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Cuisine: Thai.


Bangkok Crisp Sweet Noodle $6.95 (mee Krob)
Steamed Alaska King Crab $16.50
Bankok Steamed Mussels $7.50
Bangkok Steamed Pork Dumpling $5.95
Bangkok Crispy Finger Roll $5.95
Bangkok Sa-Tae Chicken Or Beef $8.50
Bangkok Vegetable Tempura $6.95
Bangkok Crab Cake $6.95
Bangkok Squid Tempura $8.50
Bangkok Calamari Teriyaki $10.95


Tom Yum Goong $4.95 a subtle blend of hot and sour mixed with jumbo shrimp, fresh cut lemon grass and mushrooms made this soup the most famous in and out of thailand.
Tom Kha Gai $4.50 a rich aromatic soup you will enjoy. bite sized breast of chicken with fresh kaffer lime leaves and young sliced galangal root plus a touch of coconut milk.
Spicy Mixed Sea Heaven $5.95 the special taste of this soup can vary by the addition of other seafood with the french mixed herbs and adapting the number of chili peppers to taste.
The Celestial One $4.50 an excellent clear, subtle broth with mixed fresh vegetables, clear noodles, soft bean curd and crispy chopped garlic

Authentic Thais’ Spicy Salads

bangkok fresh Green Salad Platter $4.95 with our authentic thai Peanut dressing.
Bangkok Chicken Salad $8.50 fresh grilled slices of breast of chicken marinated with spices, lime juice and finished with fresh mint leaves.
bangkok Beef Salad $8.50 sliced grilled savory n.y. strip steak with fresh spicy chili sauce, thinly sliced lemon grass, lime juice on a bed of crisp, cool lettuce.
Bangkok Fresh Shrimp Salad $9.95 grilled freshly peeled shrimp marinated with roasted grilled pepper sauce, lime juice delicatedly balanced with sliced tomato and cucumber.
Bangkok Calamari Salad $8.95 simmered sliced calamari steak marinated in lime juice fresh thinly sliced lemon grass, hot dry roasted chili, finished with fresh mint leaves.
Bangkok Minced Pork Salad $8.50 a beautiful favor of fresh sliced ginger mixed with minced tenderloin pork, whole fresh roasted peanuts and thinly sliced red onion.
Bangkok Seafood Salad $11.95 a colorful mix of seafood with a specially prepared spice and herbal sauce (chef’s secret)

Noodles And Pasta

Bangkok Famous Noodle (Pad Thai) $12.95 – $29.95 this is a colorful dish of stir fried thai rice noodles and sliced brown bean curd mixed with egg, accompanied by fresh crispy bean sprouts and a chunk of scallion. topped with ground peanut.
Thais’ Favorite Noodle (Lard Nha) $12.95 – $15.95 your choice of golden egg noodles or flat rice noodle. topped with saute mixed vegetables and flavor soy bean sauce.
Bangkok Seafood Spicy Noodle $15.95 bangkok’s special stir flat rice noodles with seafood combination, chopped fresh hot chili in garlic oil, fresh bean sprouts and soy bean sauce.
Bangkok Invisible Noodle $15.95 delicately sauteed bean thread noodles with ocean jumbo shrimp, egg, sliced onion and chunks of seallion.


A side light to wok cookery – the wok cooks at too thousand degrees fahrenheit within 3 minutes – leaving all the natural taste of the food served.
Pad Khing $14.50 – $16.95 the arome of fresh shredded ginger with the flavor of black bean sauce, wild mushrooms and strips of sweet peppers makes this one of the most interesting exotic tastes.
Pad Khing $17.95 with once half of a sliced roasted crispy boneless long insland duck.
Pad Priew Wan $14.50 – $16.95 stay healthy with a perfect balance of thai herbal sweet and sour sauce and a melange of fresh vegetables.
Pad Priew Wan $17.95 with once half of a sliced roasted crispy boneless long island duck.
Pad Kra Praw $14.50 – $16.95 a generous amount of fresh chopped chili and chopped garlic combined with fresh basil leaves with satisfy your taste for a hot and spicy dish. vegetarian dish can be prepared upon request
Pad Kra Praw $17.95 with once half of a sliced roasted crispy boneless long island duck.
Pad Med Ma Muang $14.50 – $16.95 for that subtly wild taste – fresh roasted crisp cashew nuts, mixed with minced fresh vegetables and grilled red pepper.
Pad Med Ma Muang $19.95 with once half of a sliced roasted crispy boneless long island duck.
Pad Pak $14.50 – $16.95 stay slim with fresh sauteed mixed vegetables and fresh garlic hot chili can be added if desired.
Pad Pak $17.95 with once half of a sliced roasted crispy boneless long island duck.
Pad Hed $15.95 a perfect evening platter for the vegetarian, mushrooms from five continents sauteed with garlic and red wine sauce garnished with steamed baby corn and asparagus. (hot chili can be added if desired)


