Baklava & Coffee

Up to date Baklava & Coffee prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Coffee, Desserts, Coffee & Tea, Turkish.

Breakfast Specialties

Omelet Special $5.50 options: feta cheese, mozzarella
Pastrmali Yumurta $8.50 over easy eggs with famous anatalian pastrami
Sucuklu Yumurta $8.50 over easy eggs with beef sucuk
Turkish Style Breakfast Platter $8.95 feta cheese, black & green olives, sliced tomatoes, cucumber, honey & butter
Sultan Breakfast Platter $10.95 turkish breakfast platter with boiling egg

Gulluoglu Specialties

Simit $1.95 hand rolled shaped traditional turkish dough dipped in mulberry molasses and sesame then baked, healthy choice for breakfast
Gul Boregi $3.95 special filo for broke with potatoes, spinach, & feta cheese
Pogoca Roll $1.95 pastry dough with your choice of filling, plain, feta cheese, olives, spinach, oat bran
Su Boregi $3.95 roller flattened special filo dough layers, layered with feta cheese baked to perfection
Gozleme $3.95 thin layer of filo dough with your choice of filling


Chicken Ciabatta $9.25 chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, basil spread, lettuce, caramelized onion
Steak Ciabatta $9.25 roast beef, swiss cheese, mushroom, onion, dijon mustard
Coprese Panini $7.95 tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil

Gulluoglu Baklava

Ind / Lb / Tray.
Visneli $25.00 – $1.50 cherry
Kestamneli $15.00 – $1.50 chestnut
Sutlu Nuriye $17.00 – $36.00 hazelnut & milk
Saray Sarmasi $1.50 – $15.00 pistachio & walnuts
Ozel $38.00 – $19.00 pistachio double
Fistikli $1.50 – $19.00 pistachio filled
Burma Kadayif $17.00 – $33.00 pistachio roll
Durum $1.50 – $42.00 pistachio roll green
Tel Kadayif $42.00 – $1.50 pistachio flat
Billuriye $42.00 – $1.50 pistachio flat green
Sobiyet $17.00 – $34.00 pistachio & cream
Vecizli $1.50 – $30.00 walnut
Ceviz Dolama $35.00 – $1.50 walnut on top
Mixed Baklava Assortment $19.00

Sweet Breads

Elmek Kadayif $7.95 – $4.50 bread pudding
Sekerpare $1.00 – $9.95 semolina
Tahini $5.50

Savory Bread $1.95

Kasarli Pogaca cheese
Peynirli Pogaca feta cheese
Peynirli Pogaca whole wheat

Gul Boregi $3.95

Savory Pies Round. Ind.
Peynirli cheese
Patateli potato
Ispanakli spinach
Kol Boregi

Su Boregi $3.95

Savory Pies Square. Ind.
Peynirli feta cheese
Patateli potato
Ispanakli spinach


Sade Tahin $5.50 classic
Cocoa $5.95
Pistachio $6.25
Pistachio Nuts $7.95 – $13.95


Chicken Caesar Salad $9.95 chicken, romaine lettuce, crouton, caesar dressing
Salmon Salad $10.95 smoked salmon, mixed greens, cantaloupe, brie cheese, toasted almonds, roasted peppers, cherry tomatoes, citrus dressing
House Salad $4.95 mixed lettuce, onions, red cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette


Lays $1.25
Terra $1.75

Small Delicate Cakes Gulluoglu Specialties

Allergon Warning: Lactose, Gluten, Eggs And Egg Products, Locithin, Nuts Contain.
Parca Cikolata chocolate cake. chocolate liquor, cocoa butter and nut, are some of the ingredients
Findik Cikolatali hazelnut chocolate cake. hazelnut, chocolate liquor, cocoa, vanilla, are some of the ingredients
Visne Cikolata cherry chocolate cake. cherry, chocolate liquor, cocoa powder, nut, are some of the ingredients.
Cilekli Parfe strawberry cake. strawberry, ice cream, nut, cocoa powder, are some of the ingredients
Fistik Cikolatiali pistachio chocolate cake. pistachio, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, vanilla, are some of the ingredients.
Lunchop chocolate liquor, cocoa powder, vanilla, nut, are some of the ingredients
Opera Cake chocolate liquor, cocoa powder, vanilla, are some of the ingredients

Cold Drinks

Ayram $2.25
Apple Juice $2.25
Coca Cola $1.50
Fruit 20 $1.50
Sparkling Ice $2.50
Sprite $1.50
V8 $2.00

Cold Waters

Mineral Water $2.25
Perrier $2.00 – $2.50
S. Pellegrino $4.00
Smart Bottled Water $3.75


Americano & Iced Americano $2.75
Cold Brew $3.75 – $2.75
Espresso $2.50
Turkish $2.50

Coffee & Milk

Cappuccino $3.50
Cappuccino Frappe $4.50
Cafe Com Leche $3.50
Latte & Iced Latte $3.50 – $4.00
Macchiato $3.00


Tea Green $2.00
Turkish $2.50
Turkish Apple $2.00
Turkish Iced Apple $2.50

Panther Coffee

Smoothie $3.00 – $3.50

Coffee Whole Bean

(1/2 Lb) $10 / (Lb) $19.
Fazenda Isidro Pereira
Mountain Water Decaf

Tea Bags

Turkish $6.99
Turkish Apple $7.99
Turkish Iced Apple $9.99

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