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Cuisine: Tapas, Alcohol, Eastern European.


1. Ajvar Meze $7.00 roasted red peppers, eggplant and olive oil.
2. Urnebes Meze $7.00 feta cheese, egg white, paprika, spicy red pepper, garlic and olive oil.
3. Olive Tapenade Meze $7.00 kalamata and nicoise olives, lemon and olive oil.
4. Hummus Meze $7.00 chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon and olive oil.
5. Spicy Red Pepper Hummus Meze $7.00 chickpeas, spicy red peppers, tahini, roasted garlic and olive oil.
6. Babaganush Meze $7.00 roasted eggplant, tahini, garlic and olive oil.
7. Paprika Walnut Meze $7.00 roasted red peppers, tomato paste, toasted walnuts, onion, lemon and olive oil.
8. Artichoke Meze $7.00 parmesan cheese, mayonnaise, roasted garlic, lemon and olive oil.
9. Tzatziki Meze $7.00 cucumber, roasted garlic and greek yogurt.
10. Carrot Tarator Meze $7.00 roasted carrots, garlic and greek yogurt.
11. Fava Meze $7.00 fava beans, parsley, lemon and roasted garlic.
12. Taramosalata Meze $7.00 fish ikra, lemon and olive oil.
15. Mushroom Meze $7.00 with onion, sour cream, parmesan and light butter.
17. Avocado Feta Meze $7.00 with sour cream and olive oil.
18. Creamy Spinach Meze $7.00 with milk, ricotta cheese and roasted garlic.
20. Hazelnut Beet Meze $7.00 beets, roasted hazelnuts, greek yogurt, goat cheese, lemon and olive oil.
21. Haydari Meze $7.00 greek yogurt, roated garlic, dill, parsley, mint and feta cheese.
22. Acili Ezme Meze $7.00 tomatoes, roasted garlic, onions, peppers, sumac, chili, lemon and olive oil.
Six Mezes Sampler Platter $18.00
All Mezes Sampler Platter $26.00 sampler platter of all mezes.

Soups $9

1. Soup Of The Day
2. Lemon Chicken Soup with carrots, onions, celery, eggs, rice and pepper.


1. Shopska Salad $10.00 tomato, cucumbers, feta cheese and olive oil.
2. Greek Salad $11.00 mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, olives and feta cheese.
3. Balkanika Signature Salad $15.00 prosciutto, goat cheese, beets, cranberries and mixed greens with balsamic and olive oil.
4. Chicken Turmerica Salad $13.00 grilled chicken, caramelized walnuts, honey, egg white, cranberries and egg white over greens.
5. Halumi Caprese Salad $12.00 cyprus halumi cheese, plum tomato, basil, balsamic and olive oil.

Bureks $10

1. Cheese Burek with ricotta cheese.
2. Beef Burek ground beef and onions.
3. Spinach Burek with feta cheese.
4. Potato Burek with leek and potato.

Cheeses & Meats

1. Kashkaval Cheese sheep cheese.
2. Manouri Cheese sheep cheese.
3. Manchego Cheese sheep cheese.
5. Halumi Goat And Sheep Cheese goat and sheep cheese.
6. Kefaloteri Goat And Sheep Cheese goat and sheep cheese.
11. Aged Cheddar Cheese
12. Wensleydale Cranberry Cheddar Cheese cheddar cheese.
13. Aged Gouda Cheese
7. Delice De Burgon Brie Cheese brie cheese.
8. Fromagere D’affoinois Brie Cheese brie cheese.
18. Bucheron Goat Cheese goat cheese.
19. Drunken Goat Cheese
15. Mountain Gorgonzola Blue Cheese blue cheese.
16. Stilton Blue Cheese blue cheese.
21. Fontina Cheese cow cheese.
22. Gruyere Cheese $18.00 – $30.00 cow cheese.
23. Ementhaler Cheese cow cheese.
24. Creamy Havarti Cheese cow cheese.
26. Bulgarian Feta Cheese cow cheese.
1. Prosciutto Di Parma charcuterie.
3. Basturma charcuterie.
5. Kolbasica charcuterie.
9. Sopressata charcuterie.
11. Jamon Serrano charcuterie.
12. Chorizo charcuterie.

Vegetarian Dishes $12

5. Zucchini Pancakes zucchini, eggs, parsley, dill, mint, onions, feta cheese, paprika, salt, pepper and olive oil.
6. Stuffed Eggplant babaganoush, onion, garlic, dill and parsley.
7. Red Pepper Rolls with kajmak, feta cheese, parsley and broccoli.

Seafood Dishes $20

1. Roasted Trout
2. Grilled Salmon

Balkanika’s Grill

1. Chicken Shish Kebab $16.00 in a red pepper marinade with choice of rice or furnisto potatoes.
2. Chicken Uvijac $20.00 stuffed with cheese and rolled with bacon, potatoes and mushrooms.
3. Cevapcici $17.00 grilled ground beef mini kebabs. served with turkish pita, ajvar and kajmak.
4. Macedonian Pleskavica $18.00 ground beef stuffed with kashkaval cheese. served with shopska salad.
5. Lamb Chop Shish $20.00 served with hot pepper, rice and tomatoes.
6. Turkey Kofte $16.00 served with tzatziki and greek orzo.
7. Spicy Lamb Sausage $16.00 served with furnisto potatoes and sliced peppers.
Mesana Skara Grill Platter $50.00 – $90.00
Mesana Skara Grill Platter $130.00 – $200.00

Balkanika Specialties

1. Beef Sarma $16.00 stuffed grape and cabbage leaves with ground beef, rice and spices, served with furnisto potatoes and yogurt.
2. Pepper Dolma $16.00 bell pepper stuffed with ground beef, rice, tomato, carrots and onions.
3. Beef Gjuvec $15.00 beef stew with vegetables.

Mediterranean Sides

1. Brussels Sprouts $7.00 roasted with garlic and olive oil.
2. Beets $7.00 with dill and garlic.
3. Stuffed Grape Leaves $7.00 with rice, dill and mint.
4. Grilled Mushrooms $7.00 with balsamic and onions.
5. Steamed Asparagus $7.00 salt, pepper and olive oil.
6. Giant Beans $7.00 in tomato sauce, onion and dill.
7. Sauteed Spinach $7.00 with garlic and olive oil.
8. Steamed Broccoli $7.00 with garlic and olive oil.
9. Roasted Zucchini $7.00 with balsamic and garlic.
10. Eggplant Caponata $7.00 eggplant, red peppers, onions, garlic, mint, pine nuts, tomato and red wine vinegar.
11. Furnisto Potatoes $7.00 roasted with pepper, carrot, olive oil and herbs.
12. Cauliflower $7.00 steamed with olive oil.
13. Greek Orzo $7.00 salt, pepper and butter.
14. Basmati Rice $7.00 salt, pepper and butter.
Choice Of 4 Mediterranean Sides $15.00
Choice Of 6 Mediterranean Sides $18.00

Fondues $15

Swiss Cheese Fondue
Kashkaval Cheese Fondue
Cheddar Cheese Fondue
Gorgonzola Cheese Fondue


1. Nutella Banana Cake $10.00
2. Baklava $8.00
6. Nutella Banana Plazma Crepe $10.00
7. Nutella Raspberry Plazma Crepe $10.00
8. Tufahije $8.00


Hot Coffee $3.00 sugar, splenda, sweet `n low, whole milk
American Coffee $3.00 sugar, splenda, sweet `n low, whole milk
Hot Tea $3.00
Orange Juice $3.00
Soda $2.00 coke, diet coke, ginger ale
Mineral Water $3.00
Bottled Water $2.00

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