Baja Joe’s Mexican Cantina

Up to date Baja Joe’s Mexican Cantina prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Mexican, Seafood.


Domestic Draft $3.00 – $4.00 TAX INCLUDED
Imported Drafts $3.50 – $5.25 TAX INCLUDED
Bottles $2.50 – $3.00 TAX INCLUDED
House Margarita $6.00
Sangaria $6.00
Jose Cuervo or Fireball Shots $3.00 TAX INCLUDED
Wine/Well Drinks $3.50 TAX INCLUDED
6 Wings $3.00
2 Mini Tacos $2.50
Ceviche Tostada $4.00
Cantina Nachos $6.00
Chicken Finger Basket $6.00
$6 BEER AND BURRO!!! $6.00 Baja sized Burrito with rice and beans and a domestic pint! $.50 more for an import.

Lunch Menu

(mon thru fri 11am to 3pm) add a fountain drink, pint draft or 12oz bottle beer to any lunch item for a $2. Choice of shredded beef, chicken or ground beef on items 1 thru 5. no substitutions please
Baja Burrito $6.99 lunch-sized burrito, enchilada style, served with rice and beans
Taco & Enchilada $6.99 served with rice and beans
Deluxe Ouesadilla $6.99 served with guacamole and side salad
Bean & Cheese Baja Burrito & Taco $6.99 served with rice
Large Taco Salad $6.99 filled with meat, rice, beans, lettuce and pico de gallo
2 Fish Tacos $6.99 served with rice and side salad
Chicken Salad $6.99 marinated in citrus soy, grilled, served w/ special pepita dressing
Shrimp Enchilada $6.99 served in a green sauce with rice and salad
Baja Joe’s Wings (12) $6.99 choice of sauce with veggies
2 Ceviche Tostadas $6.99
Fish & Chips $6.99

Breakfast Plates

served all day
Burrito Mexicana $4.99 – $5.99 eggs, beans, potato & sour cream
Burrito Americana $5.99 eggs, bacon, cheese & potato
Chorizo Con Huevos $6.49 served w/ rice & bears
Chorizo Con Huevos Con Chilis Verdes $7.49 Chorizo with eggs and grilled green chilis
Huevos Rancheros $6.99 with beans & tortrias
Chilaquiles Rojo O Verde (red Or Green) $6.99 with 2 fried eggs & beans
Machaca & Eggs $7.99 shredded beef, eggs, peppers, onions, rice, beans & tortillas
Steak Picado Breakfast $8.49 with 2 eggs, rice, beans & tortillas
Americana $6.99 2 eggs, 4 bacon strips, potatoes & tortillas

Botana / Appetizers

Dip De Frijoles $2.99 bean dip with chips (mild or spicy)
Queso Fundido $4.99 baked, melted white cheese with chips
Queso Fundido Con Chorizo $6.99 baked, melted white cheese & chorizo
Cheese Crisp $5.99 w/guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo
Table Side Gaucamole $7.99
Nachos Con Queso $5.99 Special House-made cheese sauce and pico de gallo
Nachos Deluxe $8.99 carne, guacamole, frijoles y queso – meat, guacamole, beans & cheese
Baja Joe’s Wings (12) $7.99 buffalo (regular or hot or honey hot)

Botanas De Mariscos / Seafood Appetizers

served chilled with avocado and tomato
Botana De Mar y Tierra – Surf & Turf $16.99 shrimp, octopus, steak
Botana De Camaron $11.99 cooked shrimp appetizer
Botana De Camaron Y Pulpo $12.99 shrimp & octopus
Botana De Jaiva $10.99 crab legs appetizer
Botana De Mariscos $16.99 cooked shrimp, octopus, 2 oysters, 3 crab legs & lime

Botanas Especial / Special Appetizers

Toritos De Camaron $9.99 bacon wrapped yellow pepper stuffed w/shrimp
Chicharron De Camaron $13.99 crisp fried full shrimp
Chicharron De Pargo $13.99 crisp fried red fish
Mixed Seafood, Cooked Shrimp, Octopus, Callo $16.99 oysters, head on shrimp & cucumbers
Camarones Para Pelar $12.99 peel & eat shrimp
Aguachiles $13.99 rojos o verdes – drowned shrimp (green or red)
Callo De Acha $20.99 drowned scallops appetizer
Ostiones Regulares $7.49 – $13.99 raw oysters on a half shell
Ostiones Especiales $10.99 – $21.99 with scallops and onions
Ostiones Gratinados $8.99 – $16.99 cooked oysters with melted cheese