Originally served only on special occasions, it is now one of the staples of thai cuisine. the manner of preparation over hundreds of years has taught the chefs how to prepare the duck fat-free and nor-greasy, to the delight of all.
Bangkok’s Imperial Honey Roasted Duck $19.95 one of bangkok’s famous specialties prepared with loving care by our chef. half a plump long island duck, glazed with a golden honey and oven roasted until lightly browned and crisp to the touch serv
Steam Duck $18.95 another duck dish that has made bangkok popular – again – half a plump roasted to a golden brown, just a bit less sweet than with the honey. topped with sliced shitaki abalone, and chinese mushrooms


Curry is a native dish of the thai people. A stone mortar and pestle are the only implements used to produce a curry sauce. a proper combination of many herbs and spices such as lemon grass, rhizome, shallots, galangal, hot chili, basil etc. make for a di
Red Curry (Keang Phed) $14.50 – $16.95 the red chili peppers and arry of other spices and herbs, slices of winter bamboo shoots, garnished with basil leaves. sliced tender beef or sliced chicken breast. vegetarian dish can be prepared upo
Green Curry (Keang Kiew Wan) $14.50 – $16.95 the sweet lemon grass and fresh thai pepper make this curry world famous. the lime green color and spicy heat help cool down the body. sliced tender beef or sliced chicken breast. vegetarian dish can
Massaman Curry $18.95 – $16.95 a unique style of slow cooking this curry sauce, having a light bite back of every taste. blended into the spices with whole peanuts, potatoes and avodado (when in season). vegetarian dish can be pre
Pa-Nang Curry $14.50 – $16.95 this pan-cooked thickened curry sauce is for these who love the taste of herbs, a hint of coconut milk is topped with slice of kaffer lime leaves. sliced tender beef or sliced chicken breast. vegetar
Pad Ped Curry $17.95 – $16.95 a perfect balance of the mixing of herbs and spices makes this curry equally perfect with meat, seafood or duck. with once half of a sliced roasted crispy boneless long island duck. vegetarian dish c


All our steaks are aged, thick 14 oz prime filet mingon.All mouth watering steak dinners include thai garden salad and dsteamed imported jasmine rice.
Bangkok Pride Steak $28.95 charcoal grilled, marinated with a thick black roasted curry sauce and strips of chili. all spicy dishes can be prepared to suit your taste.
Bangkok Chili Steak $28.95 charcoal grilled, topped with a roasted chili garlic sauce and mixed nuts. all spicy dishes can be prepared to suit your taste.
Bangkok Basil Steak $28.95 charcoal grilled then covered with fresh chili, fresh garlic and basil leaves. all spicy dishes can be prepared to suit your taste.
Bangkok Flaming Steak $30.95 charcoal grilled, flaming with thai tradition spicy sweet pepper sauce.
Bangkok Mushroom Steak $30.95 charcoal grilled topped with sauteed imported mushrooms in wine sauce, can be ordered spicy if desired.

Fish And Deep Ocean Food

All entrees served with steamed imported jasmine rice.
Bangkok Snapper (The Hot One) $17.95 – $35.00 one of the most popular thai fish dishes. deep fried whole (deboned) snapper drenched with our special red chili garlic sauce. all spicy dishes can be prepared to suit your taste.
Ginger Snapper $17.95 – $35.50 a combination of fresh thinly sliced ginger, mushrooms and black beans, sauce over a deep fried whole (deboned) snapper.
Tamarind Prawin $19.95 grilled plump king prawns with coriander leaves served with roasted grilled red chili in sweet tamarind sauce.
Garlic Prawin $19.95 king prawns marinated in fresh coriander root, topped with slices of crispy garlic, finished with roasted, grilled red pepper.
Sweet Chili Prawin $19.95 grilled fresh king prawns topped with our own bangkok sweet chili sauce and fresh basil.
Seafood Combat $26.95 (plump giant shrimps, scallops, mussels and calamari steak) one of kind red curry sauce with special herbs make the most delectable tangy balanace of all seafood sauces.all spicy dishes can be prepar
Bangkok Basil Squid $16.95 thick slices of calamari steak, pan sauteed with a hot spicy sauce in virgin olive oil and fresh basil make this a truly exotic dish of thailand. all spicy dishes can be prepared to suit your taste.
Scallops Pepper Platter $22.95 soft succulent ocean fresh scallops and pan roasted with fresh asparagus in a spicy peppered garlic sauce.all spicy dishes can be prepared to suit your taste.

Additional Specialities

Shrimp & Scallops Delight $24.95 combined in one platter and topped with sauteed hot chili in garlic sauce and garnished with steamed fresh vegetables. all spicy dishes can be prepared to suit your taste.
Bangkok Kingcrab Curry $28.95 fresh alaska crab leg par sauteed in special herbs curry sauce with assorted fresh vegetables.

From The Rice Paddies Of Thailand

The most important staple of the thai meal. It must complement every main dish. The wonderful delicate aroma of our jasmine rice imparts a flavor which is exchanged by many of the ingredients in the thai dishes. All dishes are prepared individually upon o
Fried Rice $10.95 with chunks of children breast and herbs.
Fresh Jumbo Shrimp $13.95 cooked perfectly with fried rice.
Crab Meat $13.95 real crab meat and herbal fried rice
Crab And Lobster $14.95 a delicious combo of seafood and fried rice. (mild)

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