Bamboo Island Restaurant

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Cuisine: Asian.


Soda $1.50
Young Coconut Juice $4.00
Orange Juice $2.50
Thai Iced Tea $2.50
Iced Coffee $2.50
Soy Milk $2.50
Soda Plum $2.50
Soda Egg $3.00 Perrier water, sweetened condensed milk, and one or two raw eggs.


Egg Rolls $6.00
Spring Rolls $5.00
Papaya Salad $7.00 With salty crab and dried shrimp.
Beef Jerky $10.00
BBQ Beef Stick $10.00 With papaya pickle.
Balut $12.00 Five fertile baby eggs.


Chicken Sour Soup $15.00
Somlor Kor-Ko $13.00 With your choice of meat.
Hot Fish Sour Soup $13.00 With baby shrimp.
Hot Beef Sour Soup $13.00 With lemongrass.
Hot Vietnamese Sour Soup $13.00 With fish, prawn, chicken, or seafood.
Hot Special Seafood Pot $13.00
Tom Yum Soup $13.00
Soup Chnaang Dey $25.00 – $35.00 Combo of fresh veggies, beef and seafood, cooked in a clay pot.
Yow-Huon Soup $30.00 – $40.00 Combo of fresh veggies, beef and seafood, cooked in a regular pot.


Pan-Fried Flat Noodle Dinner $7.00 With seafood, beef or chicken.
Crispy Noodle Dinner $7.00 With seafood, beef or chicken.
Pan-Fried Noodle Dinner $7.00 With seafood, beef or chicken.
Laut Chaa Dinner $7.00 With seafood, beef or chicken.
Beef and Broccoli Dinner $7.00 With Chinese broccoli and steamed rice.
Chicken and Broccoli Dinner $7.00 With Chinese broccoli and steamed rice.
Beef Lok Lak Dinner $7.00 With steamed rice.
Fried Shrimp with Black Pepper Dinner $7.00 With steamed rice.
BBQ Pork Dinner $7.00 With steamed rice.
French Grilled Chicken Dinner $7.00 With steamed rice.
Deep-Fried Intestine Dinner $7.00 With pickle, mustard and steamed rice.
Pan-Fried Beef Dinner $7.00 With tomatoes and steamed rice.
Special Fried Rice Dinner $7.00
Shrimp Fried Rice Dinner $7.00
Chicken Fried Rice Dinner $7.00

Family Size

Family Size Pan-Fried Clams $13.00 With basil.
Family Size Steamed Clams $13.00 With tamarind sauce.
Family Size Pan-Fried Mussels $12.00 With basil.
Family Size Frog Legs $14.00 Choice of three styles.
Family Size Beef Lok Lak $10.00
Family Size French Grilled Chicken $10.95
Family Size Pan-Fried Tofu $7.95 With vegetables.
Family Size Deep-Fried Intestine $10.00 With pickles and mustard.
Family Size Pan-Fried Fish Ginger $10.00
Family Size Pan-Fried Beef Ginger $10.00
Family Size Pan-Fried Chicken Ginger $10.00
Family Size Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce $10.00
Family Size Chicken Cha Kreung Knung $15.00
Family Size Morning Glory Stir-Fried $8.95
Family Size Fried Shrimp with Pepper $10.00
Family Size Peppered Prawn $15.00 Choice of three styles.
Family Size Pan-Fried Chicken with Basil $8.50
Family Size Pan-fried Chinese Eggplant $8.50
Family Size Pan-fried Chinese Pork $8.50
Family Size Pan-fried Chinese Chicken $8.50
Family Size Beef Broccoli $10.00
Family Size Chicken Broccoli $10.00
Family Size Beef Anchovies $15.00
Family Size Beef Anchovies Khmer $15.00
Family Size Larb Beef $9.00
Family Size Larb Chicken $9.00
Family Size Beef Thai Salad $9.00
Family Size Chicken Thai Salad $9.00
Family Size Shrimp Thai Salad $9.00
Family Size Beef Salad $9.00
Family Size Chicken Salad $9.00
Family Size Shrimp Salad $9.00
Family Size Sadao Salad $10.00
Family Size Salmon Anchovies $15.00
Family Size Larb Salmon $15.00
Family Size Salmon with Wasabi Sauce $15.00
Family Size Fried Plum Fish $12.00 With sweet and sour sauce.
Family Size Fried Tilapia $12.00 With sweet and sour sauce.
Family Size Steamed Tilapia $12.00 With ginger and special sauce.
Family Size Sweet and Sour Fried Fish Filet $10.00
Family Size BBQ Asian Catfish $14.00
Family Size Deep-Fried Small Fish $10.00
Family Size Fried Anchoves Cake $10.00 With vegetables.
Family Size Curry Fish $9.00 With coconut milk and lemon grass.
Family Size Pan-Fried Eel $15.00 With lemon grass.
Family Size Fried Quail $15.00 With salt and pepper.
Family Size Stewed Anchovies $10.00 Khmer-style.
Family Size Fried Chicken $6.50 With french fries.
Family Size Hot Wings $6.50
Family Size Chicken Wings $6.50 With salt and pepper.

Vegetarian Dish

Vegetarian Egg Rolls $6.00
Vegetarian Spring Rolls $5.50
Pho Vegetarian $6.00
Tofu Curry with Vermicelli $6.50
Pan-Fried Tofu with Vegetables $7.95
Chinese Broccoli with Vegetarian Sauce $8.50
Vegetarian Morning Glory Stir-Fried $8.95
Pan-Fried Eggplant $8.00
Glass Noodle Salad with Khmer Sauce $8.95


Lunch Phnom Penh Noodles $6.00 Your choice of style.
Lunch Pho $6.00 With your choice of meat and vegetables.
Lunch Beef Stew with Noodles $6.00
Lunch Porridge with Meat $6.00
Lunch Fish Soup with Vemicelli $6.00
Lunch Curry with Vermicelli $6.00
Lunch Vermicelli with Egg Rolls $7.00 With your choice of meat.

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