Cocteles / Seafood Cocktails

served chilled with tomato sauce, cucumber, and pico de gallo
Orden De Cheviche Tradmonal Cheviche $9.99 – $13.99
Ceviche Del Patron $13.99 – $17.99 ceviche with scallops
Coctel De Camaron $9.99 – $12.99 shrimp cocktail
Coctel De Camaron Y Pulpo $9.99 – $12.99 shrimp & octopus cocktail
Coctel De Camaron Y Ostion $10.99 – $13.99 shrimp & oyster cocktail
Coctel De Pulpo $9.99 – $12.99 octopus cocktail
Campechana Regular $10.99 – $13.99 shrimp, octopus & oyster
Campechana Especial $13.99 – $17.99 scallops, shrimp, drowned shrimp, octopus, oysters
Coctel Sinaloense $13.99 – $16.99 shrimp, octopus, oysters, drowned shrimp, snails, & full shrimp
Coctel De Camaron Y Abulon $13.99 – $16.99 shrimp & abalone
Coctel De Camaron Y Callo $13.99 – $16.99 shrimp and scallops
El Maleficio $16.99 shrimp, scallops, drowned shrimp, & octopus
Molcajete $16.99 shrimp, octopus, scallops, snails, & drowned shrimp

Mariscos En Coco / Seafood Served In Coconuts

served as seafood cocktail with coconut meat side
Camaron $15.99 cooked shrimp
Camaron Y Pulpo $15.99 cooked shrimp & octopus
Camaron Y Ostion $16.99 cooked shrimp & oyster
Campechana Especial $19.99 callo, camaron, aguachile, pulpo, ostion; scallops, cooked shrimp, drowned shrimp, octopus, oysters

Tostadas Del Mar / Seafood Tostadas

topped with pko de gallo and splash of tomato juice
Tostada De Ceviche $4.99 traditional shrimp ceviche
Tostada De Jaiba $6.99 crab
Tostada Del Patron $6.99 ceviche, scallops, avocado, cucumber, red onions
Tostada Mixta $6.99 camaron, pulpo, caracol y jaiba; shrimp, octopus, snails & crab
Tostada De Camaron $4.99 cooked shrimp

Platillos Especial / Special Plates

Seafood Platter for 2+ $34.99 includes 3 grilled shrimp, 3 breaded shrimp, 3 bacon wrapped-crab stuffed shrimp, 2 lobster tails, breaded fish fillet and a grilled fillet served with rice, house potatoes, side salad and tortillas
Seafood Platter for 1 $18.99 includes 1 each grilled shrimp, breaded shrimp, bacon wrapped-crab stuffed shrimp, lobster tails, and a fish fillet served with rice, house potatoes, side salad and tortillas
Mexican Platter for 2+ $26.99 includes marinated and grilled beef, chicken & pork, served with grilled veggies, rice, beans & tortillas
Seafood Skewers $16.99 steamed shrimp, fish and octopus with rice, house potatoes & salad
Shrimp Skewers $13.99 8 grilled shrimp w/ peppers with rice & salad
Arroz Marinero – Seafood Mixed With Rice $13.99 shrimp octopus, fish, clams, crab & scallops

Camarones / Shrimp Dishes

served with rice, house potatoes & salad
Ranchero $12.99 fried, covered in ranchero salsa
A La Plancha $10.99 seasoned & grilled
Al Mojo De Ajo $11.99 in garlic sauce
Empanizado $11.99 breaded & fried
A La Diabla $12.99 in spicy sauce
Campin $14.99 bacon wrapped-crab stuffed shrimp
Culichi $13.99 poblano peppers & cream sauce
Al Chipotle $13.99 topped with chipotle sauce
A La Mantequilla $11.99 seared & buttered
A La Veracruzana $12.99 veracruz style
Champinones $14.99 in creamy mushroom sauce
Bacanora $13.99 in mildly spiced cheese sauce
Philadelphia $13.99 in white cream cheese sauce

