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Ball & Chain Drinks $12 Menu and Prices

Passion Fontaine   tequila blanco, boron passion fruit puree, jalapeno, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, and fresh basil
Bananita Daiquiri   white rum, creme de banana, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, coffee beans, bananita
Calle Ocho Old Fashioned   aged rum, demerara sugar, tobacco bitters, tobacco leaves
Mojito Criollo   white rum, fresh lime juice, sugar, mint sprigs, club soda
The Jam Session   london dry gin, apricot liqueur, fresh lemon juice, house-made guayaba (guava) jam, angostura bitters
Canita   white rum, fresh lime juice, house-made honey syrup, guarapo (sugarcane juice), sugarcane stick
Pepe O Bertha Collins   gin or vodka, fresh lemon juice, tamarind juice, sugar, club soda
Pastelito Daiquiri   pastelito-infused aged rum, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, side of pastelito

Ball & Chain Tapas $8 Menu and Prices

Roasted Corn   our mexican-inspired corn is unforgettable thanks to finely grated queso fresco, fresh cilantro and lime, and a dusting of chili powder over a dash of crema fresca.
Quesadilla Con Chorizo   our quesadillas are smothered in american cheddar, served with chunks of chorizo on the side. simplicity at its finest.
Chicharrones   our house-made pork rinds are delightfully crunchy and remarkably zesty with spicy mayo, smoked paprika, and fresh lime.
Cuban Spring Roll   this hearty snack embraces everything we love about this classic cuban morsel. roasted pork, ham, and pickles wrapped in a spring roll with swiss cheese and mustard aioli.
Congri Fritters   (aka cearroz moro) fritters from an old-school family recipe are jam-packed with a fragrant mix of seasoned white rice and black beans, served with a creamy mustard aioli.
Mariquitas De Maduros   traditionally cuban, these succulent slivers of golden plantain are made fresh daily.
Queso Frito   indulge in our dominican-style fried cheese, pumped up with a cuban twist and our house-made guava rum sauce.
Yuca   yuca is the caribbean’s version of a potato and a staple in latin cuisine. we serve it poached and loaded with savory pancetta.

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