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Cuisine: Mexican.


Taquitos $4.50 Five corn tortillas rolled with choice of shredded chicken, shredded beef, or jalapeno & cream cheese. Lightly fried and served with guacamole
Grande Nachos $6.50 Fresh corn chips topped with baja beans & cheddar, then piled high with lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, guac & sour cream. Add chili on the side for $1.50
Frylapenos $5.00 Pronounced fry la pain yos beer battered jalapeno slices mixed with fries and served with chipotle ranch
Queso Blanco $5.50 Melted white cheese: plain or mixed with choice of chorizo and tomato, fresh spinach, grilled salsa, or jalapenos
Guacamole $5.50 Fresh has avocados smashed daily with onion, cilantro & spices
Cantina Chili Con Carne $4.00 Ground beef, black and pinto beans, cooked slowly with diced veggies & spices. Topped with monterey jack cheese, diced onion and sour cream


Baja Salad $6.00 A large edible bowl filled with lettuce, baja beans, cheese, tomato, guacamole and sour cream
Bajita Salad $7.50 Our classic baja salad loaded with more toppings rice and choice of fajitas
Southwest Salad $7.50 Romaine and iceberg lettuce topped with diced chicken tenders, roasted red pepper corn salsa, mon-terey jack, bacon and tortilla strips
Chipotle Chicken Salad $7.50 A chicken breast grilled with onions in our smoky chipotle sauce atop a bed of romaine lettuce with avocado slices, corn salsa and fresh cilantro. Served with choice of dressing
Ensalada Borracha $7.50 A mix of fresh romaine and spinach topped with tequila lime chicken, tomato cucumber salsa and crunchy tortilla strips


Wings $7.50 Wings tossed in either our famous honey diablo hot sauce, adobo tabasco or chipotle BBQ. Served with ranch or bleu cheese for dipping
Perfect as an Appetizer Tenders $7.50 Chicken tenders tossed in our either our spicy honey diablo sauce, adobo tabasco or chipotle BBQ served with ranch or bleu cheese for dipping. Add fries $2.00
Americano Burger $7.50 A 1/3 pound burger topped with choice of cheddar or jack cheese, lettuce tomato and onion. served with french fries. Add bacon $1.00
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $7.50 A grilled chicken breast topped with choice of jack or cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomato. Served with french fries. Add bacon $1.00

Build Your Own Quesadilla or Burrito

Green peppers, onions, fresh jalapenos, pickled jalapenos, cucumber salsa, corn salsa, corn salsa, rice, pineapple, sour cream, add jack, add cheddar $0.75. Veggies, spinach, guacamole, sub queso blanco burrito only $1.25. Hot sauce: diablo, verde, honey
Build Your Own Quesadilla or Burrito Create own from the options below. All burritos come with choice of baja beans or black beans. Step 1 flour or whole wheat tortilla $0.50. Step 2 cheddar or jack cheese. Step 3 add favorites.

Sabor Del Baja

Fajitas $11.00 Marinated, grilled, and served on a sizzling skillet with onions, green peppers, and tomatoes. Served with flour tortillas, baja beans, rice, sour cream, guacamole, cheddar cheese and lettuce. Choice
Chicken Tamales $8.50 A traditional mexican dish: two tamales made with corn masa flour, stuffed with chicken and cheese, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed, topped with chile ancho sauce, served with rice and baja bean
Pollo Borracho $8.00 Grilled chicken breast marinated in tequila, fresh lime juice and cilantro, served over rice with grilled vegetables and topped with red pepper or corn salsa
Combo Caliente $8.00 Chorizo, jalapeno sausage and baja bean burrito topped with chipotle sauce, a chicken and cheddar enchilada topped with honey diablo. Served with rice, sour cream and fried jalapenos
Plato Asado $8.50 Choice of carne asada steak, pollo asado chicken or carnitas pork served with flour tortillas, baja beans, rice, guacamole and sour cream. All three meats $11.00
Fandango Flautas $8.00 Two rolled six inch flour tortillas: one with shredded beef, onion, cheddar and one shredded chicken, corn salsa, jack, lightly fried and topped with cilantro cream and cucumber salsa. Served with ri
Tacos Mexicanos $8.50 Two flour tortilla tacos with choice of pollo asado, carne asada, or carnitas; sliced avocado, cilantro, onions and jack cheese. Served with baja beans, rice and a side of honey diablo sauce
Baja Grilled Tacos $8.00 Two six inch flour tortillas grilled and filled with melt-ed monterey jack, shredded chicken, bacon, lettuce, and topped with chipotle ranch. Served with baja beans and rice
Sooo Gouda Tacos $8.50 Two flour tortilla tacos with choice of steak or chicken, plus grilled onions, corn salsa, melted smoked gouda, shredded lettuce and cilantro cream. Served with black beans, rice and sour cream
Tijuana Tacos $7.00 Two fried flour tortilla tacos with seasoned potatoes, black beans and jack cheese. Served with rice, guacamole, sour cream & tomato cucumber salsa
Baja Fish Tacos $9.00 San diego style three soft corn tortillas with battered white fish, cucumber salsa and cilantro cream sauce. Served with black beans & rice. San felipe style with tender gulf shrimp
The Whole Enchilada $8.00 A twelve inch flour tortilla rolled with ground beef, cheddar, and bacon then topped with homemade enchilada sauce, jack cheese and sour cream. Served with black beans
Enchiladas Monterey $8.50 Three flour tortilla enchiladas filled with monterey jack cheese, topped with enchilada sauce and sour cream. Served with baja beans and rice. Add chicken, steak or pork $2.00
Enchiladas Cubanas $8.50 Three white corn tortilla enchiladas filled with tender carnitas pork, topped with a zesty tomatillo sauce, cilantro cream, fresh cilantro, diced onion. Served over rice with grilled veggies and corn
Enchiladas Popeye $7.50 Two flour tortilla enchiladas rolled with fresh spinach, salsa, and monterey jack cheese. Topped with verde sauce and more cheese. Served over rice with black beans
Enchiladas Camino $7.50 Two white corn tortilla enchiladas: one with shredded chicken and jack, the other with shredded beef and cheddar. Both topped with melted queso blanco and fresh cilantro. Served with baja beans and r
Big Burrito $7.00 Black beans, rice, tomato, lettuce and guacamole in a large flour tortilla; topped with chile ancho sauce and melted jack cheese. Served with sour cream. Add chicken, steak or pork $2.00
Burro del Fuego $8.00 Big burrito’s hot evil twin. Grilled chicken, jalapeno smoked sausage, fried jalapenos, baja beans and rice, topped with chipotle sauce and cilantro cream
Burro Doble $10.00 We need two large flour tortillas overlapped to wrap this huge burrito filled with chicken, onions, green peppers, rice, and cheddar cheese. Topped with chili, melted jack, and sour cream
Chimichangas $8.00 The old standard filled with cheddar and choice of shredded chicken, shredded beef, ground beef, shredded pork or black bean and monterey jack. We serve ours fried, with baja beans, rice, guacamole &
Chimi Camarones $8.50 The new standard: filled with grilled shrimp, rice, roast-ed red pepper/corn salsa and jack cheese. Served with black beans, guacamole and sour cream

Classic Combos

Choose from: taco, enchilada, burrito, tostada, chile relleno limit 1 per order. All combos are served with baja beans, rice, and choice of: shredded chicken, shredded beef, ground beef or mixed veggies. Sub steak, grilled chicken, for $0.50item. Sub shri
1 Item $6.00
2 Items $7.00
3 Items $8.00
4 Items $9.00

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