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Bar Jamon Lunch & Dinner Menu and Prices

Sweetbreads $19.00 with fennel al mono
Scallops $17.00 with green garlic, jamA?n and pineapple gastrique
Bacalao Croquetas $9.00 with orange alioli
Pulpo $13.00 with fennel and grapefruit
Spanish Anchovies $12.00 with baby romaine and market beans
Fideos $18.00 with chorizo and clams
Fluke Crudo $16.00 with spicy gazpacho salad and cucumber espuma
Soft Shell Crab $17.00 with crab bisque, purslane and sugar snaps
Fried Oysters $14.00 with piquillo sofrito and black pepper crema
Baby Squid $15.00 with local corn grits and farmer’s egg
Cod Cheeks Pil Pil $18.00 with pickled chillies
Mussels $15.00 with cava and chorizo
Duck Egg $18.00 with mojama and black truffles
Braised Beef Cheek & Marrow $15.00 with radishes and mint salt
House-Made Pork Charcuterie And Terrine Board $20.00 spanish cheese, house pickles
Atlantic Calamares $15.00 with harissa and squid ink
Grilled Beef Tongue $14.00 with smoked tomato
Pan Con Tomate $5.00
Quail $17.00 with chicken liver mousse and mono bacon
Sepia $15.00 with salsa verde
Paella Croquetas $16.00 with uni and baby tomatoes
Pumpkin And Goat Cheese Croquetas $9.00
Asparagus And ValdeA?n $14.00 with spring herb salsa
Razor Clams A La Plancha $15.00
Ensalada Mono $10.00 with manchego
Skirt Steak $17.00 with romesco and onion marmalade
JamA?n Iberico $25.00
Sardinas Fritas $15.00 with endive salad
Rabbit $18.00 with anticuchos and habanero cuajada
Oxtail Stuffed Piquillo Peppers $14.00
Blackened Beets $14.00 with caA±a de cabra and blueberries
Foie Gras $19.00 with cinco cebollas

Bar Jamon Whole Organic Animals Menu and Prices

Raised On Small Farms In New York’s Hudson Valley Free To Roam On Pasture And Butchered In-House
Pork Croquetas $16.00 with peas, ramps and shiitake mushrooms
Lamb Duo $26.00 with black barley and preserved kumquats
Leg Of Lamb $17.00 leg of lamb with salted ibiza chocolate sauce and shiitakes
ButcherA’s Pork Chop $26.00 with cured meats and salsa gallega
Confit Goat $19.00 with tomato chanterelle
Morcilla $15.00 with a caramelized egg and fabada beans
House-Made Chorizo $17.00 with garbanzos and leeks madrileno
Maple Grilled Pork Belly $18.00 with herbed buttermilk and spring onions

Bar Jamon Vegetables $9 Menu and Prices

Patatas Bravas  
Setas With Garlic  
Artichokes With Mint  

Bar Jamon Dulces $9 Menu and Prices

Burnt Vanilla Custard   chocolate ganache, hazelnut helado, turrA?n crumble, bananas borrachos
Seasonal Sorbetto Y Muscatel   sorbet and sweet wine
Strawberries, Olive Oil, Honey   strawberry coca, olive oil helado, local honey, fresh thyme
Mono Sundae $3.00 topped with emilio hidalgo px
Mono Sundae   plum brandy ice cream with arrope and almonds
Manchego Con Membrillo   sheep’s milk cheese and quince jelly
Crema Catalana Con BuA±uelos ; burnt vanilla custard

Bar Jamon Drinks Menu and Prices

CafA© Solo $3.00
CafA© Cortado $4.00
CafA© Con Leche $4.00
Tea $4.00

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