jumbo Shrimp $8.95
Pineapple Shrimp Fried Rice $8.95
Combination Fried Rice $7.50 Combined with beef, shrimp add chicken

Chop Suey

Sliced celery heart, onions and bean sprouts with
Vegetables $6.95
Mushroom $6.95
Chicken $6.95
Pork $6.95
Shrimp $7.50
Beef $7.50
Combination $9.50

Lo Mein Soft Egg-Noodles

Bean sprout and green onion with
Side Order $3.50
Vegetables $6.95
Chicken $7.25
Roast Pork $7.25
Beef $7.95
Shrimp $8.25
Combination $9.95

Egg Foo Young

Celery heart, onions and eggs with
Vegetables $6.50
Chicken $7.25
Roast Pork $7.25
Beef $7.95
Shrimp $7.95
Combination $8.95

Cantonese Pan-Fried Noodles

Chinese bakchop, water chesnuts, snow pea pods with
Vegetables $7.95
Chicken $7.95
Roast Pork $8.95
Beef $8.95
Shrimp $9.95
Combination $11.95

Chow Fun Rice Noodles

Bean sprout and green onions with
Shrimp $8.50
Chicken $7.50
Beef $8.25
Roast Pork $7.50
Vegetables $7.25
Combinations $9.95

Pad Thai Noodles

Thai style wide rice noodles
Shrimp Pad Thai $10.95
Chicken Pad Thai $9.95
Tofu Vegetable Pad Thai $8.95

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