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Cuisine: Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese.

Indian Salads

Spice Garden Salad $7.95 tandoori chicken with eggplant chips, cauliflower and chickpeas, topped with raisins, new delhi slaw and our signature tomato curry.
Sari Salad $8.49 tandoori chicken with avocado, cucumber, chickpeas and tomato finished with cilantro, raisins, candied almonds and our house-made tamarind chutney.
Veggie Chaat Salad $8.95 (v). chaat paneer with avocado, mango, red onions, tomato and cucumber, finished with raisins, candied almonds, mint and our cilantro chutney.
Water Lilly Salad $9.49 tandoori yellowtail with avocado, mango, cucumber, red onions and tomato, finished with our new delhi slaw, candied almonds, raisins and cilantro chutney.

Vietnamese Salads

Noodle Veggie Medley $8.49 sesame chicken, pickled veggies, eggplant chips and seared pineapple with rice noodles, sesame vinaigrette, red onions, sprouts, saigon fresh herbs and crispy shallots.
Sunny Saigon Salad $8.95 (gf). sesame chicken, papaya salad, red onion, mango and avocado, topped with out sesame vinaigrette, toasted almonds, jalapenos, sprouts and saigon fresh herbs.
Grazy Daisy Salad $9.49 (gf). shaking beef with eggplant chips, seared pineapple, pickled veggies, cucumber, topped with our papaya vinaigrette, saigon fresh herbs, sprouts, toasted almonds and green onions.
Yellow Grass Salad $7.95 (gf, v). lemongrass tofu, pickled veggies, avocado, cucumber and mango with our lemon grass vinaigrette, saigon fresh herbs, red onion, toasted almonds and sprouts.

Japanese Salads

Slammin’ Salmon Salad $8.49 (gf). salmon sashimi and spicy salmon with avocado, quinoa, cucumber, shiitake mushrooms and edamame, topped with our ginger green tea vinaigrette, dynamite sauce, tobiko and green onions.
Spicy Tuna Salad $8.95 tuna sashimi and spicy tuna with avocado, cucumber sprouts, pickled daikon and seaweed, topped with our sesame vinaigrette, tempura crunch, tobiko, quinoa, green onions and sriracha.
Lotus Flower Salad $9.95 (gf). salmon, tuna and yellowtail with avocado, shiiitake mushrooms, edamame, quinoa and pickled daikon, topped with our lychee lemon vinaigrette, lemon slices, tobiko and dynamite sauce.
Japanese Tea Garden Salad $7.95 (v). teriyaki tofu, avocado, cucumber, pickled daikon, seaweed, sprouts and shiitake mushrooms, topped with our ginger green tea vinaigrette, lemon slices, tempura crunch and green onions.


Lemon Blossom Sushi $7.95 surimi, avocado and cucumber topped with salmon and yellowtail sashimi, sesame seeds, lemon slices, tobiko and a drop of our lychee lemon vinaigrette.
Wasabi Crunch Sushi $8.95 unagi, tempura shrimp, pickled daikon and cucumber, topped with surimi, wasabioli, unagi sauce, tempura crunch, green onions and nori shreds.
Lava Tuna Sushi $9.49 (gf). spicy tuna and red crab, avocado and mango topped with tuna sashimi, jalapenos, tobiko and dynamite sauce.
Mango Tango Sushi $7.49 (v). teriyaki tofu, cucumber and pickles daikon, topped with mango, avocado, green onions, quinoa and unagi sauce and wasabioli.

Vietnamese Sandwiches

The Traditional Sandwich $6.95 sesame chicken and duck pate, pickled veggies, cucumber, saigon fresh herbs, crispy shallots, jalapenos and hoisin sauce.
Coconut Chicken Sandwich $6.95 sesame chicken, cucumber, red onions, papaya salad, saigon fresh herbs, sprouts and coconut curry.
Shake Mi Sandwich $7.95 shaking beef and duck pate, cucumber, seared pineapple, papaya salad, jalapenos, saigon fresh herbs, sprouts, crispy shallots and our dynamite sauce.
Veggie Banh Sandwich $6.49 (v). lemongrass tofu, pickled veggies, cucumber, jalapenos, crispy shallots, sprouts and saigon fresh herbs, topped with our hoisin sauce.