Filets De Pescado / Fish Fillets Entrees

served with rice, house potatoes & salad
Filete Ranchero $11.99 fried, covered in ranchero salsa
Filete A La Plancha $10.99 seasoned & grilled
Filete Al Mojo De Ajo $11.99 in garlic sauce
Filete Empanizado $11.99 breaded & fried
Filete A Ia Diana $12.99 in spicy sauce
Filete Culichi $13.99 poblano peppers & cream sauce
Filete A La Veracruzana $11.99 veracruz style
Filete A La Vapor $13.99 steamed
Filete Ai Chipotle $13.99 topped with chipotle sauce
Fish & Chips $7.99
Filete Especial Del Chef $16.99 fillet covered w/ traditional sauce made of shrimp, octopus, bacon, poblana peppers, butter & cream

Pescado Entero / Whole Fish Entrees

choice of tilapia or red snapper. served with rice, house potatoes, side salad and tortillas
Ranchero $11.99 – $14.99 fried, covered in ranchero salsa
Pescado Frito $11.99 – $14.99 breaded & fried
Al Mojo De Ajo $11.99 – $14.99 in garlic sauce
A La Veracruzana $11.99 – $14.99 ranchero sauce, white wine, olives, bay leaves

Caldos / Soups

Served in large bowls with diced veggies on the side
De Camaron $76.99 shrimp
De Pescado $7.99 – $10.99 fish soup
Caldo Siete Mares – 7 Seas $9.99 – $13.99 shrimp, octopus, fish, clam, crab leg & scallops
Menudo $5.99 – $8.99 served saturday and sunday only
Adobada Posole $7.99 – $10.99 House specialty…made form our amazing Carne Adobada

Especialidades / House Specialties

served with rice, beans & tortillas
Steak Picado $10.99 red chili beef
Carne Asada $10.99 seasoned grilled steak
Pechuga $10.99 chicken breast
Fajitas $11.99 chicken or steak
Fajitas $12.99 shrimp or mixed
Tampiquena Combo $11.99
Paquete De Asada $14.99
Carnitas Plate $11.99
Carne Adobada $12.99 pork simmered in spiced red sauce
Chili Relleno $13.99 shredded chicken, beef, or cheese with chef’s baja sauce
Seafood Enchiladas $13.99 crab and shrimp inside covered with chef’s special sauce


1 item – $7.99, 2 items – $9.49, 3 items – $10.99. served with rice, beans, and/or side salad. carnitas (pork), pollo (chicken), asasa (steak), picadillo (ground beef), desebrada (shredded beef), camarones (shrimp), pescado (fish), grilled veggies. add $0.75 for each fish or shrimp item
Taco $7.99
Burro $7.99
Flauta $7.99
Enchilada $7.99
Tostada $7.99

A La Carte

tacos, enchiladas, tostada, flautas. choose your fillings…and free chips/salsa while dining in.
Pollo/Carne/Carnitas $3.99 chicken/beef/pork
Grilled Veggies $3.99
Camarones – Shrimp $4.49 plancha o fresco – grilled o fresco w/ cabbage, pico & cheese
Pescado – Fish $4.49 a la plancha o frito – grilled or breaded

Burritos / Chimichangas

served with choice of rice, beans, or salad
Frijole $4.99 bean or bean & cheese
Pollo-asada-picadillo-desebrada $7.99 chicken-steak-ground, beef-shredded beef
Steak Picado $8.99 red chili beef
Carne Adobada $8.99 pork simmered in spiced red sauce
Fajita Burrito $9.99 asada/pollo/camarones – steak/chicken/shrimp w/ grilled veggies
Deluxe Fajita Burrito $10.99 fajita burrito with rice and beans inside
Grilled Veggies $5.99
Camarones O Pescado $8.99 shrimp or fish with veggies


make any burrito a chimi for $2 more. served with sour cream & guacamole. options:
Mojado $1.50 enchilada style

Quesadillas / Nachos

Nachos Con Queso $4.99 cheese only
Nachos Deluxe $7.49 meat, guacamole, beans & cheese
Cheese Crisp $5.99 w/guacamole, sour cream, pico

