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Balzac Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Balzac Soup & Salad Menu and Prices

Celery Root Puree $6.00 Served with fermented cabbage & bacon
French Onion Soup $7.00
Beet & Frisee $7.00 Roasted beets, bitter frisee, poached egg, dressed with warm bacon & dijon dressing
Barley & Wild Rice $6.00 Warm grain salad with cider vinaigrette, shaved manchego, sweet potato & celery leaves
House Salad $5.00 Pickled carrots, goat cheese, raw sunflower seeds & lavender vinaigrette

Balzac Desserts Menu and Prices

Salted Caramel Pot De Creme $6.00 Creamy baked custard with whipped cream & sprinkled with black salt
Sweet Potato Flan $6.00 White chocolate & sweet potato flan with spiced pepita brittle
Chocolate Mousse $3.00
Maple Chocolate Cake $6.00 Ultra moist dark chocolate cake with maple butter cream & walnuts
Spiced Apple Pie Ala Mode $6.00 Sweet & tart apples baked with golden raisins & warm curry spices served with cardamo m crumble and cashew ice cream

Balzac Smalls Menu and Prices

Cocktail Olive Blend $3.00
Marinated Mushrooms $3.00
Deviled Egg $2.00 Served with piquillo pepper
Mixed Spiced Nuts $4.00
Foil Baked Cheese & Garlic Baguette $5.00

Balzac Chef Selections Menu and Prices

Cheese Plate $16.00 – $20.00 3 Cheeses, fruit, nuts, bread & crackers
Forager Plate $10.00 Roasted and raw fall vegetables outfitted with dips & salts
Antipasto Plate $12.00 Sliced meats, marinated mushrooms, olives, fresh mozz, pickled peppers

Balzac Small Plates Menu and Prices

Frites $6.00 White and sweet potatoes fried crispy served with chipotle aioli & jalapeno ketchup
Sugar Charred Steak $12.00 Brown sugar & cayenne rubbed hanger steak with sweet potato fries, chimichurri & scallion sour cream
Prince Edward Island Mussels $10.00 Sauteed with bacon, dijon, mirepoix, saffron & cream
Crispy Pork Belly $9.00 Slow roasted heirloom pork fried crispy with turnip potato mash & pickled mustard seeds
Egg Foo $8.00 Spaghetti squash & soy brined jalapeno omelet with shiitake gravy
Lamb Croquettes $7.00 Seasoned crispy lamb meatballs with sumac & basil cream
Manchego Brulee $10.00 Savory cheese custard topped with caramelized ham & garlic crostini
Mushroom Napoleon $9.00 Almond crusted portabella mushrooms baked with creamed spinach, fresh mozzarella & balsamic gastrique
Duck Nachos $8.00 Oven roasted duck with bacon, gruyere cheese blend, scallion creme fraiche & pico
Lemon Confit Chicken $11.00 Air chilled chicken quarter poached in olive oil & preserved lemon served over spinach & lentils
Spinach Borek $9.00 Turkish spinach pie with feta cheese, herbs & crispy filo crust with turmeric olive sauce
Vegetable Stuffing Loaf $8.00 Lightly fried meat loaf made with fennel, mushrooms & rye served with collard slaw & spiced pecans
Trout & Uni Carbonara $9.00 Smoked trout & bucatini pasta with chives, black pepper & sea urchin butter
Grilled Salmon $13.00 Atlantic salmon with sauteed shiitake & asparagus served with wasabi cream
Crab Cakes $12.00 Blue fin claw meat pattied with bell peppers served with chipotle aioli
Balzac Signature Sac Mac $10.00 Cavatappi pasta in five cheese sauce topped with crumbled bleu cheese & toasted panko bread crumbs add bacon, capicollo or brussels $2.00
Chopped Liver $9.00 Chicken livers cooked in schmaltz served with, chopped egg, rye toast & gherkins
Halibut En Papillote $15.00 Halibut baked in parchment paper with coconut, collards, peppers & tomatoes
Korean Meatballs $8.00 Grass fed beef meatballs in red leaf lettuce cups served with kimchi & chili sour cream
Coq Au Vin Chicken Wings $11.00 Slow roasted with bacon & fried to a crisp with chili honey & dijon cream
Brussels & Mash $6.00 Grilled brussels sprouts over garlic mashers with crunchy barley
Piquillo Bake $9.00 Piquillo peppers, tomatoes & soft sweet onions baked with fresh goat cheese & drizzled with chili oil
Oxtail Polenta $13.00 Braised oxtail gravy with tomatoes & pearl onions served over parsnip polenta topped with horseradish creme fraiche
Tuna Tartare $10.00 Chopped, seasoned raw ahi tuna dressed with sweet wasabi vinaigrette served with wonton crisps

Balzac Flatbreads Menu and Prices

Margherita $12.00 Chevre spread, fresh basil, sun dried tomato, roma tomatoes, mozzarella
Green Machine $12.00 Brussels, apple, smoked paprika, sharp cheddar, creme fraiche
Salty Pig $13.00 Olive oil, prosciutto, mushrooms, greens, mozzarella & pomegranate molasses
Italico $11.00 Marinara, mozzarella, gruyere, parmesan

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