Indian Roti Wrap

Mango Roti Wrap $7.49 tandoori chicken, mango, avocado, cucumber and red onion topped with our new delhi slaw, cilantro and our cilantro chutney.
Tandoori Roti Wrap $7.95 tandoori chicken, avocado, eggplant chips and chickpeas, topped with our signature tomato curry,new delhi slaw, cilantro and raisins.
Holy Cow Wrap $7.95 (v). chaat paneer, eggplant chips, chickpeas and tomato topped with spinach curry, new delhi slaw, raisins and our tamarind chutney.
Ganesh’s Catch $8.95 tandoori yellowtail, avocado, mango and red onions, topped with our new delhi slaw, mint, jalapenos and our cucumber raita.

Indian Bowl

The Delhi Delight $7.95 tandoori chicken, avocado, mango, cucumber, red onion and tomato, topped with our tamarind chutney, new delhi slaw and raisins.
Bhangra Bowl $8.49 tandoori chicken, eggplant chips, cauliflower and chickpeas topped with our tomato curry , new delhi slaw, cilantro and jalapenos.
Buddha Bowl $8.95 (v). chaat paneer, avocado, cucumber, tomato and red onion topped with spinach curry, raisins and cucumber raita.
Bay Of Bengal $9.49 tandoori yellowtail, eggplant chips, cauliflower and chickpeas, finished with tomato curry, new delhi slaw, cilantro and cilantro chutney.

Vietnamese Bowl

The Tropical Bowl $7.95 (gf). sesame chicken, baby bok choy, eggplant chips, pickled veggies and seared pineapple, topped with our signature peanut sauce, saigon fresh herbs, toasted almonds and sprouts.
Fire Bird Bowl $8.49 (gf). sesame chicken, papaya salad, avocado, red onion, cucumber and eggplant chips, topped with our sesame vinaigrette, saigon fresh herbs, sprouts, jalapenos and lots of sriracha.
Shaking Beef Curry Bowl $8.95 shaking beef, papaya salad, seared pineapple, baby bok choy and eggplant chips, topped with our coconut curry, saigon fresh herbs, sprouts, red onions and crispy shallots.
All Veggie Vietnam Bowl $7.49 (v). lemongrass tofu, baby bok choy, pickled veggies, eggplant chips and seared pineapple, topped with our coconut curry, saigon fresh herbs, crispy shallots and sprouts.

Japanese Bowl

Northern Catch Bowl $8.49 salmon, sashimi, tempura shrimp, surimi, avocado, cucumber, mango and sprouts, topped with dynamite sweet chili, tobiko, tempura crunch and lemon slices.
Spicy Trio Bowl $8.95 spicy salmon, tuna and yellowtail, edamame, cucumbe,r pickled daikon and shiitake mushrooms, topped with our dynamite sauce, nori shreds, surimi and jalapenos.
Tokyo Trouble Bowl $9.95 salmon, tuna, yellowtail and eel sauce with tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber pickled daikon, seaweed, tmepura crunch, tobiko and green onions, topped with our wasabioli and unagi sauce.
Bambuddha Bowl $7.95 (v). teriyaki tofu, cucumber, shiitake mushrooms, pickled daikon, avocado, sprouts and seaweed with dynamite sauce, sesame seeds, quinoa and green onions.


Japanese Lotus Chips $1.95
Japanese Edamame $1.95
Japanese Spicy Miso Soup $2.49
Japanese Side Salad $2.95
Vietnamese Taro Chips $1.95
Vietnamese Veggie Pho $2.49
Vietnamese Veggie Spring Rolls $2.95
Vietnamese Shrimp Spring Rolls $2.95
Vietnamese Mango Papaya Side Salad $2.95
Indian Naan Chips $1.95
Indian Garlic Naan $1.95
Indian Yellow Lentil Soup $2.49
Indian Tamarind Side Salad $2.95


Indian Spice Cookie $1.95
Gulab Jamun $1.95
Anjou’s Laddoo $1.95
Mochi $1.49 your choice of flavor.
Mochi choice: green tea mochi, coconut mochi, toro mochi, orange mochi, melon mochi, strawberry mochi
Green Tea Cookie $1.95
Japanese Roll Cake $2.95
Vietnamese Coffee Cookie $1.95
Crispy Banana $2.95
Fresh Fruit Spring Roll $2.95


Water $0.99
Soda $1.49 choice: coke, diet coke
Hint Water $2.00 choice: watermelon, pomegranate tangerine, blackberry
Vitamin Water $2.00 multi-v.
San Pellegrino $2.00 choice: sparkling water, arancita, limanata
Arizona Green Tea $2.00

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