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Seared Urban Choice Mushrooms $9.00+ With lime, crispy shallots, and toasted chili. Vegan and gluten free.
Stir-Fried Kai-Lan $6.00+ Toasted sesame oil and Thai chili.
Green Papaya $7.00+ Gluten free. Long beans, tomato and VA peanuts.
Orginis Farm Padron Peppers $6.00+ Vegan and gluten free. Appalachian ancient sea salt.
Cabbage 3 Ways $6.00+ Vegan. Thai basil, chili and VA peanuts.
Chilled Carrot Ginger Soup $7.00 Vegan and gluten free. Palm sugar, coconut milk, chili oil and micro cilantro.
Hand-Cut Potato Fries $5.00 Gluten free. Piquillo pepper, red curry ketchup and Carolina sea salt.


Fried Chicken Skins $7.00+ Carolina sea salt and nuoc cham dipping sauce. Gluten free.
Caramelized Boneless Chicken Thigh $9.00+ Pickled cabbage.
Seared Hanger Steak $13.00+ Tamarind sauce. Gluten free.
Grilled Marinated Pork Shoulder $12.00+ Iced yu choy and jaew dipping sauce. Gluten free.


Slow-Poached Octopus $11.00+ Toasted chili and lime. Gluten free.
Gambas al Ajillo $10.00+ Sauteed shrimp and garlic. Gluten free.
Lobster Rangoon $9.00+ Nuoc tuong pha.


Grilled Marinated Pork Shoulder Sandwich $10.00 Pequillo pepper aioli, herbs and pickles.
Twin Oaks Extra Firm Tofu Sandwich $9.00 Hoisin barbecue sauce, pickled cabbage and yu choy. Vegan.
Burger $10.00 Togorashi seasoned patty, yu choy, Hanover tomato, pickled ginger and Thai basil aioli.

Noodle Bowl

Rice Vermicelli Bowl $15.00+ Chopped greens, herbs, VA peanuts and nuoc cham cold. Gluten free.
Stir Fried Wheat Noodles $15.00+ Seared mushrooms, local vegetables and toasted chili hot.

Rice and Noodles

Coconut Sticky Rice $2.00+ Vegan and gluten free.
Wheat Noodles $4.00+ Sesame and garlic.


Avocado Chocolate Silk Pie $7.00 Vegan. Candied VA peanuts and red Kampot pepper.
Creme Brulee $7.00 Gluten free. Vanilla bean.
Key Lime Pie $7.00 Toasted coconut crust.

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