Quesadilia – Con Guacamole

Sencilla – Plain $4.99 cheese only with guacamole
Deluxe $7.49 con carne/pollo/vegetal; with meat or grilled veggies and guacamole
Camarones $8.49 shrimp with guacamole side

Ensaladas / Salads

Camaron En Aguacate $9.99 shrimp in avocado with cucumber
Taco Salad $4.99 – $7.99 carne/pollo, beef/chicken, grilled veggies
Ensaladas Con Carne $5.99 – $7.99 salad with meat
Sencilla $2.49 side salad


Guacamole $4.99
Avocado $2.49
Arroz Y Fruoles $2.99 rice & beans
Fruoles $1.99 beans
Arroz $1.99 rice
Papas $1.99 french fries
Chili Tepin $1.49
Chips & Salsa – Single serving $1.99 Complimentary with food
Grilled Serrano Peppers $1.49

Small Sides

Guacamole $0.99
Sour Cream $0.99
Jalapenos $0.99
Tomato $0.99
Cheese $0.99
Cucumber $0.99
Enchilada Sauce $0.99


served with side of rice or beans or fries or salad & fountain drink.
Chicken Nuggets $4.99
Fish Nuggets $4.99
Taco, Flauta Or Tostada $4.99
Breakfast Burro $4.99 egg, cheese & bacon
Breakfast Plate $4.99 1 egg, 3 bacon strips & tortilla
Ouesadilla $4.99 Choice of cheese, shredded chicken, shredded/ground beef
Baja Burrito $4.99 Choice of bean, bean & cheese, shredded chicken, shredded/ground beef
Kids Burger $4.99 Plain or with cheese and choice of side


Bunuelos Con Helado $3.99 flour pastry with sugar & cinnamon with ice cream
Vanilla Ice Cream With Chocolate Sauce $2.99
Housemade Flan $3.99
Fried Ice Cream $4.99
Sopapillas $3.99 with powdered sugar and honey


Juice, Milk $2.49
Bottled Mexican Soda $2.49
Horchata $2.49
Fountain Soda, Ice Tea, Lemonade (free Refills) $2.49
Homemade Lemonade $3.99

Draft Beer

Domestic $4.50 – $5.50 TAX INCLUDED
Imported $5.50 – $6.75

Bottled Beer

Domestic Bottle $2.25 – $3.50
Import Bottle $2.75 – $4.00 TAX INCLUDED
Bucket Of Mini Domestic $13.00 TAX INCLUDED
Bucket Of Coronitas Lot (6) $15.50 TAX INCLUDED
Bucket Of Domestic $15.00 TAX INCLUDED
Bucket Of Import $17.50 TAX INCLUDED
Michelada Con Cerveza $6.00 TAX INCLUDED

Margaritas – House & Specialty + Sangria

House Margarita or Spanish Sangria $6.00 – $21.00
The Baja Joe $7.50 – $26.00 herradura silver, triple sec, midori and mix
Cabo-Rita $7.50 – $26.00 Cabo Wabo Blanco, Cointreau, mix and lime juice
Sedona $7.50 – $26.00 patron silver, triple sec, mix and a splash of cranberry
Classica $7.50 – $26.00 sauza hornitos, triple sec, mix and fresh lime juice
Patron $7.50 – $26.00 patron silver, grand marnier, mix and fresh lime juice
Blue Cactus $7.50 – $26.00 cuervo gold, blue curacao, grand marnier and mix
Maxima $7.50 – $26.00 el jimador silver, triple sec, mix and a splash of orange juice
La Pinta $7.50 – $26.00 pomogranite tequila, triple sec, mix and fresh lime juice
Firecracker $7.50 – $26.00 jose cuervo, triple sec, mix, lime, tajin rim, tapatilo, hot pepper infusion
Mixed Drinks & Wine
House Mixed Drinks $4.50
Premium Mixed Drinks
Wine $4.50 Chardonnay, White Zin, Pinot Grigio, Moscato, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon
Baja Burgers
half pound grill burgers, stuffed with friends or lonely… $1 off served before 3pm!!
Stuffed Burger $7.99 Half pound of grilled cow stuffed with choices of cheese, bacon, and jalapenos…and or all! Service with choice of side
Lonely Burger $5.99 Half pound of grilled cow with no stuffings and a choice of sides

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