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Flatbread $6.00 Marinated feta, brazil nut dust, black moroccan olives
Hummus $6.00 Paprika, toasted pine nuts, EVOO
Latkes $5.00 Potato parsnip pancakes, applesauce, sugar
Tabouli $7.00 Parsley, mint tomato bulghur salad, lemon vinaigrette
Baba Ganoush $6.00 Eggplant dip, tahini: sesame paste, EVOO
Citrus Shrimp $8.50 Carrot cilantro puree, tomato, cumin, lemon chile sauce
Mutabbaq $6.00 Crispy phyllo with goat cheese, ricotta, pistachios, lemon water


Blood Orange $7.00 Tangerine, black olive, medjool dates, greens
Greek Salad $7.00 Tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, olives, feta, parsley, mint, sumac
Israeli Chopped Salad $6.00 Sweet peppers, tomato, cucumber, onion, parsley


Falafel $8.00 Greens, tomato, hummus, tahini, yogurt mint sauce, pickles
Shawarma $10.00 Tomato, hummus, tahini, pickles, mango, israeli salad, pickled cucumbers, za?atar, grilled, onions, mint yogurt, choice of lamb, chicken, ribeye, add beets $0.50
Sabih $7.00 Fried eggplant, mango, israeli salad, tahini on flatbread
Hamburger $7.00 Muddled mint, harissa aioli, feta, greens, pickles, challah bun

Big Boi

Grilled Lamb Chop Loin $10.00 Pomegranate molasses, aunt gloria?s muddled mint
Roasted Spiced Chicken Tagine $9.00 Root vegetables, apricots, steamed couscous
Shakshuka $8.50 Braised tomato harissa and onion stew, poached eggs

Don?t Let The Sugar Run Down Your Leg

Warm Chocolate Swirl Challah Sandwich, Gelato $6.00
Pecan Short Bread Ice Cream Sammies $6.00
Rolled in Pistachios $6.00

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