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Cuisine: American, Japanese, Thai.

Asian Amuse

Small bites to intrigue you
Orange And Pomegranate Cured Salmon $5.00 with a warm mushroom and artichoke salad red pepper aioli
Soy Ginger Lamb Spring Roll $6.00 with roquefort glaze
Wild Boar Teriyaki Meatballs $5.00 and chickpea saute with blue de bresse
Fire-Charred Scallop $6.00 with indian lentils
Chili And Ginger Tossed Cuttlefish $6.00 on a sweet potato and banana flower sushi, spicy mango sauce
Shortribs $5.00
Summer Beets $4.50 cured in mirin, vermont chevre


Yin and yang for the soul
Flash Seared Vietnamese Shrimps $12.00 with glass noodles and spicy coconut salad
Warm Braised Veal Salad $12.00 on a chilled spring roll
Coffee Tossed Baby Back Ribs $8.00 with a puffed rice and bamboo salad
Miso Soup With Ramps And Shiitake $8.00 with a candied rhubarb and sushi rice cake, rock shrimp salad
Mung Bean And Mushroom Crepe $11.00 with cumin and mucnster baked roma tomatoes
Pan Seared Scallops $12.00
Lemongrass Scented Steamed Mussels $9.00 with white wine and holy basil

Main Course

Cosmopolitan palate
Pan-Seared Cornish Hen Breasts $22.00 served on chili lime green beans and a yam cake with smoked darjeeling tea jus
Pork Tenderloin $22.00 on a purple potato and green chickpea cake, wilted arugula,date ginger and tamarind jus
Pan-Seared Yellow Back Flounder $25.00 with jasmine rice and ginger pilaf, coconut brie fondue
Banana Leaf Wrapped Halibut $26.00 on a murmese stir-fry of bok choy and pineapple, ginger rhubarb beurre blanc
Muscovy Duck Breast $25.00 with duck leg and basmati croquette, red currant quick tossed
Fire-Charred Sirloin $26.00 with smoked cha choy, cilantro and taro pave, caramelized lotus seed, creamy chanterelle sauce
Zucchini And Tofu Steak $19.00 with thai basil, yellow tomato coulis on a bed of chanterelle-braised rice noodles
Pan-Seared Haddock $24.00 with a water chestnut, palm heart and green grape seed anise creme fraichc, tomato olive butter

Late Night – Appetizers

Yin and yang for the soul
Veal Breast $11.00 and spice basmati rice croquette mimolette, quince jam
Mirin Scented Water Chestnut $9.00 and shitake soup with gingered sweetbreads
Salad Of Mixed Greens $6.00 with a bamboo shoot and wild mushroom spring roll

Late Night – Entrees

Cosmopolitan Palate
Cotes-Du-Rhone Braised Shortribs $22.00 quick tossed cumin and scallion scented yams with kaffir lime jus
Udon Noodle $16.00 – $15.00 and a wild mushroom gratin topped.
Pokchoy And Shitake Stir Fry $13.00

Late Night – Desserts

Days Sorbet $6.00 with lady fingers. creme brulee 9 our unique brulee selection offers two brulees of the day, served with pistachio dipped biscuit fingers, day’s sorbet
Hazelnut And Chocolate Parfait $9.00 with kirsch anglaise and tasmanian cherries

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