Bar Fedora

Enjoy Bar Fedora latest menu price updated list. Up to date Bar Fedora and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

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Bar Fedora Bar Menu Menu and Prices

Bar Bites
Roasted Beets Salad $11.00
Crab Hush Puppies $10.00 with spicy bayA’oli
Iceberg Wedge $11.00
Prime Beef Cheese Burger $14.00
Tartar/Ceviche $10.00 todayA’s inspirations
Pork Rillette $5.00 with crostini
Spicy Feta Dip $7.00 + pita chips
Crispy Baby Artichokes $7.00
Pork Belly Sliders $12.00
Bacon Beer Mac + Cheese $8.00

Bar Fedora Red Wine Menu and Prices

By The Glass
Haraszthy $14.00 zinfandel
Malibu Rocky Oaks $12.00 cabernet
Albertoni $9.00 merlot

Bar Fedora Beer On Tap Menu and Prices

Peroni $5.00
Firestone $5.00
Chimay $8.00
Delirium $8.00

Bar Fedora White Wine Menu and Prices

By The Glass
Barone Fini $11.00 pinot grigio
Lincourt $12.00 chardonnay

Bar Fedora Martini $13 Menu and Prices

Eyes Wide Shut   southern comfort, crown royal, amaretto, orange and cranberry juice
Vesper   tanqueray, stoli, lillet, orange bitters, angostura, quinine powder
EveA’s Seduction   amaretto, vodka, apple schnapps, lemon and lime juice
Lemon Drop   vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, sugar rim
Cosmo   lime juice, lemon juice, cranberry juice, triple sec
Manhattan   whiskey, sweet vermouth, bitters

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