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Starters & Salads

Starters & Salad
Chicken Liver Toast $10.00 Onion marmalade, parsley.
Avocado Toast $10.00 Pickled radish.
Chopped Salad $12.00 Romaine, lemon vinaigrette.
Roasted Carrots $14.00 Farro and Aleppo pepper vinaigrette.
Kohlrabi Slaw $12.00 Sesame dressing, pickled shiitake, green apple.
Kale Salad $13.00 House ricotta, pickled squash.
Quinoa Nicoise Salad $18.00 Seared tuna, poached egg and olives.
Gem Lettuce ;Caesar; Salad $17.00 Buttermilk dressing, white anchovies and ranch croutons.

Sandwiches and Mains

Sandwiches and Main
Macfish $17.00 Tempura hake and tartar sauce.
Grilled Chicken Club $14.00 Grilled chicken, pancetta and buttermilk dressing.
Bistro Burger $19.00 Miso mayo and yellow American Cheese.
Chicken ;Riggies; $16.00 Rigatoni, creamy tomato and chicken sausage.
Veggie Burger $14.00 Quinoa, shiitake mushrooms, and miso mayo.
Crispy Salmon $23.00 Crispy salmon and Brussels sprouts.
Crispy Chicken Bowl $17.00 Crispy Chicken, sushi rice, avocado, and ponzu
Steak & Potatoes $23.00 Smashed fingerling potatoes, horseradish, and chimichurri.


Fingerling Potatoes $8.00 Crushed and tossed in chimichurri.
Mixed Vegetables $8.00 Glazed in white miso.
Roasted Brussels Sprouts $7.00 Olive oil and Maldon sea salt.
Fries $7.00

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