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Cuisine: Bakery, Bakery & Pastries.

Breakfast Pasteries

Croissant as in france, a light, flaky breakfast pastry with a wonderful buttery flavor that is never greasy.
Twice Baked Almond Croissant our classic croissant soaked in simple syrup and filled with delicious almond cream. it is topped with sliced almonds and additional almond cream.
Twice Baked Chocolate Croissant our classic chocolate croissant soaked in simple syrup and filled with delicious almond cream. it is topped with sliced almonds and additional almond cream and a bar of decadent chocolate.
Cherry Almond Croissant a balance of sweet almond cream and dried sour cherries wrapped in flaky croissant dough.
Sugar Brioche a breakfast roll that is rich with the flavors of butter, eggs and sugar.
Chocolate Chip Brioche traditional brioche filled with chocolate chips.
Pear Danish a very flaky and flavorful pastry filled with pastry cream, almond cream and a delicious pear half.


Parisian Macaroons these traditional parisian cookies are light and airy, they are rumored to be the best outside of paris! flavor choices vary by day and feature: cafe, passion fruit, chocolate, raspberry, pistachio,
Brownies the most divine chocolate brownie you have ever eaten! these gems are even wrapped to go in parchment paper.
Cookies an assortment of favorites: chocolate chip, peanut butter, shortbread, snickerdoodle and others.

Traditional & Specialty Breads

We shape all our breads by hand and bake several times daily to ensure ultimate freshness.
Parisian Baguette a hand crafted jewel that can accompany any meal. this is the classic symbol of french bread.
Ciabatta an authentic bread of italy, this rustic country style loaf has a creamy, chewy interior and a crisp, crackly crust.
Focaccia this flat bread has been seasoned with both herbs and extra virgin olive oil brushed on top to enhance this timeless classic.
Oat And Date originally developed for the coupe du monde de la boulangerie 2005, we feel that these flavors marry well for toast at breakfast or a hearty accompaniment to dinner.
Country Sour the true character of a european staple, the unique flavor in this chewy bread is developed through a series of long fermentations.

Sandwiches, Pizza & Quiche

Everything is made fresh daily with as many local ingredients as possible, our lunch menu changes seasonally, please check the chalkboard for the chef?s specialty sandwich or quiche.
Ham And Cheese On Baguette a bakery nouveau favorite combining hickory smoked ham, emmenthaller cheese and cornichons on our own baguette.
Roast Beef On Brioche
Roasted Duck
Sicilian Pizza
Pizza By The Slice
Quiche lorraine, spinach and ricotta with pine nut and mushroom with goat cheese, please see our display case for specials of the day like three cheese quiche and smoked salmon with roasted potatoes.


Assorted Chocolates wonderful handmade candies created with only the finest french and belgium couverture chocolate. our chocolates can be enjoyed individually or taken home in beautifully packaged gift boxes.


The carrot cake made with carrots and black currants, or the chocolate mocha cheese cake made with 60% chocolate and fresh coffee, or our famous classic triple layer chocolate cake prepared with super moist chocolate cake and decadent 64% chocolate mousse
Carrot Cake spiced cake with carrots and black currants finished with cream cheese frosting and shredded coconut.
Chocolate Mocha Cheese Cake 60% chocolate and coffee ganache on a chocolate crumb crust and finished with a chocolate glaze.
Classic Chocolate Cake this cake is prepared with super moist chocolate cake and 64% chocolate mousse, it is finished with chocolate glaze and chocolate shards.


Phoenix this cake scored the highest points in the national pastry championship, 2005. it is a triple layer mousse cake with a delicate balance of pear mousse, 70% chocolate mousse, caramel mousse, pecan dac
Chocolate Raspberry Dome 64% chocolate mousse with raspberry cremeux (a curd) center on a chocolate biscuit (sponge cake) finished with a raspberry glaze.
Banana Mousse 64% chocolate mousse surrounds caramelized fresh bananas in a banana mousse, finished with caramel mousse, caramel glaze, and chocolate glaze.
Praline Dream as featu64% chocolate mousse with a praline feulletine mixture (delicate and flakey milk chocolate and praline paste) layered on a chocolate biscuit finished with gianduja (milk chocolate with hazeln
Black Currant Panna Cotta this beautiful dessert features cassis mousse (chocolate and black currant mousse) with a vanilla bean panna cotta center, sitting on a brenton cookie and finished with cassis glaze.
70% Mousse a dark 70% chocolate mousse on a chocolate biscuit base coated with a black glaze (very dark, strong cocoa powder) decorated with a 60% chocolate bar.


The cherry almond pear, salt caramel apple, strawberry, lemon meringue, chocolate ganache and tart tartin. flavors are seasonal.
Cherry Almond Pear cherry and pear fruit layered over frangipan over a thin layer of raspberry jam in a pate sucre crust, it is finished with an apricot glaze and toasted almond slivers.
Salt Caramel Apple sliced granny smith apples baked in a pate sucre crust, layered with a salt caramel apple frangipan (pastry cream with almond cream and apple filling), finished with an apricot glaze and toasted stre
Strawberry Tart pistachio pastry cream in a pate sucre crust covered with fresh vibrant strawberries and chopped pistachios.
Lemon Meringue Tart this is an amazingly light tart with freshly squeezed lemon juice and delicate lemon cremaux (lemon curd) in a pate sucre crust is finished with torched italian meringue.
Chocolate Ganache Tart rich 60% chocolate ganache in a pate sucre shell topped with a chocolate glaze and a piped chocolate ganache border.
Passion Fruit Tart our chocolate ganache tart topped with a passion fruit mousse dome and piped with a chocolate ganache border.
Tart Tartin baked custard in a pate sucre shell with a rich caramel apple dome surrounded by a whipped caramel chantilly cream.

Cakes, Tarts & Desserts

Cakes, Tarts & Desserts $3.85 – $5.50
Individual Size Or 3 Inch $3.85 – $5.50
6 Inch $13.25 – $28.00 serves 4-6.
8 Inch $20.00 – $36.00 serves 8-10.
10 Inch $34.00 – $38.00 serves 10-12.
Sheet Cakes – 1/4 Cake $45.00 – $58.00 serves 15-20.
1/2 Sheet Cake $90.00 – $115.00 serves 40-50.
Whole Sheet Cake $180.00 – $225.00 serves 90-100.

Other Desserts

Eclair (cream puff dough) filled with chocolate, caramel, vanilla or coffee pastry cream and topped with matching fondant, flavors are subject to change and availability is limited.
Pot De Creme very rich chocolate custard topped with a dark glaze and a signature 70% nouveau chocolate bar.
Creme Brulee a creamy vanilla cooked custard with a caramelized crust and topped with fresh fruit..
Napoleon this bakery nouveau favorite is made from layers of delicate puff pastry and filled with creme madame, flavors are seasonal and availability is limited.

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