Bai Tong

Enjoy Bai Tong latest menu price updated list. Up to date Bai Tong and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Bai Tong Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Bai Tong Rice Plates Menu and Prices

Pad Kratiem Prik Thai (Garlic and Pepper)  
Pad Prik Sod (Fresh Chili)  
Kao Phad Kra Pow (Spicy Fried Rice)  
Pad Prik King (Green Bean)  
Pad Pak (Mixed Vegetables)  
Kao Phad (Fried Rice)  
Pra Ram (Peanut Sauce)  
Pad Nam Mun Hoy (Oyster Sauce)  
Pad Him Ma Parn (Cashew Nuts)  
Pad King (Ginger)  
Kang Keaw Warn (Green Curry)  
Kang Daeng (Red Curry)  
Pad Kra Pow (Basil)  
Pad Prew Warn (Sweet and Sour)  
Pad Ma Kuer (Eggplant)  
Kang Panang  
Kang Karee (Yellow Curry)  

Bai Tong Salads Menu and Prices

Green Papaya Salad $8.50
Bai Tong Salad $8.50

Bai Tong Noodle Plates Menu and Prices

Pad Khee Mao (Spicy Noodles)  
Guay Tiew Gai Kua (Soy Sauce Noodles)  
Giew Nam (Thai style Won Ton Soup)  
Mee Phad (Thai style Chow Mien)  
Pad Thai  
Pad Se Ew (Soy Bean Noodles)  
Rad Nar (Gravy Rice Noodles)  
Pad Woon Sen (Silver Noodles)  

Bai Tong Lunch Combination Menu and Prices

Tod Mun Pla(Fish Cakes) $8.50
Gai Yang (B.B.Q Chicken) $9.50
Moo Yang (B.B.Q. Pork) $9.50
Chicken Sate $8.50
Po Piah Tod (Fried Rolls) $7.95

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